Skin Pigmentation is a kind of skin disorder in which certain areas or parts of skin become patchy, dry and dark, which is also known as Hyper- pigmentation also it is a result of excessive production of melanin. This is only not the reason; there are many other factors like hormonal imbalances, certain ailments, excessive sun exposure, and lack of rest, drinking not enough water and not in taking food at the right time etc. these reasons triggers hyper-pigmentation, which can be seen on almost any part of the body.

Pigmentation is a serious and common skin problem among men and women. The persons who are suffering from this problem should go in for natural and herbal ways to decrease the ugly marks from your skin. Pigmentation will fade and reduce gradually if you use these natural and homemade remedies to treat the skin problems. These remedies also helps you to get rid of other skin problems like acne, dark spots etc. These natural and homemade remedies are easily available and reasonable ingredients to use to get rid of skin pigmentation problem.


But most of people faces this problem on face skin and neck area or arms is most likely to get it, that makes your skin look unpleasant and not clear and can lower your self-confidence. There are many varieties of treatments available in stores and cosmetic shops to get rid of it, and you can also visit dermatologist for its eradication. But best ways to get rid of this skin problem is using homemade remedies and solve it naturally. By using natural and home remedies you can deal with pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation with any side effects.

Below are the homemade remedies for skin pigmentation:-

1. The best and easy way to get rid of pigmentation is using Milk and Honey. Make a paste using milk and honey; now apply this mask on the affected areas and leave for 20 min then wash it using plain water to safely eradicate hyper-pigmentation. You can also add curds instead of honey to make a face mask and apply on your face and other areas of your skin. Mix milk and curds and use it as a face mask, as milk and curds contains lactic acid that helps to peel off the old skin from affected areas over a certain periods of time. Also honey has many curative values that works wonders and is easy remedy for hyper-pigmentation.

2. Vegetable juices also help to get rid of pigmentation. Vegetable juices like tomato, carrot, bottle guard, potato, cucumber etc. can be grind to get a juice and applied on the skin to lighten up your pigmentation. Apply the juice on clean face and leave it to dry then again apply and wash it once it gets dry. These juices can also be applied on rest of the body to lighten up your skin complexion thoroughly and to get smooth skin. This remedy is suitable for all skin types and can be used by everyone on a regular basis. Use these juices to make your skin look fresh all day long.

3. Dry fruits also help to get rid of pigmentation; one of the best dry fruit is Almond. Almonds are rich in source of vitamin E, just soak few almonds in plain water and leave it overnight and in morning grind then to form a paste of almonds with milk and 1 tsp of honey and then apply it all over your face and neck or on the affected areas. And leave it for 15-20 min and wash it using normal water, repeat this weekly thrice to get a lighter and clearer skin. Eating almonds daily can also help to get rid of pigmentation.

4. Avocados also contain immensely dense of vitamin E, make a paste of avocados by mashing it properly and add milk to form a smooth paste. Apply this face mask on affected areas to get positive results. Use this mask weekly twice to get rid of pigmentation.

5. Vitamin E is also good remedy to get rid of pigmentation problem and it is also known as skin vitamin. It can be add and taken in your diet on a daily basis. Vitamin e is most needed for pigmentation or hyper pigmented skin as it requires more care and attention as compared with normal skin. You can also use vitamin e oil to massage your skin to decrease hyper-pigmentation. Vitamin E supplements also helps in promoting skin vitality and keeps your skin glowing.

6. Cinnamon powder is the most effecting remedy for pigmentation. But be very careful while using this remedy, as it is very strong in nature. Just add half tsp of cinnamon powder in milk and form a liquid (make little thick liquid so that you can apply easily on skin), then apply it only on affected areas for 3 min then wash it using plain water. Apply this remedy weekly twice if pigmentation is more or else weekly once if it is very less. Please do a patch test if your skin type is sensitive before using this remedy.

7. Using sandalwood and rose water to get rid of pigmentation problem. Mix sandalwood powder and rose water to make a thick smooth paste like mask, then apply on your face and on affected areas leave for 20-25 min then wash it using plain water. Apply this mask weekly 3 times to make the marks slowly fade away.

8. As I have explained in one of my post about Aloe Vera gel, it is a natural herb which is used to cure many no almost all skin problems. You can use Aloe Vera gel and sandalwood powder to make a face mask. And apply this this pack on affected areas and leave for 15 min then wash it using cold water. You can few drops of rose water or milk to make a smooth paste.

9. Use papaya fruit and sandalwood to treat pigmentation, make a smooth paste using papaya and sandalwood. And apply this mask on affected areas leave for 25-30 min then wash it using normal water. Papaya is a fruit which helps skin to look radiant and beautiful. Apply this mask on face every 15 days once to reduce pigmentation.

