Usually acne and pimple problems start when we reach college or at the end of the school days. And normal this problem starts because of hormonal imbalance which is also known as hormonal acne. But now it is one of the most common problems for everyone, especially teens are most effected by acne and pimple problem. There are many simple and homemade remedies to get rid of acne and pimple problem.

Along with remedies you also need a proper daily routine skin care to deal with acne. If you do not care and neglect it then the problem will increase and spread from one spot of the face to other area of skin. Proper care of skin can help to get rid of acne and pimples, and get back your smooth, clear and flawless skin.

If you are one who is facing acne problem then here is the solution and tips for daily routine skin care to deal with acne.

Daily routine skin care to cure acne:


1.     Cleansing your skin:-

If you are facing acne problem then you should cleanse your skin daily twice or thrice every day. The skin is exposed to dust, pollution, dirt and also contain secrets oil. Acne can increase if the skin is not cleaned properly and regularly. Skin is the most important and basic skin care daily routine for acne prone skin. Routine cleansing helps to remove dust, dirt, excess oil, sweat and also helps to removes makeup neatly. If you have acne breakouts on skin then its better you use the cleansers which have Benzoyl peroxide. You can use milk to cleanse your skin or you can use cleansing milk or cleansing face wash.

2.     Exfoliate your skin:-

If you have cure acne then you must fight acne from its roots. Exfoliation of skin is one of the skin care routine that one should follow every day to fight and cure acne. Exfoliating helps the skin to remove dead cells, excess oil from skin, helps to reduce the formation of comedonal acne and makes your skin soft, clean and smooth.

3.     Toning the skin:-

You can use homemade toner for skin or one which you get in cosmetic stores. It’s better to use alcohol-free toners for skin as alcohol toners can make your skin rough, itchy and dry. It is always suggested that, always remove your make-up after 4-5 hours and always remove your make-up before going to bed. Leaving make-up on skin for long time or overnight on skin leads to acne breakouts. The bets and easy way to remove make-up is to use toner, you can use cotton or tissue to apply toner on your skin. Soak a cotton or tissue in a toner and wipe your skin gently. Toner helps to remove dust, dirt, sweat and make-up.

4.     Skin care in seasons:-  

As season changes, it start effecting our skin also changes. As now it is winter season, one should keep their skin moisturized and nourished. In winter skin normally becomes dry, itchy, dark and rough, as dry, rough and itchy skin feels really irritating. Try to use an oil-free moisturiser in winter season for skin care. You have to care your skin according to the season, as seasons keeps on changing.

5.     Stop squeezing acne:-

Everyone feels depressed because of acne breakouts. 1 small acne or pimple breakout on skin will makes us more conscious. We try all sorts of things to hide it, covering with make-up or stop going out until it disappears. Most of us try to squeeze the acne breakouts thinking it will get rid soon. It’s not true; it will not go instead, the breakouts leads to more breakouts. Leave it alone and let the white pus to come out by it-self. Once it comes out, wipe the area cleanly using cotton ball and wash your face properly using face wash. This will not leave any marks also.

6.     Use lemon:-   

I have suggested too many of my costumers and viewers that to use lemon to get rid of acne and pimples, lemon is the natural and fast working ingredient to get rid of acne and pimples. No need to use lemon in your daily routine skin care, you can use and rub a slice of lemon weekly twice or thrice on skin. A lemon helps to cure acne, pimples, scars, dark marks, removes dead cells and reduces pimple marks also. Lemon may dry ups the skin, so apply moisturizer once you use lemon on your skin.

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