As we all know that there are many homemade and natural remedies, which helps to get glowing skin without any side effects. When our skin becomes good and glowing then it demands for a good skin care. One of the best and easy methods to make your skin glow is using oils for skin care. Always remember that essential oils are different from vegetable oils, and when we talk about essential oils remember there are something more than those scented botanical extracts. As these essential oils contains some of the best qualities in them and even they are capable of reducing stress in you and gives you relaxed mind, skin and body. These oils also act as a pain relievers and acts as an energy boosters for your body. and another best benefit of these oils which used for skin care, they give smooth, soft and glowing skin.

Our face skin is 10 layers thinner than our body skin, keeping this important reason in our mind we have to take care of our skin very well and very gently.  Our skin faces lots of problems like pimples, pimple marks, ageing, hormonal imbalances, patches and tanning and many other skin problems. These problems can be treated by using essential oils and help you to get much needed skin care. Essential oils are the best for skin care and they are the part of aroma-therapy for skin as they neatly get observed by skin and works great from inside layers of our skin. One can add and use these oils for daily skin care routine, as they help to treat for any kind of skin problems.

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When we talk or think to apply oils on our skin one very first thought comes to our mind is that, they will be sticky, smelling or viscosity etc…. but stop thinking these things as essential oils are light, non-sticky and they absorbed neatly by skin. So now you don’t have any doubt to use these essential oils for your skin care.

These oils can be used directly on skin or can be added to skin care remedies. Now let’s check out the essential oils for glowing skin:-

1. One of the best skin care oil is Almond oil and this oil is very commonly used oil for skin care. And almond oil is extracted from dried kernels of the almond tree. This oil is one of those oils which are easily absorbed by the skin and that’s how it helps to make skin glowing. It also helps to reduce itchiness from skin and helps to reduce dry skin. The best properties of this oil are that it helps to moisturizers and nourishes the skin. Just apply and massage almond oil into your skin and leave for 30 min then wash it using warm water or if you have dry or itchy skin then apply it on your skin and leave it overnight then wash in the morning.

2. Another best essential oil for dry and itchy skin is castor bean oil. This oil acts as a great moisturizer which locks the moisture into skin for long time. This oil is one of the oils those have rich in fatty acids and light also which is easily absorbed by skin. Apply this oil on skin and massage for 5-8 min then leave for 15 min then wash it using lukewarm water, if required you can use face wash.

3. The best and easily available oil is coconut oil; this is the very commonly used oil for skin and hair care. This oil is been used from centuries for hair, body and skin care. This oil has deep penetrating property and boosts hair growth. This oil makes skin nourished and helps to get smooth and fluffy. Apply and massage coconut oil into your skin daily once before bath, and if your skin is dry then you can use twice daily. Best oil to treat skin in winter season.

4. The best oil for ageing skin is Argan oil. This is the best oil for skin care, this oil has the best property and unique ability to reduce wrinkles, reduce fine lines and other ageing sings that start appearing on skin. This oil possess anti-oxidant properties which helps to destroy the free radicals, this oil also has the properties to treat inflamed skin and to control the blemishes from the skin. This oil can be added few drops in homemade remedies or face mask, or you can apply directly on skin and leave it overnight then wash it in the morning,

5. The Another Oil for skin care is olive oil; this oil can be used for hair care also. This oil helps to make your skin look several years younger. This essential oil makes your skin smooth, glowing, soft and marks free. Olive oil also helps to reduce the loss of internal moisture in skin and also acts as an effective moisturizer. Apply olive oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice on skin then leave for 20 min then wash it using lukewarm water.

6. The oil which helps to treat sun damaged skin is carrot root oil. Carrot root oil treats tanned skin and inflammatory condition skin also. Apply carrot root oil on skin and leave for 15 min then gently massage for 2 min then wash it using warm water. Carrot root oil also can be used for hair care and helps to condition your hairs.

7. The oil which is used in many medicines, and also contains anti-bacterial properties is known as Neem oil. This is one of the best oils for skin care.  Neem oil treats skin aliments like acne, pimples, eczema and many more skin problems. Neem oil plays a vital and important role in Ayurveda treatment for skin and hairs, is a primordial ingredient in oils for skin care. This oil helps to get glowing skin, apply neem oil on skin avoid eye area and mouth then gently massage into your skin for 5 min then leave for 8-10 min then wash it using warm water.

8. Still worried about that greasy feeling, that may come out when you apply oils on skin then stop worrying about it because Grape seed oil doesn’t make you feel greasy. This oil is one of those instant oils that absorb very fast into skin as it is light enough. This will is the best non greasy oil and helps to get glowing skin. Apply this oil and leave it overnight then rinse in the morning. Grape seed oil can be used weekly 3 or 4 times.

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