Benefits of Spices for Hair Growth

Now-a-day’s everyone believes and wants to use natural remedies for skin care, as they are safe and they does not causes any kind of side effects on skin. Natural or homemade remedies have lots of benefits for skin and hairs. Today, we like to try all kinds of natural remedies to get rid of skin and hair problems like acne, pimples, dark circles, hair regrowth, hair fall and many more.  From organic to Indian spices, we use these ingredients to prepare face and hair mask and use them for skin and hair care.

Spices are the main ingredients that help to enhance the taste of food. Every spice has its own and unique flavor, aroma and applications consequently. There are varieties of spices, like some are mild, very mild while others are very strong. In India without spices cooking is not completed as spices are very important. The Indian food is very tasty due to the combinations of spices used. Another name for Indian is “land of spices” because of the high production and usage of variety of spices.

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We all know that spices are good for cooking and healthy purpose. There are some best spices which have beauty benefits as well. I have suggested in many of the remedies to use turmeric powder in mask, as this spice helps to reduce acne and gives fairer skin. In the same way there are many spices which work great on hairs. These below spices will help to strengthen the hair roots and helps to improve hair growth. Some spices can be used as the hair mask remedies for hair problems like hair fall, dry hairs, dull hairs and many more.

Below is the list of Benefits of spices for hair growth:

1. Rosemary is one the spices which is used to give a soft flavor to soups.  And this is the one of the spices which has great benefits for hairs. Rosemary helps to promotes hair growth and gives nourishment to the hairs. Capture 1  Rosemary can be also used to treat dandruff and dry scalp.    The easiest way of using this spice is Rosemary is used as a rinse after washing hair. Boil a glass of water; add a handful of rosemary, sheer for 15 minutes. Use as a post shampoo rinse.

2. One of the best secret of Indian women for long and healthy hairs is Curry Leaves. The very common spice used in all most all the foods in India is also great for hair care.

Capture 2 Just take few curry leaves and boil them in 1 bowl of coconut oil or olive oil. Keep on boiling until there is a black residue at the bottom. Apply this residue on your scalp and hairs. Leave for 2-3 hours or can keep for overnight also. And wash it using mild shampoo. Use this hair mask regularly for best hair growth.

3. We all know very well that Turmeric powder is used as an antiseptic on wounds. This spice can be used for face mask as it skin conditioner, helps to clean the skin and it is very good for healthy as well. Capture 3This multi-purpose and very strong spice has lots of benefits for hairs also. It helps to rejuvenate the scalp and promotes hair growth. This spice also helps to treat dandruff problem, also helps to reduce hair fall which is due to dandruff.

4. Pepper is also useful for hair growth. Both the black and red pepper that brings the hot and spicy taste to the foods. Peppers spice has a natural toxin that helps to stimulates production of hair follicles and helps to enhance the new healthy hair growth. Capture 4Pepper also helps to improve blood circulation in scalp, which results in high growth of hairs.

5. The most common spice used for flavoring food that is black cumin seeds is also very useful for skin, hair and health. Black cumin seeds have natural stuffs to strengthen hair follicles and helps in boosting hair growth. Capture 5This spice can be also used as an ailment for hair loss and hair fall. Black cumin seeds are one the best spices for hair growth.

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