Best Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat and Weight Loss


Belly fat is that part of the body that nobody wants to live with it. Belly fat is something practically everyone has to fight at some point in their life. We all wish to have flat and toned belly. Although you work out daily and keep a neat and balanced diet; getting a flat stomach […]

DIY Beauty Hacks for Skin Care Routine


Hello Beauties,

We all need fast, quick and easy solutions in times for skin, hair and makeup problems. It’s pretty a passion for people like us to always keep an eye on advance, new and innovative beauty hacks to make our life easier.

As much as we love our elegant beauty routines, sometimes we […]

Best Benefits and Uses of Eucalyptus Oil For Skin and Hair


Eucalyptus oil aids are due to its capacity to stimulate immunity, provide antioxidant protection and improve respiratory circulation. Eucalyptus oil is popularly used as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics and is found in liniments, mouthwashes and ointments, toothpastes, cough drops, and lozenges. It is normally mixed with other oils to make it more easily […]

Review of Olay Natural White 7 in one Instant Glowing Fairness

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(With UV Protection)

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review on Olay Natural White 7 in one Instant Glowing Fairness Cream. Recently I have received so many question on this product and request to write a review on Olay Natural White 7 in one Instant Glowing Fairness Cream.  As I have already use many […]

Top Tips To Look Fresh All the Time

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We all have seen few people who manage to look fresh and young all the time. You very well know the people I’m talking about, the ones who always look like they’ve came from the shower just now. The ones who look like they’re ready to do anything all the time and the ones who […]

Tips and Tricks to Look Beautiful Without Make-up

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We all are very busy in our life especially morning routine and most of us do not get sufficient time to spend on getting ready and doing elegant makeup. There are times, when we are too much engaged to put on makeup while stepping out of the house.

We all are very beautiful just […]

Bollywood Actresses Who Looks Gorgeous Without Makeup

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When we talk about Actresses the first thing comes into our mind is the gorgeous makeup look of the actresses, those glowing eyes and checks with a beautiful lip with lipstick. Bollywood is a world that roles around beauty, shimmer and glamour where actors have to paint an absolutely different picture of them on camera and […]

Last Minute Make up Tricks That Actually Work


When you are ready daily to head to office or to go out those last 5- 10 min are very important. Those rare days you reach office early, you have a meeting in 10 min and you are all set! Or you have to attend any function or parties and you are all set with […]

Reviews of Mannequin’s Vitamin E Skin Oil

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As we all know that winter has started and this season our skin becomes dry, itchy, patchy etc… As you all know that I have dry skin and in winters my skin becomes extremely dry and itchy which I hate. But I love to use oils like olive oil, almond oil and vitamin e oil […]


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(Daily Nourishing body lotion with SPF 20)

Hello All,

Today, I will be sharing the reviews of lotus herbals almond nourish body lotion. As little winter has already started so this season I want to give a try to something new brand body lotion, as I wanted a body lotion with SPF and moisturizer as […]