Best Homemade Beauty Tips Using Coffee

Everybody loves coffee and a sip of coffee in morning will make our day great. Coffee is not just a drink that makes the day great but also gives beautiful evenings by adding beauty and glow to your face. In beauty industry, coffee is found with its beauty benefits. Scrubs, body butters, body lotions, face creams and many our beauty products are declaring the goodness and benefits of coffee is catching our attention and i like coffee-rich beauty products for its wonderful and rich aroma.

The best and good thing about coffee is that it contains loads of anti-oxidants in it and work against free essential damages.  It ensures a solution for puffy eyes, reducing them noticeably and even helps to reduce dry skin problems. Coffee is also a great exfoliator for skin, helps to reduce irritation and redness of skin, and also helps to remove tanning from skin when mixed with other effective ingredients. Since it has a great fragrance it helps the skin to soothes, calms and face masks made up using coffee will give the wonderful results in terms of clear, exfoliated, smooth and glowing skin.


Below are the best homemade beauty remedies using coffee you should try:-

1.    Coffee and Honey Face Mask:-

Isn’t it a delicious combination? To make this delicious mask just take a big tbsp. of coffee powder and add in 1 tbsp. of honey.  Mix both the ingredients properly and then apply the mask on cleansed face and neck using circular motion.  Leave this mask for 20 mins and wash off using normal water.  This mask gives your skin a gentle exfoliation, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefit and honey also helps to moisturize your skin.

2.    Coffee Scrub for Face:-

This scrub is really great for dry skin as dry skin leads to quick ageing but coffee includes anti-ageing properties that prevents skin problems like lines, wrinkles etc.. Take 3 tsps. Of coffee powder (finely grounded) and 1 tsp. of milk and prepare a thick paste like mask. Then gently apply this scrub on face and neck then gently massage for 1-2 min then leave it to dry. Once it gets dry, then wash it using cold water, pat it dry and apply moisturizer lotion.

3.    Coffee and Cocoa Face Mask:-

Take about equal amount of coffee powder and of cocoa powder and then add little honey and milk to make a thick paste like mask. Now mask is ready to use apply this mask on cleansed face and neck leave for about 20-25 min then wash it using cold water. This mask helps in uplifting the saggy skin and also helps to tightening the skin. Also give you a glowing skin.

4. Coffee, Yogurt (curds) and Oatmeal Face Mask:-

Coffee and oatmeal includes exfoliating properties, curds (yogurt) and oatmeal helps to give smooth and soft skin. To prepare this mask you need, 1 tbsp. of coffee powder, 1 tbsp. of powdered oatmeal powder and plain curds.  Mix all the ingredients properly, you can add honey also (optional). Now cleanse your face and neck then apply the mask on face and neck, leave for 25-30 mins and then rinse off using cold water.

5. Coffee, Honey, and Lemon Face Mask:-

Lemon offers the necessary quantity of vitamin C in this mask and it also has a natural bleaching agent. Take about 1 tbsp. of coffee powder, 1 tbsp. of honey, and add few drops of lemon to it.  Mix all the ingredients and apply on cleansed face and neck. Relax for 25-30 min then wash it using cold water.

6. Coffee and Olive Oil Face Mask:-

This mask works great on dry skin type as it includes olive oil in it.  Olive oil helps to moisturizes skin, helps to get glowing skin and has vitamin E content too.  This mask can be prepared only using 2 ingredients, take about 1 tbsp. of coffee powder and 1 tbsp. of olive oil, then mix both the ingredients properly. Apply the mask on cleansed face and neck. Leave this mask for 10-15 min or until it gets semi-dry and then wash it using cold water.

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6 comments to Best Homemade Beauty Tips Using Coffee

  • Akanksha

    Hi Pragathi,

    I have a doubt irrespective of the topic under discussion.
    In most of your articles you prefer using Honey on face but I have heard people saying that hair would turn white(grayish)if honey is been applied or if at all the hair comes in contact with honey by any means especially hair on the head not sure if it happens over the hair on face /eyebrows.

    Please let me know.


    • Hello Akanksha………. Before i use think the same but as per recent research it is found that honey is good for skin and even hairs as well, it doesnt make hairs white and all but use honey mixed with other ingredients if u use for hairs. But for face u cn use directly on skin.


  • hi i want to ask u something well is it shikakai will reduce dandruff?

  • but im using shikakai shampoo is it ok?is it still will reduce my dandruff?

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