Easy Ways to Remove Lip Stick From Lips

In one of my previous posts I have explained how to remove make-up using natural ways. Applying make-up in a perfect manner is an art like that removing make-up in a perfect manner also is an art. Make-up should be removed step by step and in a right ways to avoid skin damage. Because once if our skin gets damaged then it is very difficult to repair it, and sometimes it will not get repaired also. So use the right ways to remove make-up without harming your skin, eyes and lip.

Today I will be sharing easy ways to remove lip stick from lips. After a long day at work and after attending great parties, it’s very hard to be patience and to spend time to remove make-up. But to keep your skin away from all damages you have to be little patience and have to spend little time to remove your make-up properly. Stop avoiding your skin once you reach home and spend little time to clean and to pamper your skin.


Few tips for Do’s and Don’ts while removing make-up:-


1. Stop rubbing your face too hard to remove make-up.

2. Don’t wash your face directly with plain water.

3. Don’t rub on your lips too hard to remove lip stick.

4. Don’t wipe your eyes too hard to remove make-up.


1. First wipe your face gently using wet tissue or cotton ball.

2. Always use make-up remover to remove make-up properly.

3. Use wet cotton or wet tissue to remove lip stick and eye make-up.

4. If you’re sensitive then try to remove make-up using natural ways.

Below are the easy ways to remove lip stick from lips.

1. Always apply a light layer of petroleum jelly to lips. Leave it for a min, then wipe your lips using with a tissue or cotton ball. This way will help to remove your lip stick neatly and give you smooth lips.

2. Another easy way to remove lip stick, gently dab your lips with a dampened soft cloth, cotton ball or soft tissue paper. This will help to remove the top layer of lipstick then removing rest lips tick will easiest and then wipe off the rest of lips stick from your lips without any extra effort. Try to wipe gently using an inward direction. Work from each corner to the middle of your lips. Then pat dry lightly using a tissue.

3. The best way to remove lip stick using natural way is to apply honey. Just apply honey on your lips and leave for few sec then wipe it of using cotton roll or tissue paper, repeat this twice if you have applied long lasting lip stick. Then take wet cotton ball and wipe your lips again, it will help to remove lip stick very easily.

4. You can use smooth brush or brush your lips with my toothbrush. This way will help in 2 ways, one it will help to remove any leftover lipstick and two it sloughs off any dry, chapped parts of your lips and gives nice and ready for some lip moisturizer.

5. You can also use lip balm to remove lip stick easily, just take cotton ball or soft tissue and roll the lip balm on it neatly for 2-3 times and then wipe your lips using the cotton ball or tissue paper. This will remove your lip stick and gives you soft and smooth lips. Repeat once again if your lip stick has not cleaned properly.

6. Use coconut oil to remove lip stick from lips, dip your finger in a coconut oil and apply it on your lips starting from one corner to another corner leave for 2-3 min then wipe it using cotton ball or soft tissue paper. Then wipe your lips using dry tissue.

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