Natural Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Skin Care

Homemade skin care remedies are easy and fantastic way to nourish the skin and the best thing about these remedies are that, you know what the ingredients present in the remedies, and we can avoid using harmful or allergic ingredients that many present in commercial products. Another advantage of homemade remedies are that it’s more cost effective, and one can prepare and use them as per their times, as they should not wait until the shops open to buy the products or waiting for salon to open or take appointment and all.

We all know that we can prepare face mask, cleanser etc… at home. And on one hand these are very safe also to use homemade remedies for skin care. Like that we can also prepare body lotion at home.


Lotions are easy to use on skin and very few people know that body lotions also can be prepared at home and yes preparing body lotion is even easy too. These body lotion recipes are easy to prepare and contain only 3 or 4 ingredients in it. These below body lotions are suitable for all skin types and contain natural and home ingredients only. Using the readily available ingredients at home we can prepare body lotion at home with in just 10 min. Optional, you can also add specific scents and flavors according to your skin types and if you are trying to make a special lotion for your skin type.

Body lotion can be prepared using many ingredients, like coconut oil, chamomile, green, ginger, while preparing a lotion for face ingredients used like almond oil, vitamin e oil, coconut milk, rose water and almond oil while making it for the daily skin care lotion. These are few common ingredients that can be used more frequent in preparing the lotions include winter season. If you wish u can also add scents like mint, vanilla, chocolate, lavender flavors to make your body lotion by adding new fragrances.

Some of the body lotion recipes contain base cream in it. In these body lotion recipes you can use CeraVe or VaniCream or any other basic cream as per your wish. You can also use any lotion with no added ingredients and no perfume or any kind of strong chemicals. When you start preparing the homemade body lotions and mix it with other ingredients, the cream should be at a room temperature only.

Below are the Natural Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Skin Care:

1. Grape Seed Homemade Body Lotion:-


To prepare this homemade body lotion, take 1/2 cup of base cream, 1/4 cup of grape seed oil and 1 tsp of Vitamin e oil. Just mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl properly. And apply a thin layer of this body lotion after a bath or shower. Store this lotion in a tight container. You can apply this homemade body lotion daily twice in winters. You can also apply this body lotion in night before going to bed.

2. Calendula Homemade  Body Lotion:-

Capture 2

Take 1/2 cup of base cream, add 1 tsp of Calendula oil and add 1 tsp of avocado oil. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or glass bowl. Now your body lotion is ready to apply on your skin. Apply this body lotion on damp skin, right after a bath or shower. Store this lotion in a tight container. Apply this homemade body lotion daily twice if your skin is dry.

3. Shea Homemade Body Butter:-

Capture 3

This body lotion is one of my favorite body lotions. And I love the smell of this body lotion. Take 1/3 cup of Shea butter, add 1 tbsp of avocado oil, and add 1 tbsp.of coconut oil and 5 drops tamanu oil. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or a glass bowl. Apply a thin layer of body lotion on your skin after a bath or shower. Store this body lotion in a tight container.

4. Cocoa and Coconut Homemade Body Butter:-

Capture 4

This is the best homemade body lotion to get smooth and soft skin. As it contain cocoa and coconut oil. Take 1/2 cup of cocoa butter; add 2 tsp of coconut base oil and 1 tbsp of pure Calendula cream. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl properly and you’re the best homemade body lotion id ready to use. Apply this cocoa and coconut body lotion after a bath or shower.

5. Aloe Vera Homemade Body Gel:-

Capture 5

As I have mentioned in one of my post about aloe Vera plant and shared it masks as well. Now we will see how to prepare Aloe Vera body gel. Take 1/2 of cup Aloe Vera, add 2 tbsp of dry calendula flowers, then add 2 tbsp of dry chamomile flowers and add 1 tsp of green tea leaves. Then mix all the ingredients in an oven proof glass bowl or clay container. Then place the container on stove at a low heat setting for a few minutes until very warm. Then take out the container and leave it cool completely and then pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a bottle or a jar or any air tight container. Now aloe Vera homemade gel is ready to use you apply this gel and leave it to dry then wash it using normal water or you can use it to clean your body instead of soap.

6. Jojoba Homemade Body Oil:-

Capture 6

This Jojoba homemade body oil contains comfrey essential oil which has healing properties and chamomile essential oil which is great to sooth irritated and dry skin. To prepare this body oil you need 1/2 cup of jojoba oil, add 5 drops of comfrey essential oil, then add 5 drops of chamomile essential oil and add 5 drops of vitamin E oil. Now combine all the ingredients in a container or bottle with an air tight lid and shake properly and strongly to mix all the oils properly. Apply this body oil after a bath or shower. If your skin is too dry then you can also apply in night before going to bed.

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