Best Facials According To Your Skin Type

We all do facials sometimes we go to salons and most of the time we do at home it-self. And facial can be get done monthly once or twice, but normally we prefer monthly once due to lack of time and busy schedule. But do you really know which facial type suits your skin type? Which will be better for your skin type like for oily or dry skin etc.? So, let’s check out today. I will be sharing which facial type which suits better for which skin type.

Before going to the salon or using facial at home, it is very important to know what kind of facial will better suit your skin type. There is no doubt that every women and even men loves to spend some relaxing time and pamper their skin at salon or parlour, Don’t we? What would be the better ways then facial and body massage? A facial has many benefits which help to improve blood circulation of your face and neck areas as well as psychological. It also helps to improve the glow and appearance of the skin; and facial also takes back-breaking stress off our shoulders. Along with these benefits it also important to choose for a facials that will suit your skin type better. Curious to know which facial is good for your skin type, then check out the below facials for oily, dry to combination skin types.

It is very important to keep in mind while selecting a facial that which type of skin you have?



1. If your skin type is Normal to Oily Skin:-

The person who have normal to oily skin type, are normally not advised to use facials which contains Moisturizers and creams.  The best facial treatment for oily skin should include deep cleansing with exfoliation, toning, and scrub if your skin has acne or pimples, mask and protection.

The masks and other procedures like scrubbing will help to remove excess oils, shrink the pores and helps to make the skin soft and shining, glowing and also helps to  rejuvenating the skin! Pearl and silver facial would be the best facials for normal to oily skin type and they also help shrinking the pores!

Silver Facial: Silver facial will help to detoxify and purify the skin. The silver facial normally comes in kit packing which consists of a cleanser, glow scrub, gel, cream and facial pack that offers dull and oily skin an instant lift. Silver facial also helps to restore the natural glow pH balance and natural glow of your skin, but also helps to clear the pores and deep cleanses the skin to prevent the formation of blackheads. Silver facial take almost 40 mins to 1 hour of time duration.

Pearl Facial: Pearl facial is perfect for those who have oily skin. It helps to remove tanning and also brightens the skin. Pearl facial helps to retain moisture and revitalizes the skin. This facial guarantees natural lightening of the skin, providing fair and radiant skin with an even color tone. This facial has very simple steps deep cleansing is done next, to refine the skin. Step followed by a small and light facial massage with pearl cream and use of a pearl facial mask. This facial takes almost 1 hour of time duration.

2. If your skin type is Normal to dry skin:-

If your skin type id normal to dry skin type, then it’s better to get a facial massage which includes nourishing creams. If you are planning to do a facial at home, then moisturizers can be used. Just massage a bit of moisturizer before starting the facial. The best facials for normal to dry skin type are to go for classic or plant stem facial.

Plant Stem Cell Facial:  Plant stem cell facial helps to rejuvenate the skin and gives you younger skin. The plant cells are presented into the skin through external cosmetic care as well, which helps the skin at the cellular level and also activate the process of repair and replacement of dead skin cells and damaged skin cells. This facial stimulates the cellular rebirth process in the skin, helps to reduce the signs of ageing. Plant stem cell facial kit contains an exfoliator, serum, cream, mask and an under-eye gel. This facial takes almost 1 hour of time duration.

Classical Facial: This facial kit contains facial cleansing, facial toning and facial massaging (which can be done with the help of gadgets or hands) it also contains mask and protection coverage. The areas of the facial massaging, face and neck are treated as per your skin needs. This facial can be done followed by a specific directions and movements of the finger tips. Different types of strokes and pressures are applied different areas of the face and neck. This facial also takes almost 1 hour of time duration.

3. If your skin type is Combination Skin:-

Combination skin needs to be treated more carefully than any other type of skin, as the combination skin type face has both dry and oily tissues. Platinum facial and gemstones therapy facial will suits best for combination skin type and also give best results. After cleansing the, the dry area of the skin should be massaged and the face should be toned with a cold icepack, using a rose-based skin energizer.

Gemstone Therapy facial: Gemstone facial therapy develops the natural energy of “Gemstones” and helps to accurate spiritual, physical and mental imbalances.  Gemstone facial is based on the belongings of different types of gemstone. These gemstones work as a cleansing and exfoliating aid and gently slow down the ageing process. The main ingredients of this facial contain dust from gems like emerald, wine-coloured and sapphire. This facial restores the perfect skin balance, helps to provide the skin free from marks and also helps in the process of skin cell renewal. This facial takes nearly 1 hour of time duration.

