Amazing Beetroot Face Packs For Glowing And Radiant Skin

Beetroot is the root part of beet plant which is also known as garden beet, table beet, red beet or only beet in North America. Beetroot has amazing benefits over health, skin and hair. Beetroot can be consumed raw, cooked or steamed in the form of salad, juice or any food recipes. Though not very pleasing to your taste buds, beetroot is very high on nutritional side. Being a rich source of iron and vitamins, it plays a major role in brightening your complexion naturally. Beetroot, the dark pigmented vegetable is loaded with vitamins and folic acid that plays an important role in the skin health. Beetroot juice makes the skin even toned, glowing, pinkish, clear, brighter and wrinkle free when applied externally.


Beetroot is tremendously effective for good hair and skin. It’s been extensively used as a face pack by many nations. It offers a pinkish shade to your skin. Although the results are more visible on fair people, regular use of this beetroot mask for face can help give you unblemished skin by decreasing pores and dark spots.

Methodical studies have confirmed that raw beetroots combat dementia, hypertension, prevent heart disease and even regulate blood sugar levels. Raw beetroots act as an excellent exercise complement. They encourage muscle oxygenation, helping you suffer high-intensity exercises. Beetroots contain strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal characteristics. They have been known to treat gout and gall bladder. They also contain homocysteine, a compound that improves stomach acid restoration and decreases cholesterol. Doctors also advise to increase the intake of beetroot for people who suffer from kidney stone. It is also known as best natural hair color and many people use this natural hair dye to color their hair red, and it is totally natural with no artificial ingredients mixed in it. Beetroots are also used to strengthen the color of any food recipe and can be used to make wine too.

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Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India

Lipsticks colors enhance the beauty of our lips and it makes one’s personality to look attractive. Beautiful and glossy lipstick colors always attract men as well as women as they both are conscious about their lips.  There are various brands which are available in cosmetics shops in India. It is very important cosmetic that completes the makeup look and without lipstick makeup cannot become prefect.


We always say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. For every girl and women lipsticks have always been a top priority. Whenever we think or talk about makeup the word comes from our mouth is which brand lipstick do you use. We all love our lipsticks so much that the shade is what defines our daily mood. On our happy days we pick pinks and reds. On the days when we overhang around in formals, we pick the browns and peaches. For most of us, a jab of lipstick and a little eyeliner completes the key part of our makeup routine.

Since it holds so much importance in our lives and play great role in our makeup, so read on and get to know which top brands lipsticks in India are. I have listed some of the best brands lipstick which can be used to get the stunning makeup look all time. These brands mentioned here are easily available online and offline.

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Amazing Tulsi Face Packs for Clear and Bright Skin

Tulsi (Holy basil) is also known as sacred herb, great medicine which nature has given us and the outstanding herb is full of nutrients and popular for its healing medicinal abilities and beauty aspects. Holy basil is famous for  its varied qualities like it is extremely good for purification, lightens the skin tone, soothes the acne prone sensitive skin and even helps eliminating pimples/acne and anti-ageing through natural bodily functioning and one of the best herbs for making your skin youthful from within the body and also in the outside look .

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There are many natural and Ayurvedic treatments that are done using tulsi. It has a lot of medicinal values and uses which can benefit us in more than one way. One such best way to use tulsi is to make revitalizing masks and other skin care products by using it in powdered form, paste or juice, and applying on the skin  regularly.

Tulsi helps to slows down the ageing process and provides a rich source of anti-oxidant, and even helps you to keep your skin young looking fresh and gives clear and bright skin. Read on to know some exciting, refreshing, and tried and tested forms tulsi face packs. You can make these face packs easily at home and stay fresh and glowing without spending hours and money at beauty salons.

Amazing Tulsi Face Packs for Clear and Bright Skin :

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Best Baby Soaps Brands in India

The most sensitive and gentle part of a baby is the skin and it needs a proper care to protect it from damage and all kind of allergies. While choosing soap for your baby you should be very careful and baby soap is used to remove bad body impurities and odor from baby’s skin.  It is more over used to clean the bottoms and pleats of the skin around the baby’s arms and legs. It is always important to select a soap that is especially designed for baby’s skin. As these soaps do not contain harsh and harmful chemicals and there are very less chances of skin irritation. It is suggested that the brand that is selected must be tested on the baby skin, so that it does not cause any kind of irritation or rashes on the skin and the baby enjoys a peaceful and relaxing bath .


Now a day you can get variety of brands that manufactures the baby soaps. As every baby is precious for their parents, they will never wish to sacrifice or take any kind of chance on them. They would like to pick and use the best baby product for their little ones.

Soaps are also one of the important essentials which you can use for your baby to stay clean and clear. Baby soaps contain ingredients that moisturize baby’s skin and cleanse them gently. The market is loaded with different baby soaps brands and to select the best soap for baby is really a difficult task. But read on to select the best soap for your baby skin.

Best Baby Soaps Brands in India:-

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Top 10 Vegetable Face Masks For Men Skin

(Skin Care)

As we all knows that vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps to maintain the good health and beauty of the skin and hair for long time. The organic homemade mask can be made by using vegetables. By using vegetable mask you can save the money at the same you can use the mask whenever you have very less time to take care of your skin and no need to go to for facial every month, as it will also save your time.


