In my previous post I shared, the beauty benefits of water. And I explained that Water can help to reduce acne and pimples. Today I will share few best fruits face mask which help to treat acne. Acne is one of the very common skin problems which everyone finds very hard to deal with it and will do anything to get rid of this problem quickly. Those small white and sometimes black outburst makes face to look dull and scarred, and most of the times they leave dark spots or marks which makes your skin look like patchy skin. And once if they leave marks it takes too long time to get rid of these marks. There are many face creams, face masks or packs and products are available in market which can be used to get rid of this problem but they won’t work all the time, if they work also not 100%.

Many fruits can be used to take care of your skin. Easy and fast fruits face mask can be prepared using fruits like papaya and banana; these fruits can be mashed in a blow and mixed with another natural ingredients likes lemon juice, curds, milk and honey. These fruits mask can be used to get rid of acne problem permanently. For example:- these fruits face packs can be used to get rid of acne and removes dead skin, like strawberry, and papaya, banana. Banana face mask is very easy to prepare and very effective mask to treat acne prone skin.

If you are suffering from acne problem and tried all types of facials to get rid of this problem, below are the few homemade fruits face masks which helps to treat acne. Try out these fruits face masks to get spotless and glowing skin. These face masks can be prepared in few mins and its give very effective results. So let’s check out.


As I have shared that homemade remedies or natural remedies always works great and gives wonderful results. But homemade or any natural remedies should be used at least for 2-3 months to get good results. Homemade remedies are does not have any kind of side effects and they are inexpensive, and suits all types of sensitive. But if your skin is very sensitive then please do a patch test and if your skin gets any type of allergies or side effect then please stop using those ingredients L.

Best fruits face mask to treat acne:

1. Watermelon pulp and juice can be used to treat acne. Cut watermelon into normal size and grind them for 2 min, then separate the pulp and juice. Now you can apply pulp on clean face relax for 10-15 min then wash your face. You can apply juice on your face and a neck, relax for 30 min or until it gets dry then wash it using plain water. Watermelon is known as water-rich fruit which has high vitamins like a, c and d, watermelon pulp acts as a great exfoliant on the skin.

2. Strawberry face masks best for acne and oily skin. This pink berry fruit is very effective fruit mask to treat acne and removes excess oil from skin. Just mash 2 strawberries and add honey to prepare face mask, then apply on cleansed face then leave for 10-15 min then wash it using lukewarm water or plain water.

3. Banana is very best fruit to have if your body is heat in nature. Banana also works great on dry skin and help to get rid of acne effectively.  Use ripe banana to prepare face masks, mash ripe banana, add 1-2 tsp of honey and add 1 tsp of sandalwood powder. Now mix all the ingredients and make a thick smooth face mask, then apply on clean face and neck. Leave for 10-15 min then wash it using cold water.

4. Take few red grapes and mash it properly, add 2-3 tsp of curds. Prepare a face mask then apply on face and neck then leave for 10 min then wash it using normal water. This fruits face masks treats acne naturally.

5. Papaya fruit face mask treat acne and reduces acne marks from skin. Mix papaya pulp with milk (if you have dry skin) or curds (if your skin is oily). Apply this mask on clean face and neck leave for 15 min then wash it using cold water.

6. Orange is another fruit which works great on acne and this citrus fruits is great fruit for skin care. You can take advantage of pulp and peeled dry skin of this fruits to prepare face mask. Take out the pulp, add few drops of milk and 1 tsp of honey, mix well and make a face mask then apply on clean face and neck leave for 20 min then wash it using cold water.

7. Apple is known as red fruit that is good for health and skin. This fruit not only treat acne but also great fruit face mask to treat tanning and makes your skin smooth, soft and glowing also. Blend some of the apple pieces with little milk and add 1 tsp of milk powder (add little more milk if required to make a thick smooth paste like face mask).  Then apply on clean face and neck leave for 15 min then wash it using plain water.

8. Red plum fruit face mask helps to get rid of acne and dark marks. Make homemade fruits face mask using red plum and milk then apply on clean face and neck leave for 10-15 min then wash it using plain water.

9. Cherries are also known as red fruits, which is very effective fruits to use for skin care. This fruit face mask is very easy to prepare, just blend or squeeze fresh cherries and add few drops of rose water or you can add honey also. Then apply on face and neck leave for 15 min then wash it using cold water. This fruit face mask   helps to cleanse the skin, reduces blemishes, treat acne, gives smooth skin and add fairness to skin.

10. Take 1 ½ tbsp of ripe banana pulp, 2 tbsp of ripe papaya pulp, mix the ingredients properly. Then add 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice or orange juice & 2 tbsp of raw milk in face mask. Make a fine smooth thick paste & then apply on face and neck, leave for 20-25 mins, then wash your face using lukewarm or normal water.

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  • hi, am ankita frm india, and i hve dark skin. and oily skin, acne scars on my face…does ripe or unripe papaya suits for oily skin.. as my applying.. ripe papaya frm past 1week… but my skin is becoming is still dark…so plz guide.. me.. wiithin how many months.. acne scars reduce … can u gruantee

    • Hello Ankita…… as u hv oily skin wash ur face daily 4-5 times and use Margo soap. U cn use this remedy, Sandalwood works great on acne scars. Take sandalwood powder and add rose water to form a paste like mask. Then apply on clean face and leave for 20 min then wash it using lukewarm water. You can do this every day.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • nida

    In a week how many times v should use this mask ?

  • hi, last time u told me if u put sandalwood and rose water for acne scars.. it ll reduce.. i used for 3 months still.. i did not find any acne scars are reducing… can u let me no.. should use red sandalwood powder or white sandalwood powder….

    • Hello Ankita… u cn use red sandalwood face mask and also u cn try this remedy, Take one egg white, then use cotton ball to apply egg white on your skin. Leave for 20 min or until it gets dry then wash using warm water. It also helps to reduce oiliness and makes your pores tight. Apply this mask daily for 2 months to get best results.


  • sushi

    i have so many pimple. I took multispecialist’s treatment. but no use. next month is my brother marriage. wht i will do. plz give suggestion madam

  • Anjuu

    My skin gets tanned. Dry skin.. Contains white heads on my nose.. My lips are two colored.. Pink inside with black outside… Can u suggest solutions for these

    • Hello Anjuu…….do facial with scrub every month once and use this remedy, Apply 1 spoon of tomato juice with 6 spoons of buttermilk on the sunburn affected areas to cure them quickly. Tomato can alone treat sunburn.

      use vitamin e oil fro lips daily night and use honey, apply honey on lips and wash off after 15 min daily.

      Follow this link for more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • hey

    hey! Am ayo,av been having pimples and acne problem for months now it kept going and coming back,my boyfriend is getting upset about it already plss save my relationship

    • Hello Hey……u cn use Khadi herbal Sandalwood Face daily one time for 15 min and use tomato juice remedy, apply it in the night then leave it to dry then wash it in the morning.

      Pragati Kiran

  • viswa

    Hello, my face is full of acne in 2 years. I tried lot of treatment and homemade facial i. E papaya, sandal and rosewater, lemon, garlic. Etc
    What can I do now?

    • Hello Viswa…..u cn use day time Lacto Calamine lotion when ever u wash ur face and use tomato juice daily night before going to bed n leave it overnight and then wash off using cold water.

      Pragati Kiran

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