Reviews of Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash

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Today I will be reviewing a good and easily available daily intimate wash. Remember their ads on television; they are so embarrassing to watch. However those ads have a good side also and that is they made intimate wash a known concept to every woman. Earlier I guess only few knew that something like that […]

Best Shower/Bath Oils for Skin Care

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What are the best benefits of using bath oils for skin care over traditional soaps and gels? Apart from their prices and convenience on many online and offline stores, bath oils have well-blended with natural formula that penetrate into the skin to rejuvenate skin cells. Everybody wishes to have a baths with candles, face masks, […]

Best and Most Popular Deodorants Brands In India For Women

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Now as it is the time of the starting off hot summer and the great time for choosing the best deodorant for you. Deo’s are everybody favorite and we all do keep it always with us. No one likes to stay with the bad body odor whole day. Summer is the most problematic season for […]

Top 10 Shower Gels for Soft Skin Available in India


As we all are selecting face wash instead of soap now a day in the same way washing your skin with soaps can interrupt its pH balance in a big way by turning it into dull, dry and lifeless skin. We always prefer to use mild face washes on our face and make sure that […]

Home Remedies to Treat Dark Inner Thighs


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How are you guys are doing? Hope You all had a great new year . I missed you all, after long time I’m posting an article was little busy in life. Today I’m sharing a very interesting article , as all girls were waiting for this topic so, today I’m sharing this post […]

Best Homemade Body Scrubs for Dry Skin

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Many of us incline to take care of facial skin but absolutely forget about the rest of our body. This may lead to dull, dry and lifeless skin. To look after the dry skin entirety, today I am sharing few excellent homemade body scrubs for dry skin people. Exfoliating the skin is as important as […]