Coconut Milk Remedies to Treat Hair Fall

In one of my post I have explained the benefits of coconut oil, we all know the benefits of using coconut oil for hairs. Now we can treat hair fall using coconut milk also, Applying fresh coconut milk will help to nourish the hairs, treat hair fall and also helps to get rid of scalp problems. Coconut milk helps to get thick and lustrous hairs. Coconut milk helps to treat thinning of hairs.

Coconut milk is a liquid resulting from developed coconuts and it is totally different then coconut water. Coconut milk is used in many dishes as an alternative to regular milk which adds great taste to dishes. Coconut milk comprises vitamins like niacin and folate which helps to increases blood circulation and also prevents cancer also. Besides these health benefits, coconut milk also enhances beauty. Coconut milk has many benefits for skin and hair.


Like coconut oil coconut milk also have many benefits for hair growth. Coconut milk is the best solution of all hair problems. It is filled with vitamin E and fats which are very beneficial for hairs and also encourage hair growth.

Recipes of Coconut Milk to treat hair fall:-

1.     Coconut Milk Remedy:-

You can get coconut milk in any store or you can easily prepare at home. Just take 1 whole coconut and grate it and then grind it with water to make a liquid. Then strain the grinded coconut and then store it in a glass bottle. Now apply the freshly prepared coconut milk on scalp and hairs and leave for 35-50 min. then wash your hairs using mild shampoo followed with conditioner. You can apply coconut milk on scalp and hairs after shampooing the hairs. Coconut milk is also a good conditioner for hairs and helps to soft and manageable.


2.     Coconut Milk and Honey Remedy:-

Take few coconut pieces and boil them with water on low flame for about 10-15 min.  Now strain the boiled coconut pieces and let it cool down. Then add few drops of honey in it and mix properly. This remedy helps to get rid of hair fall and add great shine to your hairs. Now apply this remedy on scalp and hairs leave for 35-40 min then wash it using mild shampoo. This remedy also helps to get nourished hairs.   


3.     Coconut Milk and Fenugreek Powder Remedy:-

Prepare fresh coconut milk and then mix fenugreek powder in it and mix properly. Now apply this coconut hair mask on scalp and hairs and massage for few mins and cover your hairs using shower cap. Leave this mask on hairs for 20-25 min then wash it using mild shampoo followed with conditioner.


4.     Coconut Milk, Yogurt (curds) and lemon juice remedy:-

Take fresh coconut milk and add yogurt and then add few drops of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients properly then apply on scalp and hairs cover your hairs using shower cap and leave for about 3-40 min then wash it using mild shampoo. Use this remedy weekly 2 times to treat hair fall and dandruff.


5.     Coconut Milk and Amla Oil Remedy:-

This remedy helps to treat hair fall naturally, mix fresh coconut milk and warm amla oil. Apply this mixture on scalp and till the ends of your hairs then start gently massaging on scalp. Massage for few min then cover your hairs using shower cap then leave for 25-35 min then rinse it using mild shampoo and normal water.

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16 comments to Coconut Milk Remedies to Treat Hair Fall

  • ammu

    hi…im 23 yrs old.
    im suffering severely from dandruff problem, too much hair fall and itching on scalp.
    My hairs became 1/4th of my original hairs due to above mentioned problems. So i would like to try “Coconut Milk, Yogurt (curds) and lemon juice remedy”. U hv mentioned dat v need to do treatment 2 times a week bt i herd dat v should not wash hairs frequently as it leads to hair loss. Is this true?
    Is this remedy works wel for my problems?
    Plz tel me the care i need to take fr my hair….

    • Hello Ammu…. u cn try this remedy, and oil n massage ur hairs weekly 2 times at least and dont go out once u apply oil mean to say apply oil and wash it after 3-4 hours or keep it overnight then wash in the morning then u cn go out. use natural remedies weekly once or twice to maintain healthy hairs.


      • ammu

        hi…tell me quantities of each ingredient i should take???

        • Hello Ammu…. u cn use milk cream for face, apply 2tspof milk cream and leave for 10-15 min then wash it is using lukewarm water. use this remedy weekly 3-4 time if ur skin is too dry. and for hair, massage ur hairs weekly 2-3 times before shampooing and make sure you won’t wash ur hairs without applying oil on ur hairs. u cn also try vitamin e oil apply this oil weekly 3 times in night before going to bed then wash it next morning using normal water, u cn use this vitamin e oil for hairs as well as face also. u cn massage ur body using this oil.

          U cn take equal quantities of oils and then mix them and warm it then use on ur hairs.


  • ammu

    my scalp n face skin look oily…
    coconut milk is also oily…so if i apply this 2 my hair, does my scalp r face becum more oily????
    n u said dat i should nt go out oiling my hairs bt my frnds are suggesting me to put oil daily….wt would u suggest???

    • Hello Ammu….. U cn use Coconut milk, it will not make ur hairs and scalp oily as u will wash ur hairs applying this remedy for few hours using mild shampoo so ur hairs will b normal.

      The reason why u should not apply oil and go out is when u apply oil and go out the dirt and dust will stick to ur hairs and scalp then it leads to thinning of hairs, hair fall will b more and main important is that ur scalp and hairs are oily type.

      instead of applying oil and going out u cn use oil in night leave it overnight then wash in the morning using very mild shampoo like nyle or Pan teen. Repeat this weekly twice or thrice


  • Krish

    Hello Pragati,

    Thanks for tips. I don’t know if the same is also suitable for men. I am 27 years old male, my scalp is oily and lost most of my hairs. I am using Scalpe shampoo (3 times a week) But I still hope that I can regain hairs back. I intake greens everyday and 3 liter of water everyday. What kind of diet should I follow along with this. I request you to suggest me tips and diet I should follow to regain my hair growth.


    • Hello Krish…… oil ur hairs before washing ur hairs and avoid oily and junk food. u hv to intake at least 5 liters water daily. and u cn use olive and egg remedy for hairs, mix olive oil, few drops of lemon juice, 1 egg and 2 tsp of honey then apply on scalp and hairs leave for 1 hour then wash it using mild shampoo. use this remedy weekly 3 times.


  • Tvisha

    Hi pragati,

    Thnks for your wonderful article. I am 25yrs old from ahmedabad. I also have hairfall problems since 2yrs. I hv tried coconut milk and also warm coconut oil treatment but of no use.i hv lost a considerable volume of my hair..please help

    • Hello Tvisha…..thank u….try using this remedy, Soak 5 to 6 raw big amla’s over night and in the morning take out the seeds and grind the alma and make a fine paste add 4 drops of olive oil and apply on your hairs and wash after 45 min.(This will reduces hair falling and promotes hair growth).

      Use Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and do oil your hair weekly 3 -4 times.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Tvisha

    Also I am suffering from itch scalp since last 3 days

    • Hello Tvisha… u cn apply coconut oil and massage and while taking head bath just gently rub half lemon on scalp and leave it for few min thenwash of using dove dry care shampoo.

      Pragati Kiran

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