Every one of us knew that we can take care of our skin using home and natural ingredients. But today I would like to share that we can take care of our skin using natural fluids also. When we use start using natural fluids for our skin we can notice that the dark marks and scars are reducing days by day. We can use natural fluid like coconut water for instant glow of the skin and when we use butter milk helps us to get rid of acne and pimple marks.

Using natural fluids regularly helps to keep our skin fresh, glowing and clear. If you want to give your skin a good skin care treatment at home then the best treatment is to use natural fluids. Washing your skin using natural fluids daily morning or any time during a day, then you are giving your skin the best treatment.

Today I’m presenting few natural fluids for your skin. You will notice changes in your skin like acne marks has reduced and glowing of skin and many more, when you will start taking care of your skin with these below natural fluids. Like this you can avoid using the expensive beauty products and no need to worry about any kind of side effects also, as all the fluids are natural.


Below are the natural fluids for skin care:-

1. Coconut water

Use coconut water to wash your face daily morning and night. The coconut water contains potassium which helps to remove oil from skin and give glowing skin. Best suited for oily skin, regularly wash your face using coconut water to reduce of oiliness from skin.

2.  Butter milk

One of the great natural fluids is butter milk for skin. The ingredients which are present in butter milk will helps to reduce and lighten the marks which are caused by acne. This fluid is best suited for acne marks skin.

3. Milk

We use milk in our day to day life for multipurpose reasons and now we can use milk to treat our skin. Milk can be used to reduce blackheads.  Daily morning wash your face using milk and pat your face dry. And now you can remove blackheads using rough towel.

4. Water

We all love water, when we feel our throat is dry and if we just have a half glass of water how we feel? No one can explain it right. Like that only our skin also loves water on it. Another best and most natural fluid is water for skin care. If your skin type is dry then its better you use cold water to make it normal. And if your skin type is oily then you can use warm water.

5. Beer

An expert suggests that beer is a very good natural fluid for those whose skins have dark blemishes on the face. Wash your face using beer which will help you to fade and reduce the blemishes.

6. Tea

You can use green tea or black tea for dry skin. To get smooth skin use green tea to wash your face, you can use green tea daily one to wash your face. If you wish to have supple skin you can use any one of them green tea or black tea.

7. Tomato juice

To get rid of wrinkles use Tomato juice natural fluid. You can use this best natural fluid for skin care. You can use crushed tomato juice on wrinkles near eyes and mouth also. Just apply this natural fluid on wrinkles and let it dry for 10-15 min then wash it using plain water.

8. Soaked Almond water

Soak a handful of almonds in water and leave it overnight. Next morning you can use the soaked almond water to wash your face. This is the best natural fluid used for any kind of skin rash. This fluid helps to relive the itchy feel also. You can keep the water stored in a bottle and use it whenever you wash your face during day time.

9. Rose water    

Rose water is used from many centuries; traditionally this natural fluid was used by each and every woman to have a smooth, beautiful and glowing skin. This fluid is used till date also we normally mix and use it when we apply any kind of face masks or packs. Many woman use rose water to treat acne as it does not leave any kind of marks or scars when it is used. You can apply rose water directly on your skin or you can also mix it with water and use to wash your face.

10. Soya milk

Using soya milk helps to treat sun burn or sun tan. The ingredients which are present in soya milk helps to get rid of sun tan and give you a smooth skin. Just apply soya milk on your face or tanned area leave it until it gets dry then wash it using cold water.

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