Top 10 Homemade Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a problem with everyone; it is problem for all seasons. Cracked feet, also known as heel fissures, dryness and cracked foot shows that you are not taking enough care of your feet. Almost all of faces cracked heels problems. Lack of moisture is one of the major causes for cracked heels.

Cracked feet always look unattractive and unpleasant and most of the cases, people faces a problem of bleeding due to cracks and lead to infection and unbearable painCracked feet can be easily treated and taken care by using few simple and easy homemade remedies.


Few most common reasons for having cracked heels:

  • Chilly winter weather,
  • Wearing wrong kind of footwear,
  • Dehydration or dehydrated skin or dry skin,
  • Non- moisturized  feet,

  • Hot baths or showers,
  • Soaking of feet in hot water for long time,
  • Use of harsh and drying soaps,
  • Scrubbing feet till they get extremely dry,
  • Overweight, diabetes.

The above are the reason which shows that you are not taking proper care of foot.

Below are the few home remedies to get rid of cracked rough and dry heels:-

1. This is one of the easiest remedy, just mix Glycerin and Rosewater in equal amount together and apply the mixture on the heels daily relax for ½ hour then wash it using normal water. This remedy helps to soothes and cures cracked heels really quick.

2. This remedy is made using fruit juice and citric acid. You need Lemon juice and Papaya. Prepare the mixture using lemon juice and papaya; apply this mixture on the cracked heels. Leave it for 20-25 mins at least. Wash off using warm water.

3. Use fruit remedy to cure cracked heels. Take 1 or 2 fully ripped bananas, cut them into slices and grind them in a blender to form a thick and creamy paste. Before applying clean your wash your feet properly and then apply this smoothly grind banana paste on it. Leave for 15-20 min and then wash your feet carefully using lukewarm water and followed with cold water. Regular use will go you smooth and silky feet. You can use this simple home remedy on a daily to prevent and treat dry, cracked and painful heels. Ripe papaya can also be used instead of Banana to treat cracked feet.

4. Scrubbing cracked heels to get rid of dry skin. It’s good to scrub your heels very morning and with this homemade foot scrub you will get smooth and beautiful feet. To make this homemade scrub you need oatmeal and jojoba oil. Both these ingredients have moisturizing properties which helps to maintain the moisture level of your feet. Take 1 tbsp of powdered oatmeal and add little jojoba oil to it and prepare a thick paste. Apply the paste to your feet pay special attention to the heels and rough areas. Leave the mask on your feet for ½ an hour and then wash it using cold water and pat dry your feet. Repeat this remedy every alternate day till the cracked feet are healed completely.

5. Another effective homemade sweet scrub to treat cracked heels. Just take sugar and oil of your choice, (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, any oil). Then mix both the ingredients and then apply and gently scrub your feet with this natural scrub. It is the sweetest treatment for cracked heels.

6. Honey is also a great ingredient to moisturize the feet and has great antibacterial properties. Just mix 1 cup of honey to ½ bucket of warm water. Then soak your feet for 20-25 mins. Then start gently scrubbing your feet for soft and supple feet.

7. Treat your cracked heels using Vegetable oil. Neatly wash your feet and dry them up completely, and then apply a layer of vegetable oil on the cracked parts of your feet. Then wear a pair of thick socks so that oil will not stick to bed sheet cloth and leave overnight. In morning, wash it off using Luke warm water and repeat daily night for a few days to get smooth and soft healed feet.

8. This is very easy and simple remedy to treat cracked, painful and dry heels. Just apply and gently massage your feet using coconut oil daily night. With the start, scrub and rinse off using Luke warm water.

9. Another natural remedy to treat cracked heels. Take turmeric, tulsi and camphor in equally along with aloe Vera gel and then mix properly. Then apply the paste on your heels and gently massage for few min then leave it on heels for ½ an hour then wash it using normal water. You can also use plain aloe Vera gel is relief from cracked and painful heels.

10. Using Paraffin wax is the best treatment to get rid of cracked and painful heels. Take Paraffin wax, and dissolve (melt) it by adding little coconut oil to it. Now fill the mixture in the crack while going to bed, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning using normal water.

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