Best Homemade Oatmeal Scrubs for Skin

There are many natural ingredients which can be used as natural scrub, like rice flours, oats, sugar, sea salt, grounded coffee etc… Today I will be sharing few natural oatmeal scrub recipes for face. What oatmeal face scrubs have? Oatmeal has soothing properties and it has been known from a very long period and it still rests very standard natural skin care ingredient. Oatmeal is not only good for making natural face mask, but oatmeal is also a great for exfoliating the skin (because of the rough quality) oats also helps to absorb and eradicate dust, dirt and impurities from the skin from inside.

Scrubs made using oats will help to treat many skin problems, also helps to rejuvenate and soothes the dry, rough and itchy skin. This natural skin care ingredient is very mild on skin and it is also dreamily fit even for dry to sensitive skin unlike several harsh chemical skin peels.

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Once you start using an oatmeal scrub on your skin, you will get soft, clear, hydrated and silky smooth. I would like to suggest that it’s a lot more favorable to use completely natural skin care ingredients for face and body, rather than buying expensive facial scrubs with fancy labels and many harmful chemicals.

Here is the list of few more ingredients that can be used as natural homemade facial scrubs:

You can mix the above ingredients using warm water, curds, warm milk, honey and natural oils to make your own natural face and body scrubs.

  • Baking soda,
  • Rice flour,
  • Coffee,

  • White or brown sugar,
  • Oatmeal,
  • Sea salt (superior to use it as body scrub, as it may be little harsh on face skin),
  • Grounded Coffee,
  • Whole wheat flour…
  • Aspirin,
  • Almonds powder,
  • Cornmeal…

Below are the few best homemade oatmeal scrubs for skin:-

1.     Very Simple Oats Face Scrub:-

Cleanse Or wash your face using lukewarm water earlier applying an oatmeal scrub or use the oats scrub right after bath, it will help to open up the pores and make your skin for this exfoliating treatment.

2.     Simple Oats Face Scrub:-

Take 1 tbsp. of oats and then add a little bit of warm water (about 3 tbsps. or little more), leave the mixture for about 5-10 mins or until the oats converts soft. Now gently apply it in circular motions and start massaging on your cleansed face using this natural scrub to exfoliate the skin, massage for about 1-2 mins, escaping the eye area. Then leave for few mins on skin then wash it using warm and then, cold water.

3.     Baking Soda and Oats Face Scrub:-

Most of people like using baking soda as a scrub and gentle facial exfoliator, but it works great when combined it with the oatmeal. Mix oatmeal with baking soda in equal quantities, and then add a little bit of warm water to form paste and leave the mixture for 5 mins in a bowl, until it becomes soft paste. Then cleanse your skin and gently massage it on your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave for few min then wash your face with warm and then, cold water. This scrub works great on whiteheads and blackheads.

4.     Oatmeal  and Warm milk Face Scrub:-

This is one of the easiest oats scrubs, mix 1 tbsp. of oat with a little bit of warm milk (milk should not be very warm). Leave for 5-10 mins, until the ingredient becomes soft and then cleanse the skin and gently massage on your face avoiding the eye area. Leave for few min then wash your face using warm and then, cold water. If your skin is very dry then you can also add little ripe banana in this scrub.

5.     Nourishing  Oats Face Scrub:-

This oatmeal scrub is one of the natural scrub which helps to nourish the skin. Mix milk, honey and extra virgin olive oil in equal quantities (about 1 tbsp. of each ingredient) then, add 2 tbsps. of oatmeal. Then mix all the ingredients properly and leave the mixture for 5-10 mins, until oatmeal becomes soft  then, gently massage on your skin to exfoliate your skin, massage for 1 or 2 mins. Then leave it on your skin for few min then wash it using warm, and then using cold water. This amazing nourishing facial scrub will not only exfoliate your skin, but also helps to soften and moisturize the skin, by making it softer and add a glow on your face.

6.     Natural Ingredients Face Scrub:-

First make a cucumber paste using blender. Take 2 tbsps. of cucumber paste with 1 tsp. of rose hip oil, 1 tsp. of argan oil, 2 tbsps. of oatmeal and 1 tbsp. of milk. Now mix well all the ingredients properly and leave the mixed ingredients for about 5 mins. Now cleanse your skin neatly then gently scrub your face with this great and nourishing facial scrub, avoiding the eye area then leave for few min then rinse using warm water and followed up with splashes of cold water. This scrub will make your skin excellent soft and gentle. Antioxidants which are present in rose hip and argan oils will help to fight free radicals, stopping skin aging and arrival of wrinkles on skin. This homemade face scrub will help to sooth, exfoliate, clear, cleanse and hydrate your skin. This scrub also can be used as body scrub.

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