Tips and Natural Remedies to Get a Strong Hair

Hair fall or hair loss or thinning of hairs, does not see an age or gender. To be truthful hair fall is a natural process of the body, but the problem arises when new hair fails to grow in the old hair place. Hair loss is a common problem if you do not take proper hair care in these stressful and busy times.

Regular hair care is very essential if you wish to have a strong and healthy hair. Let’s check out very quickly that you have a strong hair or not by doing a simple test. All you need to do is to just brush your hairs for few times like 4-5 or 6 times and look at the brush what you got?  If you got 8-10 hairs at the half of the number of strokes is a sign of hair fall.


Scalp which is the base and important part, generally most neglected part as well. It comes in 3 different types that are Normal, Dry and Oily. The normal type is one could go either way without proper scalp care. The presence of dandruff on scalp is a sign of improper scalp and hair care.

Routine diet and lifestyle conclude the state of the scalp. Keeping the scalp healthy is almost 70% work done the strong hair. So, in order to know what to do to get strong hair is, you need to know how to take care of your scalp?

Tips to Get a Strong Hair:-

1. Always wash your hairs using natural hair care products as much as possible to get strong hair. Try not to wash your hairs daily, as daily baths will strip your hair of its natural oils.

2. Trim your hairs at least every 6 months to remove dry splits ends; it is the easy way to get strong hair.

3. Use styling products on hairs don’t apply it directly on scalp as styling products can dry the scalp. To get strong hair, reduce using styling products use weekly twice even if you have to use it.

4. Food intake is also important to get strong hair. Increase the protein intakes like fish, chicken, eggs and soya. Also include almonds, milk and walnuts etc… as they contain vitamins in it. Try to eat one fruit daily to balance your diet.

Natural Remedies for dry and oily scalp:-

Dry Scalp:-

A dry scalp is characterized by dry, moisture- exhausted skin nearby hair glands.

Indications of dry scalp:-

Small flakes of dry skin land on scalp, hair and on shoulders. Itchy or a tight-feeling when environmental stickiness drops.

Natural Remedy:-

Take half cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of water and 2 mint tea bags into a vessel and then heat it until warm. Remove from the heat leave it to cool down, then strain it and take out the water and store in a small bottle. Apply the water on your scalp and hair massage for few min and then leave for 20-25 min, then wash it as usual. It helps to remove dead skin form on scalp, also helps to restores the natural PH level to the scalp. The mint helps to soothe the itch and makes hair fragrance good.

Oily Scalp:-

An oily scalp is released when the oil glands works actively due to shifts in hormonal levels and due to remaining shampoo resulting out of insufficient rinsing.

Indications of Oily Scalp:-

Hair is sticky and oily close to the roots and dry at the ends.

Natural Remedy:-

Lemon juice contains dynamic vitamins and minerals that encourage healthy hair and can keep extreme oiliness at inlet. Squeeze out the juice from 1 small lemon; mix it with a cup of water. Mix well and apply on your scalp.  Leave it for few mins and then wash it using warm water followed with mild shampoo. Lemon juice is an effective way of getting rid of shampoo form on your scalp and hair. It also helps to get rid of dandruff problem.

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4 comments to Tips and Natural Remedies to Get a Strong Hair

  • Helow mam.I have dry itchy dandruff hair.currently I m using garnier fructis long n strong shampoo BT now its drying my hair. So plz tel me a gud shampoo for my hair. Tressme
    Black shampoo or sunsilk pink or pantajali baba ramdev milk protein shampoo. which z gud .or tel me more.

    • Hello Gayatri….. to treat lemon u cn use Himalaya dandruff shampoo or u cn use pantajali baba ramdev milk protein shampoo. along with shampoo use this remedy for dandruff, Take required amount of watery sour curds (yogurt) , about 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1-2 tsp of honey then mix all the ingredients properly. Now apply this mixture on scalp and hairs, leave for 20-25 mins then wash it using warm water followed with mild shampoo. Repeat this lemon treatment 2-3 times weekly to treat dandruff problem.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • dhana

    Hi mam, due to thinning of hair, i cutted my hair till shoulder level. now am using tampcol oil and loreal shampoo. say me how to have strong hair, and hair care routines to be follow.

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