Top Home Remedies for Thick and Long Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important as they influence the way we look. A thick and long eyebrow enhances the beauty of eyes. Eyebrows are certainly the most main feature on a “woman’s” face. We all wish to have thick and long eyebrows with a perfect shape. It’s not a new thing to recognize that thick eyebrows are very much “in” this season, and everyone and anyone can carry it off easily provided they get the right shape. But few of us do faces less eyebrow hair problem, so today I’m here to share few homemade remedies for growing thick and long eyebrows.

These many be the few reasons for less eyebrow hair,

  •        Due to hormonal imbalance
  •        Lack of nutrients


  •       Over-plucking among other reasons
  •       Due to Hereditary, etc…  

The eyebrow hairs may take at least 6 to 8 months to grow normally. Here are some home remedies for growing thicker eyebrows and growing them correct way.

1. Castor Oil: This oil is normally used to get thick and long hairs, at the same time castor oil helps to get thick and long eyebrow hairs as well. Apply castor oil before going to bed and then gently massage it into your eyebrows. Castor oil is not just greasing and soothing but it also helps in attacking any microorganisms which hamper eyebrow hair growth. Sometimes certain eczema is also may be the reason for hampering the growth of eyebrows, since it reasons itching and irritation which further results in hair fall. Castor oil must be applied at your brows twice a day, since it helps to nourish the root of the brow hair. If you need darker eyebrows then just dip an eyebrow pencil in the oil and then gently apply the layer of oil on your eyebrows.

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2. Essential Oils: Mix all the oils in equal amounts (example: 1 tsp. of each, or may be few drops) of lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, scotch pine oil, lemon essential oil, sandalwood oil, vitamin e oil and olive oil together in a blow and mix properly and then dab it into a cotton ball. Then apply it on your eyebrows daily night before going to bed and massage it into your eyebrows for few seconds.  This oil mixture can be used for your hair too.

3. Vitamin e oil: Vitamin e oil really helps to get thick, dark and long eyebrows, just apply vitamin e oil daily night on eyebrow and leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Use this natural remedy at least for 4-5 months to get results.

4. Olive oil: Olive oil also helps to enhance the growth of eyebrows. Just massage few drops of olive oil into your eyebrows daily night and this oil also makes eyebrows dark and soft. Always massage oil into the way of your eyebrow hair growth.

5. Coco-lemon (coconut oil and lemon peels): One is concrete and the other is pulpy but the mixture prepared from coconut oil and lemon peel can certainly help to grow your eyebrows. Take 1/4 cup of coconut oil and then blend it in a clean container with cut lemon peel after which inculcate then keep the mixture in a dark place for a fortnight. Take the mixture and pat it over your eyebrows daily using cotton ball before going to bed. This remedy can be used as long as you wish, provided there is no irritation on the skin, and try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight on eyebrows for at least 2 hours right after you use this remedy to escape from irritation which may occur due to citrus present in lemon.

6. Almond Oil: Almond oil helps to get thick and soft eyebrows. Daily massage your eyebrows using almond oil. You can also mix almond oil and fenugreek seed paste and then apply it on your eyebrows. Then leave for few min then wash it gently.

7. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil massages also works magic on eyebrows. As you apply coconut oil on your hair, you can massage in the leftover oil into your eyebrows. Coconut oil helps your eyebrows to grow thicker and darker.

8. Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera gel is great for hair growth at the same time it also works great on the growth of eyebrows. This will not only increase your eyebrow growth but also makes the skin at the eyebrows area soft and shiny.

9. Milk: Take few tsp. of milk in a blow and then dip a cotton ball or a sponge into milk and then gently start applying it on your brows. Rub the cotton ball or sponge into your eyebrows. Do this whenever you get time and you can use this remedy on face as well if you have dry skin. You can use coconut milk also.

10. Shoe flower or Hibiscus: This is one of the easiest and effective remedy to get thick and long eyebrows. Pluck a shoe flower or Hibiscus from your garden and gently rub it on your eyebrows for few min then leave it to dry then wash it using normal water or you can it overnight as well.

Capture 2

11. Fenugreek seeds: Soak few fenugreek seeds for few hours and then grind the soaked fenugreek seeds into a paste and then apply this paste on your eyebrows at night or early in the morning hours before you take a bath.

12.   Lemon: Lemon is magical ingredients, it helps to solution many skin and hair problems and now it helps to get thick and long eyebrows as well. Just cut a slice of lemon and then gently rub it on your eyebrows. Be very careful while using this remedy as lemon juice may go into your eyes.

13. Vaseline: This remedy will give you soft, smooth and thick eyebrows. Massage your eyebrows using Vaseline at least 2-3 times a day.

14. Onion: Fresh onion juice also helps in enhancing eyebrow hair growth. It may be smelly and may bring water in your eyes but great at the price of thick eyebrows. Be very careful while using this remedy as well, as Onion juice may go into your eyes.

15. Egg: Take 1 egg yolk then beat it properly and apply it on your eyebrows using a cotton ball. Leave for 15-20 mins and then wash off with cold water. This helps in improving the hair gland and gives you thick eyebrows.

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