Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Large Pores (Naturally)

Everybody wants to look perfect these days; whether men or women. Skin problems problem acne, dry skin, oily skin, pimples, breakouts, blackheads, large pores and many more are the common problem in youngsters, men and women. There is a naturally and homemade remedies for all the problems it may be health or beauty related. Before knowing the natural remedies to get rid of large pores, you should know the reasons or causes for the large pores on skin.

Many people are not able to know the exact size of the pores on skin. If once blackheads or pimples start occurring on skin and if unknowing blackheads or pimples are squeezed then it may turn into small pores. And once it turns into small pores and the pores will generally become bigger because of the decrease in skin elasticity.


Large pore on skin is quite disturbing all the time. Besides reducing the self-confidence of perfection presence, the large pores on skin can also make the skin to look dull and not smooth and clear. The pores are commonly more noticeable on the nose, cheeks, and forehead and chin areas. There is solution to shrink and reduce the appearance of large pores by using naturally and homemade remedies. First let’s check out the causes for enlarged pores.

Reasons and Causes of Enlarged Pores:-

There may be lots of reasons and causes for large pores on skin, like squeezing the blackheads, acne or pimples.

1. Heredity plays an important role in responsible for the size of the pores, and unluckily there is no solution for these kind of factors. This is the one of the main causes for pores.

2. Oily skin will naturally contribute to determine the pore size on the skin. The body naturally produces sebum (skin oil) naturally to prevent the skin from drying out. But this cause can be treated using homemade remedies for oily skin (face mask). Another cause for large pores may be If the is very oily, then dirt will easily stick on skin and settle in the pores making the pores puffy and stretch.

3. The other reason for large pores, pore may ​​block caused by dirt, dust, improper use of cosmetics, applying expired cosmetics, Excess facial oil production etc.

4. If Facial skin is not maintained hygienically, improper skin care and using lots of cosmetics.

After knowing the causes for large pores, now let’s check out how to get rid of Large Pores naturally and using homemade remedies.


1. Egg White and Orange Juice Mask

Egg whites is good for skin, it is the remedy for many skin problems, it is a good skin toner features in reducing enlarged Pores from the skin. And orange juice helps to make the skin look fresh, glowing and naturally bright. The combination of orange juice and the egg white will help to reduce the size of the pores and oiliness from the skin. Apply this remedy on the cleansed face for 20-25 min and you will get an amazing effect on your skin and also helps to shrink the size of pores.

2. Ice cubes Mask

Another easy and fast remedy for large pores, this homemade skin treatment is very simple. You just need to wrap ice cubes in a cotton cloth then gently rub it into the skin for few mins. Ice cubes also helps to tighten the pores and skin. Implement this treatment every morning to pamper the skin. It is also useful to keep the production of sebum (oil glands) in normal condition.

3. Honey Mask

Honey is known as natural bleaching agent and helps to get clear skin. Honey will not only helps to shrink skin pores but also helps to overcome the oily skin problem for the pores. To make the herb honey mask, you just need to mix 2-3 tbsps. of honey and lemon juice, apply the mask on the cleansed face. Gently massage for a few mins, leave for 5 mins then rinse off with warm water.

4. Oatmeal and Milk powder Mask

To make this natural face mask, Mix 5 tbsps. of honey and two tbsps. of oatmeal with 2 tbsps of milk powder in a blow until it becomes smooth paste. Apply this mask evenly on the cleansed skin followed with little gently massage in circular motions. When finished, leave for few mins then rinse thoroughly with normal water. Use this mask regularly at least 2-3 times in a week. This homemade treatment will help to get rid of large pores and gives soft, smooth and clear skin.

5. Cucumber juice Mask

Cucumbers are definitely very useful in dealing with skin problems and its helps to keep skin fresh, also helps to treat large pores problems. Cucumber juice can be used directly on skin as a mask or drink to remove toxins in the body. You can make cucumber mask by mixing cucumber juice with a little salt, then apply it on cleansed skin leave it for a few mins then wash it using cold water.

6. Tomato juice Mask

Tomato juice helps to treat acne, pimples and marks problems. When used on large pores skin for facial it helps to shrink pores. The simple way to use tomato juice on skin is to apply tomato juice on cleansed face and neck, then leave it for about 20-25 mins or until it gets dry. Then rinse off with warm water. Use this remedy weekly 3 times to get a perfect glowing and clear skin.

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