Platinum Facial: Platinum facial is helps to recharge and totally boost your skin. This facial impacts the skin at the cellular level and helps to safeguard the strength of its supportive skin tissues. It also preserves the desired moisture level and also has powerful anti-oxidant effects which help to protect the skin’s youthful properties and impart radiance. This facial takes nearly 45 mins to 1 hour of time duration.

So now you have an idea that which facial type will suit your skin type well. Hope this post helped  and you guys enjoyed this post J

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103 comments to Best Facials According To Your Skin Type

  • vikas

    Hello Mam, I want to know abour face massager machine and facial massager machine, these machines are useful for face or not. I have just saw in website such as snapdeal etc and approx price is 370 to 1500 INR

  • HIIIIIII PRAGATI !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Namrata…. u cn use sandalwood face mask 2 days once and use Himalaya neem face wash. daily 2 times use Margo soap. and u cn cleanse ur skin with curds daily. u cn go for pearl facial. u cn use MAC Mineralize Compact Powder or Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.


  • shuchismita

    hello, my skin is so sweaty and sensitive.Using sun screen Lotion,my face became dark.which facial,sunscreen lotion and cream is useful for skin colour is medium.

    • Hello Shurchismita…..u cn go for fruit facial, u cn use Lotus sun screen lotion and u cn also use olive oil 2 days once to get glowing skin.

      U cn use this remedy,Take one cucumber grate it and add few drops of lemon juice then add 2 to 3 tsp of honey mix well and use this as face mask. Apply for 12 to 15 min then wash your face.


  • shuchismita

    Hello,thanks for u reply. But now so many pimples comes out on my face. Which cream I use? which Lotus sun screen lotion Iwill use?

  • manoj

    Hello,My skin is so fair.But about one year, my colour go down.I work on both A.C and Non A.C climate.What can I do?Which creame I use?

  • Hi,I want to know that which facial is good for my SENSITIVE skin.I am 24

  • rani

    Hi , i have a dark face and dark hands due to exposure to sun , but actually my inner skin is quite fairer skin. what can i do to improve my face back to form ? which facial will suit me? at home what remedies can i follow.

    • Hello Rani….. u cn follow this link to know the u cn use Pearl facial if ur skin is oily or else u cn go for chocolate or diamond facial if u hv dry skin.

      Pragati Kiran

      • kavya

        Mam which facial use for loose skin accrding to age…which makeup products good for parlour use…

        • Hello Kavya…..for loose skin use anti ageing facial kit and u cn use diamond or pearl facial for oily skin type and for dry skin use wine or gold facial kit. u cn use lakme, mac, faces, etc.

          u cn use fruit bleach cream or golden bleach suits everybody’s skin but always do a patch test before doing it.

          Pragati Kiran

  • saritha

    hi,i have oil skin dark and dark hands tell me witch face wash and face cream is good for my scan even tell me about dark hands also

  • Malani

    Hi Pragati,

    Currently I’m having a uneven tone, oil face with acne.
    What facial suit me to solve all the problems.
    I’m using Tea tree product which reduce my acne but the new one still appear.
    Please advice.Thanks

  • meena

    Hi , i hv combination skin. Is it ok if i go for pearl facial? I want to know at wat intervals one sud do facial? I m 27 and hvnt done it.

  • vassu

    hi i have combination skin. can i go with gold facial

  • Rashmi

    Hi, I Am 40, have oily dark skin with acne ,blemishes and large open pores. Which facial is suitable for me.

  • tashu

    hi, i have sensitive skin and acne problem also. so which is the best facial for my skin .


  • tashu

    is bleach harmfull for acne skin,

    • Hello Tashu…. it is not harmful u cn go for fruit bleach but its better u do a patch test before using it.use bleach 2 months once not more then that as u hv sensitive skin.

      Pragati Kiran

  • kavya

    Mam which bleach is best for all type of skin…n which detaining cream is gud..

  • kajal

    mam.. my skin is oily.. so which facial suits on me .n another question which product is very good..between sehnaz husen product and natures and vlcc. which product suits on oily skin

  • kajal

    mam.. my skin is oily.. so which facial suits on me .

  • jyothi

    hi pragati, my skin is normal and there is small function at home. can u please suggest which type of facial is good for me.

  • Asha

    Hi mam am asha here my skin is too dark basically am black colour , now am using lotus 3in 1 cream for every day ….so which facial and daily cream suitable for my skin type even am done facial for every month in naturals they are suggested to me for high cost facials but there is no results only around 3,000 skin lightening , am working women also my age s 27, so which facial is suitable for me…..

