As per recent research many people are losing their skin  elasticity due to reason like lack of skin care, no proper diet, fast foods, pollution, stress and many more reason. Elasticity of skin is the ability of your skin which helps to stretch and then returns to its normal state after sometime. One can observe the elasticity of skin is better in younger people as compare to elder people, which is related to the thickness of dermis. We can see the elasticity of skin of the older people is poorer; the reason is due to less dermis which causes the skin to snap back to its original position.

Losing elasticity of skin is also known as elastosis. It is one of natural sign of ageing, as gravity and time will eventually leave your skin with hard evidence that you are growing older day by day. Example: – fine lines on skin, wrinkles, losing of elasticity of skin and sagging skin. Other reasons like, if your parents developed wrinkles at an early age, chances are you will, too, all the relaxing days spent in the sun, and stress may cause this problem. No matter what are the reasons? Wrinkles and sagging of skin can be unpleasant and unwelcome. The great news is that it is possible to reduce those signs of aging with natural, noninvasive methods.

Problem of skin elasticity also arise when a fat person loses a large amount of weight in a short period of time. Due to sudden changes in the body, skin cannot keep up easily and it may not shrink back to the same size as the body, leaving unsightly excess skin behind.


Below I have mentioned few more majors’ reasons for losing elasticity of skin:-

1. Stress: – Hormonal imbalance in the body can cause lots of stress which effect skin and other body problems like lack of sleep and body ache. Hormonal imbalance also causes the reduction of proteins in body which is one of the reasons for the elasticity of skin.

2. Improper diet: – if you add too much of sugar in your daily diet may cause sagging skin and wrinkles. Lots of skin ailments including loosening elasticity of skin are due to improper and unhealthy diet.

3. U.V radiation (sun light):- when radiation falls directly on skin leads to many skin problems like sun tan, oily skin, dark skin, sun burn, wrinkles, dark patches and loosening of skin elasticity.

I think you came to know the main reasons for elasticity of skin and got clear idea why this problem starts? Now let’s see the precautions and tips that help to improve the elasticity of skin. Below are the few natural tips for elasticity of ski.

1. Use rose water and glycerin to improve elasticity of skin for dry skin. Prepare 3 parts of glycerin with 1 part of rose water which is also known as rose attar or rose syrup. This syrup restores the suppleness and smoothness of the skin after approximately use of 15 days. Apply this mixture to skin 3-4 times in a day and leave it to dry then wash it using plain water. This mixture will helps to moisturize and soothe skin while also acts as sunscreen.

2. Use Vitamin c and Vitamin e skin supplements to improve the skin elasticity. Using creams and lotions are also effective and efficient. It’s better to consult a skin doctor before using any of the supplements.

3. Avoid bathe in very hot water as this has a harmful effect on the skin integrity, drying skin and damaging skin etc….

4. Always avoid going in sun light directly, use sun screen lotion before stepping out in sun to avoid tanning and wrinkles.

5. Always use a good moisturizer lotion for your skin. Consult an aesthetician or dermatologist to know the best one for your skin type.

6. Drink plenty of water at least 8-9 liters of water daily to improve elasticity of skin. Water helps to nourish the skin which is present in every cell in our body and add natural glow to skin. Some people avoid drinking water regularly but without proper hydration, skin will become dry, dull and listless.

7. Add proteins in your daily diet and proteins make up the matrix of our cells, thus they are very important for good collagen and skin elasticity.  Eat rich proteins like: – peanut butter, egg white, almond, chicken breast, salmon, sardines and green vegetables.

8. Doing exercise regularly will improve skin elasticity.  It is recommended that doing 30 min aerobics or yoga or any other exercise will help to improve blood circulation in the skin. And also in removing any waste products more effectively, also improve skin quality and helps to have a youthful and bright skin.

9. Intake lots of fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, strawberries, mangoes, carrots, green salads, avocado, broccoli, green leaves etc….. to prevent for sagging of skin and to improve elasticity of skin.

10. Smoking not only effect your health but also makes your skin to lose it elasticity. Avoid smoking to reduce the elasticity of the skin.

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