As I have shared in my posts, many face packs and masks using potatoes and its juice, but today I will share how to use potato peels to make a face packs. Yes potato peels can be used to make face packs. Potato peels face packs can be used to get fair skin, to get rid of dark patches and acne marks. So now if you peel potatoes next time then don’t through them out, save it and use them to make face pack and use it to cleanse your skin. Potato peels consist of certain nutrient which help to add whitening to your skin and reduces the dark marks, blemishes and even helps to reduce dark circles. Using potato peels face pack you can get glowing skin instantly, potato peels face mask can be made in many different ways and potato peels face packs can be prepared using other ingredients also.

Many of us faces a common problem like dark patches around mouth and lips area, this problem starts due to hormonal imbalance in the body. As experts say’s that this problem is most faced by the people who have fair skin tone or sensitive fair skin tone. This problem is mainly faced by fair skin people because of improper hormonal balance in the body.


These below face packs will not only make your skin white, but also it will make your skin tight, reduce wrinkles and prevent it from sagging. This face pack helps more to those women, who have lots of dark or acne or pimples marks on their skin make use of these potato peels face packs, as it is natural and best effective ingredient. So, let’s have a look on potato peels face packs for fair skin.

1. This face mask is too great to smooth your skin as this mask includes milk. Milk makes skin fair, soft and smooth. Take potato peels and put it in the blender, and then squeeze them in a blow take out the oil. Now add this oil in milk and massage into your skin for about 5-10 min then leave it until it gets dry then wash your face using normal water. If possible then you can keep this mask overnight also once it becomes dry.

2. The best way of using potato peels on dark patches or dark spots is to rub it directly on dark spots for 5-8 min then leave it to dry then rub apply lemon juice on it using cotton ball leave for 2 min then wash it using cold water. This mask helps to reduce blemishes also.

3. Potato peels can be used along with yogurt (curds) also. Just soak the peels in curds and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it and let it be soaked overnight. Next morning massage you face using peels for 10 min then leave it for 20-25 min then rinse it using cold water. This is the best face packs to get rid of those nasty dark patches around mouth.

4. Another best face pack for flaky dry skin and dark or acne spots is using potato peels and olive oil. Soak the peels in 2 tbsp of olive oil for 2 hours. Then gently massage your skin using the peels for 10 min and leave for 5 min then wipe it using cotton ball and then wash your skin using lukewarm water. Apply this mask daily for one week to reduce dark spots.

5. The best face pack for fair skin tone is using peels with fresh cream, as fresh cream makes you skin fairer and smooth if it is used for long period of time. This mask also helps to reduce acne spots also. As any dairy products are good to get healthy skin. You can add peels oil in fresh cream and use it or apply fresh cream using potato peels to get rid of acne spots and leave for 20 min then rinse it using warm water.

6. Mix potatoes peels oil and lemon juice in a blow and then start applying it on your skin using cotton ball. Leave until it gets dry then wash it using cold water. Use this face pack 15 days once, as these both ingredients contain bleaching agent. If your skin is sensitive then it’s better to avoid this face pack.

7. Keep some peels in sun light for 2-3 days or until they become dry. Now use dry peels to apply the sugar syrup on face and leave for 20- 30 min then and then wash your face using plain clear water. This face pack is good to remove excess oil from skin.

8. Best peels face pack to get glowing skin is potato peels and turmeric powder face pack. Turmeric powder is most commonly used to get glowing skin. Take some of the fresh potato peels and soak them into turmeric paste soak it overnight and then next morning use it as face mask relax for 10 min then wash it using normal water.

9. Cinnamon is good for skin in many ways; you can prepare a good face scrub using cinnamon powder and peels. Using cinnamon powder for 2 weeks continuously with give you flawless skin tone. Apply cinnamon powder using peels into your skin and leave for 3-5 min then wash it using cold water.

10. As i have told that tomatoes helps to remove sun tan from the skin. Use potato peels to apply grounded tomato paste on your skin, once applied neatly on your skin start gently massaging your skin using peels in circular motion. Massage for 5-8 min then leave for 30-45 min then wash it properly.

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  • Dhamayanthi

    Mam, I have a darkness skin around my mouth even though I’m not fair the skin tone gradually varies from mouth and another areas of my face and this remains in my face for about 14 years mam, and also I’m allergy of using turmeric so can u please help me to cure that please

    • Hello Dhamayanthi….. u cn use this remedy, The very easy and fast remedy for dark and dry skin is lemon juice. Mix ¼ of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey or curds or you can mix both the ingredients. Apply this mask on dark areas around mouth then leave until it becomes dry then wash it using cold water.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=1182

      Pragati kiran

  • Elle

    greetings. can I dry d peels & blend it? to form Powder? thank you

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