Best Benefits and Uses of Mint for Skin

When it comes to skin care, we start thinking that which product will be good to use for skin care. There are huge number of products are available in market but in many cases there are the chances of side effects if that product won’t suits our skin type. There are many homemade and natural remedies are there which helps to take care of skin in the right way. Homemade skin care can  be done by using ingredients like Aloe Vera, vegetables, fruits, mint leaves etc… in today’s article I will be discussing about the benefits of mint leave for skin care.

Mint is used to states as a genus of strong perfumed herbs. It is a kind of plant with small dark green leaves. Mint is a highly valuable plant and it is used in many different ways, to use its benefits as much as possible. In various countries around the world, mint leaves and stems are used in cooking and adding taste to dishes.


Mint is also a great natural herb when it comes to skin care. It is one of those ingredients that we will commonly find and available in many skin and hair care products like moisturizers, cleansers, face pack, conditioners, shampoos and even in some lip balms! Mint leaves are good for the skin care and this is main cause, that is why mint leave are widely used in various skin care products.

Mint leaves are especially good for skin which needs that additional care and treatment. It is best for those who are suffering from severe acne and pimples on the face, by using this simple natural ingredient can help to get rid of those skin problems. Mint leaves work on all types of acne.

Best Benefits of mint for skin:

1. Mint for hair care. Apply mint oil to scalp and hairs 3-4 times every week. Massage politely and leave it for 30 mins and wash it using mild shampoo. Doing this treatment will help get clear of lice, as mint has natural repellent for insects. Repeat this treatment regularly for a few weeks or months to totally remove any traces of lice from the scalp and hair.

2. Mint juice can be used as scrub. Take little oats and mix it with mint juice. Then scrub the skin with this mixture to remove dead skin cells. This treatment will also help to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Not only this, it is also a helps to remove or lighten pimple marks.

3. Mint to treat cracked heels. Use mint leaves by boiling them in little water and then soak the feet in it. This helps to soothe cracked heels, removes smell and makes heels soft and clean. Not only this, the kind aroma of the mint leaves will help to calm your nerves and senses, and make you feel relaxed.

4. Mint leaves to treat blackheads. Apply a paste of mint leaves on blackhead or on affected areas and leave for 15 mins and then wash it using cold water. Using mint for skin helps in getting rid of patchy skin too.

5. Salicylic acid which is present in mint leaves helps to cure acne. You can also try this remedy, make a thick paste of mint leaves and rose water and apply this paste on your face. Leave for 20 mins and wash it using cold water. Repeat this regularly to get rid of stubborn acne and acne marks.

6. Mints leaves for oily skin. Using mint leaves for skin helps to control oiliness from the skin as mint leaves contains Vitamin A. It helps to rejuvenates and also refreshes the skin by making the skin bright and soft. Mint leaves also helps to give oil-free and gives natural glowing skin.

7. Mint leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, using mint juice on the skin will help to soothe mosquito bites and other types of skin irritations. Mint leaves also helps to soften and calm the dry, rough and itchy skin.

8. Mint leaves to treat head ache. Apply crushed mint leaves on forehead to get rid of relief headache and also makes you feel fresh!

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