Best Waterproof Mascaras You Need Try Today

When we talk about eye makeup, Mascaras play an essential role as your eyelashes greatly define your eyes. Even most of the beauty gurus believe that the most important makeup cosmetic in all woman’s makeup kit is “the mascara.” We all wishes for thick eyelashes.  Mascara always finds its place in a woman’s make-up kit. If you are still not started using mascara, you are missing something!


Mascaras enhances the beauty of your eyes by imparting length, volume, and curls and give definition to the eyelashes. Mascaras can give a nice lift to tired eyes and open them up. There are many mascaras from different brands are available in the market. Mascaras differ both in quality and consistency. While choosing mascara for your eyes, always  pick up waterproof mascara, so that it does not come off or smudge in case of watery eyes, sweat or rain. And last long for whole day without reapply.

Waterproof mascaras are used by many woman‘s because of their long-lasting quality and the fact that they do not run down the face when you are having a teary moment! Fashion and Beauty industry always uses waterproof makeup products.

Best Water proof Mascaras You Need Try Today :

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Best Skincare Tips Every Men Should Know

Does only women have to deal with skin problems like pimples, acne, dry or oily skin etc? No in fact men also deals with such skin problems and sometimes have to deal with even tougher skin issues. From shaving and acne, to moisturizing and sunscreen, they faces more skin issues then women. In such circumstances men needs to give more attention towards their skin and take good skincare. A man’s skin will be as thick as a leather hide or as sensitive as a baby’s bottom, but no matter how it looks or feels, it can always benefit from some soft love and care.


If you’re getting up in the morning, washing your face with bar soap and water and running out the door, then it’s time to step up your skincare routine. Today in this article I’m not suggesting you to fill up your cabinet with costly cleansers and creams you probably won’t use. But I recommend committing to memory and practicing these below skincare tips that will help to make your skin smooth and clear. Not to worry though, there are few tips to keep your man looking and feeling as soft.

Best Skincare Tips Every Men Should Know:

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Amazing Uses of Lacto Calamine Lotion

Lacto calamine is a very old skincare cosmetic product which was introduced by a leading Pharmaceutical company and one of the renowned names in the field of health & beauty that is Piramal Healthcare. Lacto Calamine lotion is the best lotion that offers so many skin benefits and uses and also cures almost all skin problems. More important you get different size of lotion bottle which will fit even in small pouch.

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A good skin care regime is of the most important and must be put before anything else. Instead of buying 20 different skin products, you can only buy this Lacto Calamine lotion as it helps to cure a lot of skin problems. Lacto calamine lotion helps to get rid of all the most common skin problems we all faces such as dry skin, oily skin, acne,  wounded skin, pimples, rashes, bumps,  post waxing care, moisturizing as well as acts as a makeup primer.

Lacto Calamine lotion is a moisturizing lotion and consists of ingredients like water, kaolin, Aloe Vera, glycerin, castor oil, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate etc. These ingredients are importantly used in the skincare routine by many of us. The best part about this lotion is that it’s super affordable and a multi-use product. Like other skin care routine, make sure to include it in your daily skin care routine for great results.

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Homemade Cinnamon Face Packs for Beautiful Skin

Cinnamon is the best ingredient which works extremely well for acne-prone skin  due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.  Cinnamon helps to clear out blocked pores and helps in drying out acne, pimples and marks. Cinnamon has few enzymes that help in bringing oxygen to the skin’s surface and thus promote to improve blood circulation.  Improved blood circulation will make your skin radiant, clear and shining.  Very few people know that this fragrant spice also own properties to cure many skin, hair and health problems.


Cinnamon is used to chubby the lips and to get bee-stung lips. Since we are talking about cinnamon face packs, would like to share you how to make face packs out of this great spice with amazing beauty benefits. Find out more about how this humble spice can help purify and clear your skin without the need of expensive products, spa or salon treatments .

