Top Remedies of Spinach for Skin Care

Everybody knows that spinach is certainly healthy for body.  Spinach not only gives you a healthy body but also provides healthy skin.

Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable and the plant grows up to an altitude of about 1 foot long.  It has a considerably bitter taste but it is deliberated as one of the functional foods due to its dietetic, antioxidants and anti-cancer ingredient. Its tender, crispy, dark green leaves which are used as ingredients in a variety of foods. However it is available full year, fresh greens vegetables are greatest after the winter season.


This green leafy vegetable derives into the group of healthiest plants founded foods. Moreover being rich in iron, it is one of the major resources of colors, vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is one of those favorable foods with a collection of health benefits. Unrefined spinach comprises of carotene’s, amino acids, potassium, iodine and vitamins like A, B, C and K compound. The basic minerals are found in spinach which allows maintaining the PH balance in your body.

Intake of spinach will provides your body any equal amount of proteins when you intake meat. Spinach is loaded with nutrients and healthy way to life. Raw as well as cooked spinach is good for health; here is another form of spinach that will make skin and body healthy.

Top Remedies of Spinach for Skin Care:-

1.   Spinach Remedy to Treat Acne:

Spinach is active in clearing up acne and its juice is great to treat acne and also helps to maintain healthy skin. To treat acne make a face pack, just take little spinach and put it in a blender and add little water then blend it properly. Now squeeze the blended spinach and take out the juice now apply it on your face and neck, leave for 20 mins. This will help to remove dirt, oil and infection from your skin, therefore refreshing and rejuvenating it from within. The another way to treat acne is to intake spinach juice by adding with other vegetable juices you can mix it with tomato, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, cabbage, and a handful of spinach. Mix and blend all these ingredients and prepare the juice and drink it daily.

2.    Anti-ageing Treatment Using Spinach:

As I said above that spinach is loaded with antioxidants which helps to destroy free radicals in your body. These free radicals tend to damage your skin, thus initiating premature ageing. To get rid of this skin problem eat spinach or drink spinach juice regularly to preserve the youth of your skin and to slow down the age associated degeneration. This juice also makes your skin look healthy, younger and rejuvenated glowing skin.

3.   Spinach Protects from Sun Tan:

As mentioned above, spinach is rich in vitamin B compound which helps to protect the skin from the damaging U V rays that root to sun damage, skin cancer and premature ageing of skin. Intake of spinach juice helps to get rid of tanning and you can also apply the juice on tanned skin and massage for few min and let it to dry and wash it using normal water. This treatment also helps to get rid of tanning.

4.    Spinach Helps to Skin Repair:

Spinach is also rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A helps to improve skin tone and complexion whereas vitamin C plays a significant role in the repair of skin and also includes healthy growth of skin cells. To get a clear complexion and to repair your skin you should consume spinach juice. The incredible antioxidants and nutrients which are present in spinach will help to even out your skin complexion by making your skin look radiant.

5.  Spinach to Increases Skin Complexion:

Presence of rich vitamin K and folate in spinach gives you a clear complexion by reducing acne, dark circles and other skin problems. The plenty of vitamin and minerals in this leafy vegetable gives you rapid relief from dry and itchy skin, thus giving you a healthy skin complexion. If spinach juice is consumed regularly then you will get glowing and amazing skin complexion.

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