As winter is on and summer season gone and left behind skin problems like tanning and uneven skin tone etc. Today, women are facing the most common and major skin problem is uneven skin tone. A sun-kissed glow is lovely to behold. But liver spots, mottled dark patches and large freckles on the face and hands are beauty banes that affect millions of women. We start to purchase lots of toning creams, tan removal cream and beauty products which will helps us to get rid of this skin problem, but more importantly we are not so sure how to use these products for skin care and how they will affect our skin.

The products which are available in market to help us to get even skin tone cannot be compared to these simple beauty products like concealers, compacts and normal foundation powders. One has to spend lot of money to purchase the higher end beauty products to even out skin tone. Therefore, it is best advisable for everyone to use the reasonable products like concealers and foundations and the best suited for your skin type.



Most of the girls and women today suffer from lots of skin problems like blemishes, wrinkles, patches and dark circles, the reasons are due to stressful life, food, pollution, climatic changes and atmosphere. There are lots of simple natural and homemade remedies which you can try out and helps to reduce these common skin problems, but the easier and instant way is through using these make-up tips. To even out your skin tone instantly below is the few beauty and skin care tips.

Have a look at these make-up and skin care tips to even out your skin tone instantly:-

Few important and simple tips:-

  1. Always do a patch test before buying any make-up products.
  2. Make sure the product suits your skin type.
  3. Always remove make-up before going to bed.
  4. Apply the make-up products evenly on skin, so that skin won’t look patchy after you apply foundation or compact.

Check out the tips to even out your skin tone instantly:-

1.     Exfoliate your skin

One of the important and best ways to even out your skin tone is through exfoliation. If you avoid or do not exfoliate your skin regularly, there is a more chance that your skin will be covered with dead cells which will make your skin to look dull, damage, patchy and old. It’s better to apply the foundation which will not only makes your skin smooth but also moisturize it properly.

2. Concealers for your skin

The magic of a concealer will not only help to hide pimple mark but also helps to hide dark circles and wrinkles. To even your skin tone, cover only the affected areas with a concealer. Always choose a shade which is a bit darker than your skin tone, or else it will be difficult or else you will not be able to cover up the marks and wrinkles. This is one of the easiest and simple ways to even out your skin tone.

3.     Foundation

To even out your skin tone, choose the right shade and use the right foundation depending on your skin tone and skin type. You need to apply the foundation right after you exfoliate.  One of the important beauty tip is to follow is to use a tint which is either a shade lighter or a shade darker than your natural skin complexion. Applying foundation on skin will not only help to complement your complexion, but also helps to hide other skin problems like blackheads, age spots, marks and also blemishes.

4.     Enhance the eye lids

After applying the foundation, apply a thin line of eye liner is more important than applying an attractive layer of eye shadow. Applying the base coat in the proper fashion will help to even out the skin complexion in such a ways even you cannot imagine. Always select a base of primer which is created for eyelids so that it will help to make your entire skin tone even.

5.     Water role in even out your skin tone

Other easiest and most important of all methods to even out your skin tone is to consume required amount of water. One should intake at least 6-7 liters per day to keep your skin healthy. Staying hydrated is best remedy and best way for skin care. Wash your face at least 3-4 times in a day will also help to get rid of the dust and tired look. Everyone’s skin loves water on it, so feed your skin with a good amount of water to increase your complexion and to keep your skin healthy.

The above tips will help you to bring even skin tone instantly.

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