    • Hello Asha….. only by use cream and facial u can not get fair skin. u cn use this remedy, Gram flour has also shown great results when used in face mask to get a fair and glowing skin. It can be used by making a paste with milk and a pinch of turmeric. For oily skin you can add rose water instead of milk.

      u cn do monthly once bleach and facial go for gold bleach and use VLCC Diamond Facial, but if u r doing bleach for the first time then i would suggest u do it in salon only.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • Priya

    Hi Mam,
    I have combination skin. My marriage is in April and want to do facial. This is my first time. Can you please suggest me which one will be good for me for the marriage.

  • deepa

    Hello mam I have open pores on my face which facial can I do. My skin is fair.

  • Moneera Nagpal

    Hi Pragati

    I have a sensitive skin,so little scared using any products to remove my facial hair,I don’t want to try threading and waxing on my face…can you suggest any effective remedy?

    Regards Moneera

    • Hello Moneera…..try using this remedy, Prepare a thick mixture of turmeric powder (haldi), Gram flour (besan) and curd. Apply t on the skin and leave it to dry. Rub off the mixture gently from your skin and wash off with water.but as u will use natural remedies it will take to get results.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • deepa

    Thank u so much mam

  • Gargi

    Hello Pragati,

    I have a very dry skin specially around the lips and under the eyes. I am 36 now.What type of facial I should do (at home) and how I can take care of my skin at home to fight against dryness. Also among Gold, Pearl, Chocolate facial which type will suit me?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.


    • Hello Gargi….. u cn go for Chocolate facial and use milk cream remedy 2 days once apply milk cream mixed with little lemon juice and leave it for 10 min then gently massage for few min then wash of using very little face wash. if u feel more dry then u cn use it daily 1 time also and in night apply few drops of vitamin e oil daily night and massage for few min then leave it overnight.

      Pragati kiran

    • Gargi

      Hello Pragati,
      Many thanks for your advice. Vitamin E oil drops will I use with night cream? Also which night cream (anti aging ) you think will be best to use considering my dry skin as there are many brands available in the market?


      • Hello Gargi…. yes u cn mix vitamin e oil in the cream also or u cn apply only vitamin e oil on ur skin before sleeping. u cn try Olay night cream or Himalaya Revitalizing night cream.

        Pragati kiran

  • Jaya

    Hi Pragati,

    My have combination skin. I did VLCC gold facial but no result, i didn’t find any difference after facial. My marriage is in next month can you please suggest me a good facial. And what should be done first facial or bleach.

    • Hello Jaya…. u hv to do bleach first and the facial, do 2-3 days before ur marriage. u cn try O3+ Diamond Facial Kit or Glycolic Facial Kit or Shahnaz Husain gold facial kit.

      use this remedy daily one time, Take a papaya slice and rub it gently on the face. This is very good for skin lightening. Papaya is an excellent skin exfoliant.

      Pragati kiran

  • Jaya

    Thank you so much Pragati

  • manish singh

    I am 30 years male..which type of facial kit I should use for my dry skin ?

  • Reem

    I have facial hair,Acne and pimple marks can u suggest how it will go permanently from my skin . And which facial may suit

    • Hello Reem….u cn use sandalwood face pack 2 days once for 10 min and use this remedy, mix gram flour, turmeric powder and curds then apply on ur skin leave it for 15 min then wash off using cold water, use this face 2 days once for 15 min.

      Pragati kiran

  • puneet

    Mam, myself is 40 yrs old and mine is extremely dry skin….which facial works best for me? is it good to go for one type of facial only or can we go fora change

    • Hello Puneet….. u cn do facial monthly once and try to also use natural remedy for dry like milk cream remedy weekly 2-3 times for dry skin. u cn do one facial for 5-6 monthly after u hv to change the facial type. u cn use fruit facial or diamond facial.

      Pragati kiran

  • hemavathi k

    Mam, Iam 25, have dry skin and my sister has sensitive skin.which facial will be suitable for us

    • Hello Hemavathi…. for dry skin u cn use Jovees Skin Rejuvenation Fruit Facial Kit or Diamond Facial and for ur sister cn use O3+ Shine & Glow Home Care or shahnaz-husain-gold-facial-kit.

      Pragati kiran

  • susmita

    heya,i have oily skin specially the t-zone…..plz help me wid the type of facial suitable for my skin…if I had to choose between wine facial/diamond facial/gold facial.

  • sheeba

    hi pragati… i have oily present i’m using olay natural white cream and planning to change to lakme perfect radiance day cream,night cream n face wash..i would like to get ur suggestion on this ..and also suggest the facial for my skin type which also has pores.

