Hello everyone, weather is turning out so cold and winter is coming so fast. When climate is cold everybody will love to have a cup of hot tea isn’t? Well tea is good for health and there are so many varieties of tea which we use in our daily life. But now tea can be used for skin care also and which is very good for skin care. There are lots of benefits for skin which tea has and many of us are unaware of this fact.

Today I’m sharing what are the benefits of tea for skin care; tea benefits means to use tea on skin like apply it on skin or using it to rinse your skin. As we all know that there are number of flavors available in markets which one can try for skin care. Flavors like green tea, black tea, milk tea, lavender tea and normal tea which we use daily and many other flavors can be used for skin. When we start using homemade and natural remedies for skin care then we keep away all kinds of skin problems like dark patches, dark marks, acne scars, pimples, pimples outburst etc….


When we use natural and homemade remedies to take care of our skin, we will save lots of money; there will be no risk of getting allergies and risk of side effects, which we may cause by using artificial beauty products. So now let’s have a look on, how we can get benefits of tea for our skin care. And get rid of all kinds of skin problems?

List of tea’s which is beneficial for skin care:-

1. The normal tea which we have in our daily life, tea mixed with milk will help you to get supple and soft skin if your skin is dry. Massage your skin using milk tea for 10 min then leave for 2 min then wash it using normal water. As it contains milk in it, this tea will surely make your skin baby soft and will give you smooth skin. Make sure you use this tea weekly twice for your dry skin.

2. The best tea for oily skin is rose tea, as this tea contains rose ingredient in it which is good for skin and helps to get soft and supple skin. Rose tea helps to reduce oiliness from the skin; just you need to use this tea to rinse your skin every night before you go to bed.

3. There are many people who prefer black tea and consume only black tea. As black tea has lots of benefits and good for health care, and it is good for skin care also. Black tea is one of the best benefits for skin care. Using black tea for skin will help to disable the oil glands to produce in excess. Wash your face using black tea weekly once.

4. One of the best teas for skin care is green tea. This tea is not only good to have daily, but also great remedy to remove the excessive dirt and dust from skin. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidant which is good to get healthy skin. Use ½ cup of green tea to wash your skin, it will make you feel fresh and relaxed. You can use it in night after a stressful day and pat dry your skin after your use green tea for skin.

5. Another best tea for skin care is fruit flavored tea; this flavored tea acts as a moisturizer for skin. Apply and massage for 2 min then wash it using normal water, so in case you run out of moisturizer then you the best natural moisturizer for your skin care.

6. The best tea to treat acne and acne outburst is masala chai. A very tasty and spicy tea for skin care, spice is good for skin care. You can prepare masala tea by adding a piece of clove or cinnamon or only a little cinnamon powder to a normal cup of tea without milk and leave it to soak for ½ an hour. An instant and good tea benefits to always keep in mind when you have and enjoy a cup of masala tea. Apply this tea using cotton ball and massage your skin with tea for 5 min then rinse it after few min.

7. The best tea to remove puffiness from skin is Badam tea. Badam tea which contains high in zinc and calcium is very good and beneficial for skin care. The best time to use tea for skin care is early morning; wash your face using badama tea as soon as you get up in the morning.

8. The very best tea to improve your skin complexion is white tea. White tea is one of best and pure tea for skin which is available in market. Massage white tea in your skin for 10 min then wash it using plain water. Use this white tea on your skin for 15 days at least to see improvement in skin complexion.

9. To reduce blemishes from skin use herbal tea for skin care. The easiest way to use this tea is just wash your face using a warm of herbal tea, use this tea daily once to get rid of blemishes.

10. Another best tea which gives you a glowing skin is Oolong tea. But this is one of the costliest teas; this tea has many beauty benefits in it. Apply and leave for 5 min then wash it using normal water and use this tea 15 days once to get a glowing skin.

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