Best Summer Face Mask for Combination Skin

I have already discussed about combination skin in one of my post and how tough it is to maintain this skin type? Combination skin may be a slight complicated to work with. Combination skin is a mixture of oily and dry skin; you need different products and need to give special attention to safeguard your skin so that your skin is well nourished and taken care of.

Let’s see what is combination skin actually?

Combination skin is the one of the types of skin in which some areas of face are dry while some others areas are oily. Many people who have combination skin type will have an oily areas like T zone (ex: – forehead, nose and chin areas) while the other parts face like around the mouth and cheeks will be dry, dull or patchy type.

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Summer season are very problematic for those people with oily skin, as on the one hand they want to ease the sweat and oiliness from the skin, but also they need to take care of the dryness.

Sometimes it may be a quite difficult to find products that are specially produced for combination skin type. Because there are very few and limited and sometimes, the products not even work fine on everyone’s skin. A worthy way to work with combination skin is to try and use few homemade or natural mixes of face masks that will help to soothe the skin, whereas taking care of the other skin problem areas also.

Below are the few Best summer face masks for combination skin:-

Do you know these facts about natural ingredients?

1.     Honey and bananas are tremendous natural moisturizers from skin.

2.     Oats and papaya helps to exfoliate the skin and also removes dead cells from the skin.

3.     Almonds comprise of vitamin E oils, which helps the best to nourish the skin.

4.     Fuller’s Earth (Multanimitti) and cucumbers helps to cool and refreshing the skin.

5.     Yogurt (curds) helps to softens and also hydrates the skin.

6.     Rose water comforts to stability the dry and oily skin areas.

Best summer face masks for combination skin:-

1Papaya and Banana fruits face mask:

Papaya and banana are best foods when it emanates to taking care of the skin. Take some papaya pieces and banana then mash them properly and mix it well. Now add in few drops of honey to the mixture. Mix the whole thing well to get a smooth fine paste. Now cleanse your skin and apply it on face and neck then leave on until it becomes dries. Then wash off using regular water. Use this remedy weekly3-4 time and get glowing skin after some time. The gloss and excess oil will be in control whereas the dry patches will be noticeably softer.

2.  Honey, yogurt (curds) and rose water face mask:

Take honey, yogurt (curds) and rose water in equal quantities (around 1 tbsp. each) and then mix altogether. Now cleanse your skin and apply on the face neatly. Leave the mask for 15-20 mins and Wash off using normal water. This face mask gives cooling effect on skin. Honey and yogurt will help to control dryness and deliver moisture to the skin. Rose water will help to control the oiliness by giving your skin an extra freshness, especially during the summer season. Rose water also performances as a good sun protector during summers.

3. Fuller’s earth (multanimitti) face mask:

Fuller’s earth (multanimitti) is a main ingredient which is used in almost all face packs that are prepared in Indian homes and even in those face mask which are available in the market contains fuller’s earth in it. Fuller’s earth (multanimitti) alone has a tendency to worsen dry skin conditions. Mix fuller’s earth (multanimitti) and rose water or raw milk (if your skin is very dry). Now cleanse your skin and apply it on your face and leave it until it gets dry and then wash off using normal water. It is always best to add rose water or milk to the same to make sure your skin develops the essential moisture too. This face mask helps to get smooth and refreshed skin.

4. Oats and Almonds face mask:

Oats come to the free for combination skin too. Oats also works as the natural scrub on skin. Just soak about 10 almonds in water leave it overnight. Next morning, take soaked almonds and grind into a paste. Now add about 1 tbsp. of oats, 1 tsp. of honey and required amount of yogurt. Mix all the ingredients well and prepare a smooth paste. Now apply this on the face and leave it for 15-20 mins. Wash it using normal water. Oats will help to scrub off the additional oil from the skin, whereas almonds will add nourishment to dry skin.

5. Cucumber face mask:

Cucumber helps to cool and refresh the skin naturally. Just grate half a cucumber and add about 1 tsp. of honey and 1/2 tsp. of milk cream to it and mix well. Now apply this mask on cleansed skin. Keep 2 cucumber slices on eyes and relax for 15-20 mins. And wash off once it becomes dry using normal water.

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  • is rosewater will prevent sweating or sweating disorder espeacially on face????

  • arshi

    hello dear i have my skin problem in my face lots of black dots & pimples are there so please suggest me what i can do and what i use in my face to clear my skin

    • Hello Arshi……u cn use Himalaya Neem face wash and use this remedy, Tomatoes magic on acne scars. Cut slices of tomato and keep them on acne scars or on full face relax for 20 min then remove it. Repeat this daily for 1 month or more than that to get rid of acne scars.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • vishal

    Kindly tell me yogurt is best for dry skin or oily skin

  • Arham

    Hi mam naturaly my skin tone is white but due to too summer season my face too black plz suggest any best cream r face wash for fairer skin i m too upset.when i go to uni on bike or bus in afternon my face too dull ?:-)

  • sridevi

    How are you,I’m devi i have normal Skin type i want to become fair Suggest me best quality less Chemical fairness cream that wont cause any side effects… now im using vicco turmeric creamit is gud or suggest me a less chemical fairness cream dear please reply as soon as possible

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