Homemade Cinnamon Face Packs for Beautiful Skin: 

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Best 10 Long-Lasting Lipsticks Under Rs.1000

Lipstick is must use cosmetic when we think of makeup or you can also say that without using lipstick, makeup is incomplete. And now everyone wants to do long lasting makeup as there is very less time to reapply the makeup or reapply any cosmetic that’s why everyone would like prefer waterproof liner, kajal, foundations etc.. like that they want to use waterproof  and long lasting lipsticks shades.But sometimes, it gets too hard to keep the shine of your lip color intact due to over-stretched hours.


But now a days in market there are so many brands that offers and promises to give long lasting effects but they really do give? these question always come in minds when ever you buy a lipstick shade. Don’t you want a lipstick that gives you the desired finish, and does not even burn a hole in your pocket? So, below I have made a list  of brands that offer some of the best long lasting lipsticks costing much less than 1000 INR.

Best 10 Long-Lasting Lipsticks Under Rs.1000:

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Wish You All A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year 2017

New Days, New Time, New Moments, Ahead Are Waiting For You, May These 365 Days Light Up Your Life ,

May the year be brighter than the one gone by; enveloped in goodness, well being, bliss and wealth .

Happy New Year to All My Friends ……….

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Top 10 Anti Hair Fall Shampoos Available in India

Hair fall means repulsion and frightening for many of us often takes shape in the form of bunches of hair, either on our hairbrushes and combs, even worse, on the bathroom floor. To be true, hair fall is something that a lot of people suffer from. But now no need to worry as the market has got lots of products specially made to fight hair fall, and selecting the best among them can be pretty a task. In those hair care products shampoo is best and easy way to fight hair fall.


Shampoo is that hair product, which is need in our everyday life and without it we can’t think of taking head bath. There are many brands selling shampoos that’s wonderful and helps in controlling hair fall. All most all the shampoos are available in the shops but some shampoos those are very rare are available online. So, for preventing hair fall shampoo plays an immense part and helps in controlling the damage that’s being caused. Many shampoos contain the magical ingredient reetha which was used in ancient days for washing hair, and that helps in growing hair naturally. Some contain active natural ingredients while others contain balancing chemical formulas to help you restore your hair. Again not everything works well for everyone.

I’ve collected a list of the best anti-hair fall shampoos in the market, all of which are sure to help you stop hair fall, as well as help your hair grow back.

Top 10 Anti Hair Fall Shampoos Available in India :

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Best Hair Straightener Brands

You have curly or wavy hair and want to try a look with a straight hair but confused which straighter is good for your hairs.  Have you decided to use Hair Straighter and searching for the perfect hair straightening machine? This can get a slight tiresome! You have to choose the one which will not break or damage your hair and at the same time work faster and gives you a prefect results. When you’re trying to choose what kind of straightener you want to buy, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start because there are so many different brands are available these days in market. The task becomes much easier when you know what to believe from each brand, and where they fall on the price scale.


Whereas a great brand is capable of making a bad iron, and a average brand is always capable of making a astral choice they are regularly pretty true to form overall. This article can help you to pick up the best straightener for you based on how much you want to spend and the chances they offer. They are affordable and won’t cause any harm to your hair.

Best Hair Straightener Brands :

1. Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler :

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Wishing All A Merry Christmas



May the stars shine on you this season and all the year through out. Have a wonderful Christmas! 


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Easy Steps To Do Your Makeup in Just 5 Minutes

Makeup is the one thing that all girls and women love to spend lot of time to look gorgeous and stunning. It may be a daily makeup, office makeup, wedding makeup or party makeup etc… but sometime we girls are so busy and get very less time to get ready and do makeup. Today’s article is for those who have very less to do makeup. We all have mornings where we’re short for time yet still need to look presentable. With this busy schedule and hardly sufficient time to make breakfast, putting on a full face of makeup doesn’t always make sense.



After my baby born I have practiced to get ready fast and do my makeup in just few mins, today I thought to share my foolproof 5-mins makeup routine to save your time on those busy mornings. Read on to see how you too can achieve a flawlessly put together look in no time at all, just by following few easy steps and using very few makeup products.

Easy Steps To Do Your Makeup in Just 5 Minutes:

Tips before applying makeup:

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