Every person has crossed this phase in their life, and you know what all problems we have faced when you were teen. For teenagers, having a skin and health problem such as teen acne can be quite embarrassing and teen get tense also. You would definitely have faced skin problems, and skin problem is a very common among teenagers mainly pimple or acne problem and there marks another big problem. Most of teens spend lots of money to cure and get rid of acne problem and time on skin care chemicals that don’t work. Today I will share how to naturally get rid their skin of acne for healthy, clear and glowing skin!

Teenagers skin will be sensitive when compare to elders.  The main thing to keep in mind when you are teenager is that always use only homemade, natural or herbal products or brands for skin. These homemade, natural or herbal products will only help you to get fair, smooth, soft, beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. Homemade or herbal face packs would be the best for teenagers to care their skin.

Below are few tips for teens for skin care:-

1. Herbal or homemade or natural treatments for your skin are safe to use without causing any kind of side effects.

2. Avoid using chemical brand or products. As they contains chemicals and there will be a chances of getting reactions or infections on your sensitive skin.


3. Always keep your skin clean and neat. It is essential to keep your face as oil free as much as you can at all times. It is one of the most important tips for teenagers and natural skin care to clear acne that almost everyone takes for granted. To keep your skin clean, frequently wash your face if possible washes your skin daily 6-7 times.

4. Avoid rubbing your skin with hands to face contact, especially when you are eating greasy or oily or junk foods. Oily foods and too much oil is also another thing to avoid.

5. While going out always cover your face and hands full and properly to avoid sun tanning and to prevent oily skin.

6. Last but not the least, also maintain your proper and nutritious diet, this helps in tons of ways. Drink lots of water, doctors says to drink at least 6-8 liters of water in a day to keep your skin and health problem free. Also do not forget to do the detoxifying; you will be surprised how greatly it will help you.

I hope you will keep the above tips always in your mind to keep you skin healthy. So let’s have a look on natural treatments for your skin:-

1. Use chamomile to get clear skin. This is one of the best herbal natural treatments for teenager’s skin. You can use chamomile as a face pack to get rid of all kind of skin problems mainly acne outburst. Apply chamomile face pack on your skin and leave it until it get completely dry then rinse off using cold water. Repeat the process weekly once to get a clear skin.

2. Lavender is best herbal treatment for teen’s skin to get rid of acne. You just need to gently massage lavender oil into your skin for 15 min daily night before going to bed and leave it overnight. This treatment helps to get rid of pimples scars also.

3. Marigold flower to get soft skin, this is a mild herbal treatment for teenagers skin. You need to prepare a face mask using Marigold powder. Apply the fresh marigold powder face pack on your skin and neck, relax for a while and wash it using plain water. This natural herbal treatment helps to get glowing soft skin.

4. Make a face pack using fresh peppermint leaves, crush or blend few fresh peppermint leaves. Now apply crushed and juice of peppermint on your skin and neck, leave it on your skin until it becomes dry then wash your skin using cold water. This herbal treatment helps to get rid of pimple and it marks, you can use this treatment as overnight mask also. This mint herb gives cooling effect on skin which helps to remove dullness from skin and give you a bright skin.

5. To remove excess oil from skin and especially from t-zone area the best herbal treatment will be using lemon grass face pack. The sweet smell and antioxidant which is there in lemon grass helps to open the pores and keeps face always cool and fresh. Prepare a face pack using lemon grass and rose water then apply on your skin leave for 10-15 min then rinse of using cold water.

6. Apply Aloe Vera gel daily night before going to bed and wash it in the morning. This best natural herb will helps to get rid of all kinds of skin problems like acne, pimples, dark spots, wrinkles etc… So how can we forget this beautiful, effective, natural herb for skin care? This herb helps to pamper and to moisturizers your skin.

7. Another best herbal for skin is Nettle, this herb is very commonly grown in almost every country around the world. This herbal treatment helps to remove excess oil from the skin. Use nettle herbal face pack monthly once.

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  • for the alovera gel mask is it must leave it overnight or i can wash it off after 30 minutes which will give the effective results? and i also must know about mixture of rosewater and lemon juice for the neck.can i wear the mixture of lemon juice and rosewater mixture to my neck after immediately exfoliate my neck and wash it off? pls reply

  • but is it fine im wear lemon juice and rosewater mixture to my neck after immediately exfoliate my neck with lemon and wash it off? pls reply

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