Skin Care Tips for Post Gym Workout

To stay fit, fine and healthy gym workout or exercising is must for both men as well as women. Regular Gym workout also helps to maintain the body fitness and keeps your body in well shape. Gym workout has many other best benefits like controlling weight; reduce body fat and helps in purification the body. Gym workouts outcomes are body sweating and also results in releasing of body toxins due to sweat and it also helps to release heat. Sweat will damage the skin cells and can collect the dirt and dust on the skin. Sweat also helps to opens the skin pores naturally and makes the skin texture poor.

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Some post workout skin care for women is very important to keep the skin supple, healthy and beautiful. The post workout skin care also helps to get a glow to the skin. You can try and follow the below post gym workout skin care tips. The tips for skin care for after workout are absolutely natural and easy to follow. The tips should be regularly done after gym to get healthier results.

Skin Care Tips for Post Gym Workout :-

1.     A Natural Cleanser:

Normally after gym workout body sweats a lot and also open all the skin pores. These pores gather dirt and dust in them and spoil the skin texture, which turns into acne and pimples. One of the tips for post gym workout is to use cleanser to eradicate all the dirt and dust that gets caught into the sweat and collected in the open pore of the skin. A milk or milk cream is one of the best natural cleansers as it helps to clean the skin besides making the skin soft, smooth and glowing. A cleanser should be used daily after gym workout for maintaining healthy skin.

2.     Natural Face Wash:

Another skin care tips after gym workout is to wash the face and neck neatly right after workout is finished. The sweat should be effectively removed as soon as possible. The face wash also helps to refresh the skin after workout. You can use a natural fruit face wash or any other herbal face wash which suits to your skin type. Fruit face washes are worthy for revitalizing the skin and transporting an added glow to the skin. You can also use ripe banana pulp as a natural fruit face wash.

How to prepare natural face wash

3.     Natural Face Mask:  


Once the skin pores get opened they should be filled again to remove roughness and unevenness of the skin. Thus the face mask is what becomes essential in the post gym workout skin care regime. There are many natural and fruit face mask are available and which can be easily prepared at home by you. Thus using face masks would also help you to remove tanning from the skin and dirt and dust besides making the skin smooth, glowing and beautiful. You can use natural face mask also, Cucumber juice 2 tbsp, Watermelon juice 2 tbsp, Yogurt 1 tsp and Milk Powder 1 tsp. Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face for about 15 mins and wash it using normal water. This is a wonder full face mask for fair and glowing skin.


 4.       Using Ice post Workout:

As shared above that exercising will open the skin pores. Thus you need to use ice after workout to reduce the skin pores and soothe the skin, which can easily damage the skin texture and its quality. Take few ice cubes and warp in cotton cloth or napkin. Then gently rub it all over your face and neck. The workout releases lots of heat and sweat, the ice helps to dissolve the same. Use ice regularly for repairing the damage made by gym workout.

Try these above tips for skin care post gym workout to keep and get healthy and beautiful skin J

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