Haven’t we always thought about how to keep our skin healthy and alive? Skin is the most vital and important part of our body.  We all desires to have a smooth, glowing, clear and lively skin which will keeps us happy whole day. Whenever we visit mall or cosmetic shop we pick up a lotion which tells us that it gives us beautiful skin, but when we check out the price we will keep it back thinking why it is so expensive? Trying out cheap or low cost products will damage our skin.

Now the best way to achieve lively and smooth skin is to go the natural and homemade route. Yogurt is the best and easily available natural ingredient for skin and hair care. So, just go to your kitchen, take out a blow of yogurt or curds from the refrigerator. Yes, yogurt that white and creamy substance can work miracles on skin and hair, curds can be used skin mask and hair mask.


Yogurt is very healthy milk product for the body as it contains excellent source of proteins, calcium and potassium with numerous vitamins and minerals and it is one of those ingredients which has low calories. Yogurt has many benefits for the body, both inside and out. Yogurt has many beauty benefits as well, it is good for skin and hair care. Thinking why Yogurt is good for skin, because it contains lactic acid combined with zinc and many other minerals which make skin healthy. Now let’s check out some beauty benefits and masks for skin it has to offer.

Beauty benefits of yogurt for skin:-

1. Yogurt acts as a natural moisturizer and skin brightener, as it contains lactic acid property which helps in hydrating the skin and helps to get rid of dull and dry skin.

2. Yogurt is a very good face scrub; it works as a hydrating facial scrub. If you have dry and dehydrated skin then using yogurt as the scrub will be the best option.

3. A yogurt works great on acne and pimples. Yogurt is rich in zinc mineral, which helps to reduce and prevent acne and pimples. Regularly applying it on your skin will keep your skin in healthy shape and helps to prevent it from breaking out. It also helps in settling any kind of inflammation or redness on skin. It is also known as natural astringent for skin.

4. Yogurt helps to cure for Sun Burn or tanning. Yogurt can be used to treat sunburns naturally. The zinc in yogurt helps to cool the burning, redness and itching sensation on skin that sunburn has left behind.

5. Yogurt can be said as the brilliant anti-ageing element. Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl present in yogurt is essential for skin, which helps in preventing pre-mature ageing of skin. Yogurt helps to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin to look young and healthy.


1. Always use fresh plain yogurt for skin and hairs.

2. Remember to remove all your make-up from skin before using yogurt

3. Prepare the fresh mask before using it, don’t use 2-3 days old mask.

 Yogurt masks for skin:-

1.  Mix 2 tsp of curds and add 1 tsp of honey in it and apply on your face and neck leave for 20 min then wash it using lukewarm water. Honey will add extra moisturizer that is required for dry skin. Another simple and easy mask, mix 2-3 tbsp of curds with 2 tbsp of grated carrot and then apply on clean face and neck. Relax for 20 min then rinse it using lukewarm water. These masks best suited for very dry skin.

2. Yogurt mask can be used for body also; just all you need to do is apply plain curds on your face and body. Relax for 20-25 min and wash it using lukewarm water. This mask will help to get rid of dull and dry skin and will give you supple and soft skin.

3. To get bright and clear skin, mix 4 tbsp of yogurt or curds, add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and then add 1 tbsp of honey. Put these ingredients in a blender and blend together till they become like a thick melted chocolate paste. Then apply it on face and neck. Then relax for 15-20 min and rinse using lukewarm water. This mask also helps to get rid dull skin and gives you fresh looking, clear and bright skin.

4. Use this yogurt mask to get rid of tanning or sun burn. Take about 2-3 tbsp of fresh plain yogurt and then add a few drops of soothing chamomile essential oil. Then gently start rubbing the mask on sunburned or tanned skin massage for 5-8 min and then leave for 10 to 15 min then wash it using normal water.

5. Yogurt can be also used to get rid of fungal or any skin infections, take small amount (about 2-3 tsp.) of yogurt and put it on gauze or facial tissue. And then place and press slowly it on the affected area. Leave for 20-25 min then remove it. Repeat this treatment for at least 4 to 5 times a day.

6. Yogurt can be used as natural scrub, mix 2 tbsp of fresh curds with 1 tbsp of oats. Now apply on clean face and neck then start massaging, massage for 5 min then leave for 10 min. and wash it using normal water.

7. Yogurt mask to treat acne and pimples. Just apply a little bit of fresh yogurt or curds on acne and pimples twice a day. This treatment will show its results and clear acne in a week.

8. Use this yogurt scrub to treat blackheads and white heads. Take 2 tsp of rice flour and 1tbsp of yogurt, then put it in the blender and blend them it into thick coarse paste. Now apply this mask on skin and very gently rub the scrub onto your skin for 8 min. Leave for 10 min and then rinse it using lukewarm water. Grounded walnuts can be used instead of the rice flour.

9. Yogurt mask for anti-ageing skin. To get rid of wrinkles and to keep the skin to look young and healthy use this mask. Take 3-4 tbsp of yogurt and add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Apply this mask on face and neck; you can even apply on whole body also. Leave for 25- 30 min, and then wash it using lukewarm water. Apply this mask 3 times in a week.

10. Another easy and simple yogurt face masks anti-ageing skin. Take 1 ripe banana, 1 avocado, and 2-3 tbsp of yogurt. Mix all the ingredients then apply on face and neck, relax for 30 min and then rinse it using lukewarm water. Apply this mask weekly 3 times.

11. Use this mask to reduce age spots, take few tbsp of yogurt and mix half lemon juice.  And apply it on clean face and neck, gently rub for 5-10 min and relax for 20-30 min then wash it using normal water. Apply this mask 3 times in a week to get best results. Orange juice can be used instead of lemon juice.

12. Best yogurt mask for to get rid of dark circles, just carefully apply a thin layer of yogurt under your eyes on dark circles and relax for 15 minutes. Then wipe the excess yogurt using cotton ball and then go to bed. Use this mask for a week and you will start seeing the difference.

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