Natural Remedies to Remove Upper Lip Hairs

Upper Lip hair is that part of face, which is always unwanted hair. It spoils the whole look of the face? The hairs can be removed through threading or waxing but at the same time it is quite painful. Many of us are quite lazy when it comes to getting done the upper lips; yes visiting the salon or parlor appears like a big headache, specifically when you know that the upper lip can be avoided. If it can’t be avoided then one has to move out of the luxury space and go to salon and get done upper lips. Isn’t that true?

Many people hate to visit salon monthly once to just get rid of these unwanted hairs. There are many modern methods which can help to get rid of these unwanted hairs but they are temporary and not so friendly to the skin. And sometimes these methods lead to increases the growth of upper lips hairs by making them thicker.

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Everybody wishes are there any method to get rid of these unwanted hairs in such a way that the growth is not faster in turn. There are definitely several methods to remove upper lip hairs specially, which is the reason for main worry in most of the women. The growth of hairs in this area essentially features to uninvited looks.

Try out these few natural remedies at home on regular basis to get rid of upper lip hair:-

1.     Lemon remedy to remove upper lip hair:-

Lemon is one of the easiest ways to remove upper lip hair naturally. To use lemon you can mix lemon juice, sugar and water. Then apply this mixture on upper lip area, leave it for 15-20 min then wash it using cold water. Follow this treatment weekly 3-4 times; you will see a great difference in the growth of the hairs, the growth of the hair will reduce to the excessive extent.

2.     Chickpea flour remedy to remove upper lip hair:-

Take about 2-3 tsp of chickpea flour, then add turmeric powder and then add milk to from a thick paste. Then mix all the ingredients properly, you can also add a tsp of cream before applying this remedy. Then apply the mixture on upper lip and leave the mixture to dry then gently start rubbing the dried mixture until it is removed completely. You can observe the growth of the hair is reduced noticeably when you use this natural treatment at least weekly 2 times.

3.     Turmeric powder remedy to remove upper lip hair:-  

Turmeric powder is one of greatest natural remedies to get rid of upper lip hair. You can use turmeric to remove the hair from upper lip area by mixing turmeric powder with milk, and make a thick paste using these ingredients. Now apply this mixture on upper lip area and leave it to dry, once it’s get dry then you can rub it off. Use this natural treatment on regular basis to remove upper lips hair. If you don’t want to use milk then you can add water and turmeric powder and from a thick paste and then use it on upper lip. This procedure of growth will ultimately stop, when you continue this practice for a month.

4.     Egg remedy to remove upper lip hair:-

Last be not the least egg remedy, egg is one those natural ingredient which can be used for skin and hair care. To get rid of upper lip hair you need to use egg white. Egg white can be titled as remedy for almost everything on this earth. To use egg white to treat upper lip hair you need to mix egg white, corn flour and sugar. Blend all the ingredients to from a thick paste, then apply this blended mixture on upper lip area. And leave this mixture to get dry, once it gets dry completely then peel it off from the area. Use this mask weekly 2-3 times to reduce the growth of hairs.

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14 comments to Natural Remedies to Remove Upper Lip Hairs

  • Pls mam tell some homemade method for controlling hair fall and graying hair….

    • Hello Janaki…. for gray u cn use heena and use oil regularly, at least use oil weekly 3-4 times to reduce graying hair. and for hair fall use this remedy,Prepare fresh coconut milk and then mix fenugreek powder in it and mix properly. Now apply this coconut hair mask on scalp and hairs and massage for few mins and cover your hairs using shower cap. Leave this mask on hairs for 20-25 min then wash it using mild shampoo followed with conditioner.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • Anje

    Hi Madam

    Can u plz tell me which method is effective method and quick to get rid of facial hair. I have this performance in 4 days and I want to get rid of my facial hair before then!!!

    Thank you

  • mehabooba

    mam, when i was small ihad along and thick hair but now it has been totally changed what could be the reason and how can i prevent it

    • Hello Mehabooba….. u cn use this remedy, In white of an egg, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and honey and mix it well to form a smooth paste. Apply all over the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and shampoo it off.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • mam i have a lower lip problem , i have a little hair on chin it really embarrassing to me, can you pls help me in this case , i never use wax and any other things to remove this , i 1st time asking to you about that problem pls help me to remove this hair on chin…………..

  • Shaziya

    Dr Mam, im 19 & I have the same problem of Upper lip hair i want to get rid of it permanently with natural remedies i tried White egg, turmeric powder,& sandle paste just yesterday night is this remedy OK for complete removal of hair permanently n plz tell me how many days or times should i continue this process plz help.

    • Hello Shaziya….. as u r using natural remedies it may take little long time may be 6-12 months like that if u want to get rid faster then u cn go for threading. And yes u cn use this remedy.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Shaziya

    Thanks for your immediate response & tips i will continue this process but please can you tell me how many times a week should i use it and is 15 minutes enough to dry ?

  • Gurpree Kaur

    Hello Mam,

    I want to glow on my face and remove the upperlips by homemade so please suggest me the tips for glow on face and removw the upperlips.

    • Hello Gurpree…….u cn use any remedy from this post to remove upper lip hairs. u cn use this remedy for glowing skin,Make face mask using oatmeal, a pinch of turmeric and milk. Make a paste and apply on your face. After 10 minutes wash with water while massaging. Great home remedy to get fair skin naturally. It also acts as a scrubber. All the dirt and oil from your skin washes away and your complexion becomes fairer.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

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