I have already shared few vegetable face packs in my blog but today’s vegetable face masks are for men skin. As we all know that men skin is different from women skin and men should take care of their skin very well, as men’s skin expose more to sun, dirt and dust. And most of men have oily skin due to which skin starts becoming dull and dark when dust starts jabbing on the skin.

Vegetables are one of the food groups that can also be treated and used into a beauty treatment. If you have skin problems or just to keep your skin healthy try some of these masks and natural treatments. I would like to suggest men that always wash your skin to keep it clean and its better you wash your skin daily 5-6 times to remove the dirt and dust.  You can use Vegetable pack daily one time. These below vegetable face pack not only give glowing skin but also improve your skin clean, clear and healthy and keep it younger.

Top 10 Vegetable Face Masks For Men Skin :

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Tamarind Face Pack For Glowing and Bright Skin

The flavourful, tangy and sweet tamarind is found in almost in all Indian kitchens. Most of us love having it as a sweet candy or chutney or use for cooking purposes. But do you know that apart from its yummy taste and its known health benefits and it may be new for you to hear that it can do wonders for your skin on topical application and you can also include it in your beauty routine.

Yes and actually it’s a best home remedy for making the skin glow and bright. On regular use, it will make your skin lighten and remove dark spots, blemishes and nourish the skin. This is probably because of the high tartaric, citricmalic acid levels present in it. It is possibly a fruit with highest content of tartaric acid on earth.


Good news for acne prone skin is that Tartaric acid and other Alphahydroxy acids are ingredients in some acne treatment products. These tamarind face packs with its huge amounts of tartaric acid, apart from all the benefits it does for the skin can also prevent acne.

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Best All Time Deodorant Brands for Men

Using Deodorants and perfumes have become essential of everyone especially for men and must have in their grooming kit. Both the men and women cannot live without using different brands of perfumes and deodorants; mainly the deodorants are helpful in making one to feel refreshed and attractive.


Sweating is fine only when you’re working out. Every other time it just smells really bad, especially if that concludes into body odour. Honestly not every man who sweats a lot will smell bad. But for those who do, walking around with a sweat-soaked shirt or T-shirt needs to use the best and long lasting deodorants. Moreover, as the summer months cover their way, it makes sense for you to change up your grooming routine with these best deodorant brands.

A lot of fragrances are available in the market but here is the list of best smelling all time deodorants for men.

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Top Eye Shadow Brands For Stunning Eye Makeup

Perfect eye makeup is very important to get a stunning makeup look…it has the miracle power of enhancing the beauty in a delicate and sensational way. When it comes to sexy, seductive eye makeup, we simply cannot do without a good eye shadow palette, can we? Go delicate with your eye makeup and highlight your beauty in a passionate and exciting way.



A single jab of those vibrant colors will change the appearance of our eyes marvellously. Whether you wish to look gorgeous for an evening party or want to keep it all simple and flirty for your first date, all depends upon a good eye shadow palette. If you have a few amazing collections of eye shadow palette in your makeup box then you are completely ready to go. Below is the list of Top Eye Shadows Brands Available in the Market:

Top Eye Shadow Brands For Stunning Eye Makeup: 

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Best Effective Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair

Conditioning hairs has become very important now a day especially for dry, dull and frizzy hairs. We all spend money on expensive hair conditioners to get smooth and healthy hairs.  How about using the conditioners which are made up of natural ingredients and which are inexpensive. More over these homemade conditioners gives better results than those of ready made conditioners .


Plenty of Hair conditioners are available in the market, but if you want great results without harming your hairs in the long run then it better you make your own hair conditioner at home. Homemade hairs conditioners are usually inexpensive as I said above and you may make them easily with the ingredients available in your kitchen. What’s more, it is free through harmful compounds. Isn’t that really great and you will know what ingredients are used in your hair care products .

There are generally many ingredients in your kitchen that can be used to make natural skin and hair care products just like hair conditioner. Also saving money, the key reason to make your own hair conditioner is to take healthier care of it by protecting it from harmful and harsh chemical based hair products. Appropriate hair care makes your hair nice healthy, shiny and silky after shampooing.

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Best Homemade Avocado Face Pack for Soft Skin

Homemade Avocado Face Masks are among the best natural face masks that are known for giving soft skin, nourishing and refreshing the skin. Avocado is used widely in skin and hair care products in the beauty industry and that’s because this thickset fruit has amazing benefits for skin, health and hair. Avocado which is a nice thickset fruit is rich in vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, and minerals such as zinc and potassium. Avocados are also rich in vitamin A and helps in rebirth of new cells.


Avocados are also benefit in collagen creation. Avocados are also indeed rich in natural moisturisers and hence great for dry skin; in fact all skin types because it moisturises the skin in the natural way.  It also helps to soften the skin and thus clears all types’ of dry patches.  Since this fruit also contains a large amount of anti-oxidants, it helps in fighting the damage done by free radicals, also has anti-ageing benefits. With regular use of avocado face pack it will help to enhance complexion and helps to increases glow of the skin.  It also soothes and cherishes skin and enters deeper into the skin to encourage new cell growth.

With all these marvellous benefits, it’s careful that you make face packs out of ripe avocados. These super simple face masks work well on mature, wrinkled, dry, combination and normal skin.  For making these face packs, make sure the fruit is ripe enough, the pulp of the avocado should be creamy enough when mashed.  Regular use of these face packs will improve skin texture and reduce fine lines.

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