10. Another best way to get rid of pigmentation is using sandalwood and milk face mask. Mix sandalwood and milk in 1:1 ratio to make a mask and apply on face leave it overnight. And in the next morning wipe your face using wet cotton ball or cotton cloth, and then wash your face using Luke warm water. Repeat this procedure every night for at least 1 month to reduce pigmentation.

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  • Niveditha

    Now a days due to heavy work my skin is becoming darker…i always use honey on my face..but still it is dark…will u please tell me the solution

    • Hello Niveditha…… alone honey can’t work so good on ur skin because as u said u have to work heavy. u cn use this remedy, Make face mask using oatmeal, a pinch of turmeric and milk. Make a paste and apply on your face. After 10 minutes wash with water while massaging. Great home remedy to get fair skin naturally. It also acts as a scrubber. All the dirt and oil from your skin washes away and your complexion becomes fairer.

      click on this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=816


  • Hetvi

    Hey Pragati Smile
    How r u ?
    Its really nice for me to hv a luk ur websites and get everything whatever we need information relates to da skin.Thanx for dat Smile

    I have a question for u plz help me if u can, I m getting married in January and my skin is oily actually I keep using gram flour,milk,honey and turmeric as a paste for my face. I use it in the morning everyday since 2 months it helps me bit to reduce my scars but skin dsnt get fairer Frown bcz of work load I cnt do anything. so could u plz help me which paste is the best for my skin to get fairer nd glowing without any scars,so that I cn use it everyday and suggest me best facial which I cn do at home!



    • Hello Hetvi…… i m fine, thank you.

      u cn try this remedy,Soak oatmeal overnight. Next day grind it into a paste and mix it with sour curd. Apply on your face and leave for 15 min then wash your face using cold water.

      I hv written a detail article on how to get glowing and fair skin click on this link to know more :-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=816

      if u don’t have enough time to apply these remedies then u cn also try overnight mask, click on this link to know homemade overnight masks:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=761

      u cn do egg facial at home as u hv oily skin and dark spots also, u cn click on this link to know how to do egg facial at home:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=796


  • chaitali

    hellow pragati, can u tell me which creame is the best for pegemntation problem. because when i do make-up on skin my face become black always i dont like much make up but light make up also not sute on my skin please give me solution.

    • Hello Chaitali…..u cn use Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream, and use this remedy for pigmentation, Make a paste using milk and honey; now apply this mask on the affected areas and leave for 20 min then wash it using plain water to safely eradicate hyper-pigmentation. You can also add curds instead of honey to make a face mask and apply on your face and other areas of your skin. Mix milk and curds and use it as a face mask, as milk and curds contains lactic acid that helps to peel off the old skin from affected areas over a certain periods of time. Also honey has many curative values that works wonders and is easy remedy for hyper-pigmentation.


  • lalita

    if i drink water daily , will my skin become dry ?
    my another question is :my father and grandmother always mocking that my mouth is looking like a piggy . i feel ashamed. my teeth comes front inside the mouth ,so it looks badly. can u give me some tips that make my skin chubby permanently ? please…

    • Hello Lalita……u cn maintain skin use natural remedies like tomato juice and oats like that. if u hv any skin problems like acne, pimples, dry skin or dark marks like that then remedies will help to get rid of them. no drinking water daily does not make skin dry.


  • lalita

    is sandalwood alone gives me very fairer complexion?

  • lalita

    if i apply sandalwood on my face ,will it gives permanent fairness on my face and also acts like a sunscreen?

  • Timple

    Hi Pragati,

    My name is Timple and my age is 40. I have Pigmentation marks on my face but not due to pregnancy. Also I have a hectic schedule due which sometime I can’t take 8 hours sleep.

    Could you advise me home-made remedy for pigmenation, glowing skin and also how to tight the skin?



    • Hello Timple…… u cn use any remedy from this post only and use mint leave juice or tomato juice as a overnight mask. and use Di-pigmentation cream and go for de pigmentation facial every month.


  • lalita

    can u tell me some exercises for getting chubby cheeks

  • subbalakshmi

    i have dark circles under my eyes .can u tell me some home made remedies for dark circles

    • Hello Subbalakshmi…… u cn use this remedy,Apply vitamin e oil daily night before going to bed. Clean your face and apply vitamin e oil around your eyes and wash it in the morning.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=898


  • vijay

    hello pragati
    howr r u
    i am 41 yr old male, weight is 93kg and hight is 5″1,THERE IS BLACK SPOT ON MY FACE AND NECK,UNDER THE NECK MY BODY PART IS NOT BLACK.till age of 30yr my complxon is not balck ,but after that my work schedule is hard.lots of travilling.now no travelling but work schedule is hard, please advice how rid of this pigmention or black spot on face and neck.

    • Hello Vijay… u cn use any remedy from this post, and try this remedy,ust Mix some chilled yogurt or curds in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it on your Cleansed face and neck and other tanned areas like hands and feet. Leave it to dry for 30 mins and then wash it using cold water. Turmeric will also help to get glows that will cover-up your tan easily.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=1602


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