  • Shruthi

    Hi mam,

    I have oily skin, and compare to previous my face color is turning to dark, how can I overcome this problem and also can you please suggest which facial I can go for my marriage to look natural?

    Also I have hairs on upper lips and near to ears, can I go for laser treatment so that it will completely remove the hairs. Do we have any side effects from laser treatment, Please suggest.


    • Hello Shruthi….. u cn go for gold facial. but its better u do bleach and facial both for ur marriage, do bleach and facial at salon it self. laser treatment will not remove hairs permanently, and some time it will increase as well. but u go for waxing and if upper lip hair is soft and little then better go for threading.

      Try using this remedy fro fair skin,Gram flour has also shown great results when used in face mask to get a fair and glowing skin. It can be used by making a paste with milk and a pinch of turmeric. For oily skin you can add rose water instead of milk.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

  • Lakshmy

    Hello ma’am. .am 24 year old..I have not too fair and not too dark..I have acne on my face..and pimples skin is oily too..I went to parlour and asked for pearl facial but they told me that facial is not good for me because I have oily skin and pimples. .and they suggested me whitening clean not satisfied. .I want to know what type of facial I have to marriage is fixed and I need to get away from this pimples and acnes as early as me ma’am

  • Priyanka Behera

    hii mam…kindly give me solution… my skin is sensitive .what ever home remedies or cream I used it react…like turmeric,sandalwood powder,dabur gulabari water…all reacts on my face.I m not fair in colour not exactly black, having complexity. and my face is not charming and if my face became oily,then I look so ,plz tell me what type of facial will suit on my face….and looking gergeous and little bit fair?

    • Hello Priyanka…. u cn go for wine or pappy facial. and use this remedy, Apply fresh orange juice mixed with glycerin on your skin. Dip your fingertips in orange juice and apply softly on your face and neck leave until it gets dry then wash your face and neck using little rose water. This will give you a very positive result in few days.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • Priyanka Behera

    thnx mam.but what is pappy facial?

  • hello mam my age is 34 and my skin sensitive and oily and acne my complexion is medium which facial should i use to improve my complexion and tightening skin and acne care too please suggest me

    • Hello Sheetal….u cn go for chocolate or anti ageing facial and daily use sandalwood face pack for 10 min. weekly 2-3 rub raw potato slice for few min then leave it to get dry then wash of using cold water.

      Pragati kiran

  • sarika

    My skin is too much oily, acne and sensitive skin.which facial is good for me…plz suggest me.

  • aswini

    Hi, My skin is lightly oily skin, and brown skin. Can I choose RAAGA product for pearl facial


    Hi, Which facial will suits for a brown sin and oily too.

  • Puneet

    thanku pragati….for your valuable advice

  • Razii

    Hello mam…
    My skin is a combination skin … I am 29 now…I do have acne blemishes as I had pcod before…
    Now my pcod z normal but couldn’t regain a glowing skin
    Which facial u prefer for me

  • Divya

    Hiii I have dry skin which facial is good for me my age is 22 i m not so black not so fair i m doing herbal facial bt there is no result.

  • Indu

    hi…. my skin is dry and dull so i go through ur write up that classical facial and plant steam facial is needed so plz confirm which product or facial kit is good for my skin type

  • Moni

    I have oily skin with acne and blemishes in face and shoulder (Blouse line). I have a very fair complexion. Which day cream should I use? Since I’m getting married in another 3 months of time, please suggest me which facial will help me to remove the acne scars and prevents the occurrence of new acne.

    • Hello Moni….u cn use sandalwood face pack for face and shoulder for 10 min daily. u cn go for anti pimple facial, and for marks u cn do bleaching. do bleach and facial before 2-3 days of ur marriage and go for gold bleach and gold facial at that time.

      Pragati kiran

  • Mariam

    Hallo mam,
    Which facial is good for normal skin people?? I’ve wheatish white skin complexion. Which face cream i can use for glowing face?

    • Hello Mariam……. u cn use VLCC Pearl Facial Kit or NatuRe’s Essence Papaya Facial Kit or VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit. u cn use Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Creme .

      Pragati kiran

  • Smita

    Hello mama…
    Muje samaj mera skin type samaj nahi as raha hai…bcz dry bhi nahi hai and oily bhi nahi hai…

  • shweta

    hi pragati
    my skin is dry pls advice me which facial and bleach good for my skin and which brand

  • soujanya

    hi i have combination skin and my skin is very sensitive which facial is good for my engagement. how may days before i have to do facial and first time i am planing do facial.

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