Best 9 Ways to Brighten a Tired Skin

After a very busy and long tiring day, skin loses its freshness, glow and looks very tired and dull. The one more reason for tired skin is lack of sleep and stressful day. A tried skin is a root for many skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles and fine lines etc… to make your skin look bright, glowing and fresh; you need to make your tired skin feel relaxed. Hence it is very important to relax and rejuvenate the skin. There are many ways to lock the brightness and natural glow of the skin using simple and easy remedies following at home.

There are many other reason which affects the skin and ruin it are pollution, stress, dirt etc….. Cleaning or splashing face with cold water or rubbing the skin with ice once you come back to home from work, can instantly help to reduce your tiredness from the skin. Ice and cold water helps to stimulates blood circulation instantly, which will temporarily invigorate tired skin. To brighten the tired skin you can also use homemade face mask or packs like curds, raw milk, cucumber, rose water etc…


This hydrating face masks will helps to bring the glow and freshness back on the tired skin, and also helps to make skin tight and bright. Do you know that even your diet also have an impact and effects on your skin? Like if your diet includes high intake of salt then it leads to water retention which makes your skin dry and dull very easily.  High Intake of salt also creates health problems and makes your eyes looks puffy, so reduce the intake of salt and make the skin tight around the eyes and reduce eye bags. Drink lots of water daily at least 6-7 liters in a day; this will help to keep your skin hydrated and keep your skin always fresh. Also remember to get a good and tight sleep in night which will keep your body and skin fresh and healthy.

Below are the some of the easy and simple ways to brighten a tired skin. Follow these ways once you are back to home from work to keep your skin look bright and fresh.

1. Regularly wash your face, wash your face daily at least for 5-6 times. The reason why you have wash your face again and again because to keep your skin clean and fresh. Washing your face will not only help to keep your skin clean and fresh it also removes the dirt and pollutants that can cause skin damage. Rinse your face will also help to remove excess oil from the skin and prevents acne and pimples.

2. Reduce salt intake, as I explained above why we should reduce salt intake in our diet. Sometimes including excess salt in diet, your eyes tend to become puffy and look tired. Too much of salt will also dehydrates the body and leads to health problems. So reduce your salt consumption to keep yourself healthy and tighten the skin around your eyes and decrease eye bags.

3. Exfoliate the skin, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ease your tired skin and brighten it is by exfoliating. Exfoliation is must and essential to remove dead skin cells, reveals fresh and gives glowing skin. Exfoliating can be done by using a gentle scrub on face and body at least once a week.

4. A good and deep sleep is must for your health and skin. Lack of enough sleep can also lead to stressed, dull and tired skin. Getting good sleep daily night will keep your skin healthy, glowing, fresh and youthful. When you get a good and deep sleep, body goes through a regeneration process, helps to proper blood circulation and produces more healthy skin cells, prevents wrinkles, acne and ageing.

5. Use potato or cucumber slices, if your eyes have become tried and puffy and looks dull. Just keep the slices of cucumber or potato on eyes and relax for few min, both the ingredients will help to reduce puffiness and redness from eyes. And makes your eyes bright and beautiful.

6. Use hydrating night cream, this is one of best ways to brighten the tired skin. Apply a hydrating night cream daily night, and wake up with a fresh and glowing skin. The night cream helps to moisturizer the skin and makes it look hydrated and fresh. Moisturizing your skin regularly will helps to prevent wrinkles and helps to maintain supple, smooth, radiant and soft skin.

7. Use homemade hydrating face mask for tired skin. A homemade hydrating face mask can be used to exfoliate and brighten the tired skin naturally. Mix plain curds, raw milk or fresh cream, rose water, turmeric powder and add few drops of lemon juice. Apply this natural face mask on your skin and leave for 10-15 min. Then gently scrub the mask off with water and apply rose water on your skin for instant rejuvenation. And get fresh toned and glowing skin.

8. Drink lots of water at least 6-7 liters in a day, drinking lots of water will help to maintain a healthy body and hydrated skin. Drinking required amount of water is one of the best ways to ensure proper skin care. It helps to get fresh, glowing and tired-free skin and your skin feels relaxed and supple.

9. Using rose water will help to get rid of tired skin. This is one the very easiest and best ways to get rid of tired skin in just a min. Just take cold rose water in a blow and tab a cotton ball or tissue in a rose water then wipe it on the tired skin for 1 min. It will give you fresh, glowing, soft and clean skin in a min. you can use rose water daily night to brighten your skin.

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7 comments to Best 9 Ways to Brighten a Tired Skin

  • Melissa

    I love the post you have mentioned easy and fabulous ideas to brighten up skin tone. The best part of that article is that you have mentioned all home remedies for glowing skin. Thanks a lot to share these best ideas for glowing skin.

  • Zahida

    Hello mam…plz suggest a hair facial removal hame remedy for my face i m so so depressed plz plz… ?:-)

    • Hello Zahida……. u cn get rid of facial hair but it will take some time as u will be using homemade remedies. Try out this remedy, Prepare a thick mixture of turmeric powder (haldi), Gram flour (besan) and curd. Apply t on the skin and leave it to dry. Rub off the mixture gently from your skin and wash off with water.

      I have written a detail article on how to remove facial hairs using homemade remedies, click on this link :-


  • Ankita

    Hi Pragati,

    L have pimple and acne spos problem,Please suggest me some home remedies for the same.

    • Hello Ankita…. Use this remedy, Sandalwood works great on acne scars. Take sandalwood powder and add rose water to form a paste like mask. Then apply on clean face and leave for 20 min then wash it using lukewarm water. You can do this every day.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • neeta

    hello pragati above you mention drink 6 to 7 litre water a day, but i read many articles they said that it is injuries to drink more water like 6 to 7 litre.
    so pragati you tell me which litre drink water a day.
    I am Very Confused about this matter pls tell me 15-20 glass water a day is good or bad for health

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