I have shared in my posts how to do fruit facial at home? Fruits face mask to treat acne and homemade fruits face mask but today I will share how to take care of skin using red fruits face masks? Many people believe that color red is a code of danger, but do you know that this red color is one of the best natural remedies for skin care. Red fruits like strawberries, pomegranate and apples etc.., are best to try as face masks for skin problems. As everyone knows that red fruits contain good number of vitamins for health care and at the same time they are healthy for skin care also.

Red fruits are said to have certain types of minerals and vitamins which are very essential for skin care, and these minerals and vitamins helps to solve all types of skin problems, reduces blemishes and helps to get glowing skin. Red fruits which are used to prepare face mask for skin care can be mixed with rose water, milk, fresh cream or with milk powder. If you are one of them who are suffering from skin problems like marks, dry skin, blemishes and dull skin etc.., and want to go for all natural remedies to get rid of skin problems, then you should give a try to use these red fruits face masks which are listed with recipes below.

Take a look at some of best red fruits face masks recipes for skin care:-


Everyone loves their skin should be away from all kinds of skin problems. Red fruits face masks should be used at least weekly twice to have the best looking skin in all the seasons and to reduce and avoid all types of skin problems.

1. Using cherries for skin care will help to reduce blemishes from the skin. If your skin has light or dark blemishes on your skin then cherry face mask will helps it to reduce them. Blend a handful or a small cup of cherries into a thick smooth paste, then add 1 cup or required amount of rose water to the paste to make face mask. Now apply this face mask on your skin and leave for 30 min then wash it using warm water.

2. The best red fruit to get rid of oily skin is pomegranate. Prepare a face mask by grounding 1 cup of pomegranate seeds with ¾ cup of fresh cream. Then apply this face mask on your face and neck, leave for 20 min then wash it using warm water.

3. Another best red fruits to use for skin care is strawberries. If your skin is dull and want a glowing skin then this red fruits face mask is the one to use. Apply strawberry fruit face mask mixed with fresh milk on skin and leave for 20-25 min then wash it using lukewarm water. Apply little extra on eye and lip around mouth areas to brighten the skin.

4. Feed your skin with yummy red grapes face mask, especially on t-zone area as it is one of those areas on your face which gets oily very quickly. As red grapes face mask is good for skin care, red grapes pulp can be used as face mask. Apply red grapes pulp (mixed with fresh cream) if your skin is dry and leave for 10 min then wash it using lukewarm water. This red fruit face mask helps to get glowing skin and reduce the lines of ageing.

5. The best and easiest red fruit face mask is tomato face mask, which have a lots of skin benefits. Crush 1 red tomato with your hands and add 3 drops of lemon juice then apply on your skin in circular motion. When it gets dry on your skin, then wash your skin with dilution of raw milk and water. This mask helps to reduce dark marks and wrinkles.

6. The best red fruit to treat all kinds of skin problems is Cranberries; this fruit is very good for patchy skin. If your skin is prone to getting white patches, then use this red fruits face mask helps to reduce the onset of white patches. You can use this red fruit as face mask or else you can use the fresh cranberries juice to wash your face.

7. Use red plum for skin care, grind 2 red plums along with about 5 ml or required amount of fresh milk. Apply this face mask only on those areas where you have acne or acne marks and leave for 20-25 min, then wash it using lukewarm water. Use this red fruit face mask for 1 week to reduce acne and acne marks.

8. Raspberries are one of the best red fruit face mask to get rid of blackheads on your face. The nose and the skin around mouth are those areas which is prone to get blackheads. You just need to rub raspberry on blackheads areas in upwards direction  for about 15 min then use cotton cloth or cotton ball dipped in raw milk or rose water and wipe the areas.

9. An apple a day keeps doctor away- everybody are aware of this slogan. But now an apple can keeps marks and skin problems also away. Apple fruit face mask helps to get rid of marks and scars, blend an apple along with the skin with 1 tsp of rose water if your skin is oily or add 1 tsp of milk if your skin is dry. Then apply the mask on your face and neck leave for 30 min or leave until it gets dry then wash it using warm water.

10. Watermelon juice as a face mask. Gently massage your skin with a slice of fresh watermelon and leave it to dry, then again use 1 slice of watermelon to massage your skin and leave it to dry. Then once again apply and massage your skin using with the slice of watermelon and leave it to dry completely then wash your skin using plain water.

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