We normally suffer from dry skin almost in every season. In winter season this problem increases and each one of us face dry skin problem. Dry skin always makes to feel embarrassed as it dry skin effects into white patchy, breaking of skin and fine lines are clearly seen and visible on skin. Dry skin problem may arise because due to lack of moisturizer and not taking proper care of skin.

Dry skin can be easily treated using homemade and natural remedies also. Many of us think that applying moisturizer is enough and can help to treat dry skin problem. Though, unknowingly, we are making some common mistakes that can cause dry skin problem. For example: – Not using moisturizer or sun screen or body lotion in winter seasons and when climate is cloudy outside, not using body lotion can leads to a skin dryness. Even though the weather is cloudy and misty, you must follow the routine skin care regime.


Below are few common reasons that are making your skin dry:-

1.     Using Thick Creams on Skin:

The most common mistake is applying thick creams on skin. When skin is dry and dull we think that applying thick cream on skin is the best way to treat dry skin, and it will nourish and moisturize the skin. Well it’s not true at all and it is just a myth, as thick creams blocks skin pores which may leads to make skin look dull and dark. So, always remember not to apply thick creams or moisturizer on dry skin.

2. Side-stepping the skin after bathing:  

All most every person makes this mistake that avoiding the skin after bathing and which in turn leads to dry skin. One must not forget to apply body lotion or moisturizer on skin after bath, should spend little time to care your skin. Usually the skin pores open after bath, and apply body lotion or moisturizer on skin will provide the essential moisture required to prevent dry skin. And in winters one should apply moisturizer or body lotion daily twice at least to avoid skin drying.

3.     Missing sun screen lotion:

Sometimes we feel bored and tend to skip to applying sun screen. But applying sun screen is important as sun screen provides protection to the skin from sun and UV rays, from which our skin gets damaged. The UV rays from sun will make skin dry and also makes skin tanned.

4.     Over exfoliation:  

We all know that Exfoliation is needed for proper skin care. But few people over do the exfoliation process and this mistake leads to skin dryness and all the essential natural oils are lost from skin. This is one of the common reasons that make the skin dry and rough. Always make sure to apply moisturizer after exfoliation and do not over exfoliation.

5.     Moisturizer are not for oil-free skin:

Most of the people with oily skin think that they don’t required body lotion or moisturizer for their skin and then stop thinking; like that it is wrong thinking. All skin type needs moisturizing like that even oily skin needs little moisturizing. If your skin is oily type, then use oil-free moisturizer or body lotion which will help to moisturize the skin and prevents the skin from becoming oilier.

These are some common reasons that cause dry skin. Do not repeat these mistakes if you want to prevent your skin from drying and ensure proper skin care routine.

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  • K.G.Sabesh

    Hi Pragathi,
    I am 34 years old women and i use Ponds anti aging day , night cream. I am naturally fair but after applying this creams my face become dark and dull. Give me any suggestion.

    • Hello K.G.Sabesh….. u cn use Vitamin e oil daily night before going to bed, if ur skin is dry type only, or if ur skin is only type then use oil weekly 3 times. u cn use this remedy, Take 1 tbsp of gram flour a bowl, now add 1 tbs of Sandalwood powder, and then add about 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder. And mix some water or rose water in a bowl and mix all the ingredients properly to make a fine and smooth paste like face mask. Now face mask is ready to apply. Apply this mask on clean face and neck leave for 15-20 min. Then wash it using lukewarm water and apply moisturizer lotion on your skin.


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