Best 10 Sun Tan Removal Creams

I have shared lots about sun tanning, tanned skin and natural remedies for tan removal etc… today I will share Best 10 sun tan removal creams available in market which is really effective and gives tan free skin.

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It is very normal for us to get tanned and sun burn, exclusively when we step out in the sun rays without covering our hands and face. But sometimes we don’t have time even to use remedies or any kind of solution to cure sun tan due to day to day busy secludes.  And yet we know this, we step out without using any sunscreen lotion or any other sun protection products! As sometimes we don’t a choice and going out in urgency will be important.  Later all this negligence we realize that our skin got damaged and darkness and we need some help to get rid of that revolting sun tan.

A lot of Natural and homemade  remedies which  helps  to cure sun  tanned dark skin, but need to have patient  and wait for the results. But now there is a quiet good solution for removing tanned skin quiet faster using sun tan removal creams.  Luckily there are a huge collection of sun tan removal creams gladly available for your skin to make it tan free.

Best 10 Sun Tan Removal Creams 

1.     Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear:

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Best Remedies for Tanned skin

Lacto Tan Clear is a perfect anti tan cream which is one of my favorite creams that is enhanced with milk proteins, honey and geranium oil. This cream helps in removing epidermal suntan, dark tanning while restoring the natural fairness of the skin. This sun tan removal cream also avoids pigmentation caused due to harmful sun rays (UV Rays).

2.     Makari Anti UV Whitening Cream:

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Makari Anti UV whitening cream is an one of those skin clearing creams, which helps in skin whitening along it also stops the development of skin tan again, thus serving your skin to maintain clear skin complexion. This cream is dermatologically tested and this cream is suitable for all types of skin.

Homemade Remedies for sun Tanning

3.     Sun Ban-Tan Removal Cream /Whitening Cream:

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Sun Ban tan removal cream is a kind of natural cream to remove tanning. Sun Ban tan removal cream is saffron & turmeric based cream is a one-of-its-kind creation will help to remove epidermal sun tan. This cream helps to restores natural skin fairness and gives a spotless and clear complexion.
This cream benefits are – Visibly enhances complexion, Restores natural fairness and glow, Evens skin tone & removes discoloration of all kinds, Renews & Revitalizes damaged skin cells and Gives a youthful, radiant, non-oily look.

4.     Auravedic Pure Lightening Whipped Body Butter with Mango Peach:

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Auravedic Pure Lightening Whipped Body Butter with Mango Peach tanning removal skin cream comprises active fruit-enzymes, which help in renovating damaged and sun tanned skin. This cream is also suitable for all type of skin, making the skin smoother and rebuilds all the wears and tears of the skin. As the name of the cream itself says that it comprises a natural ingredient which makes it harmless and safer to use on skin.

5.     Neutrogena Fine Fairness Essence:

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The anti-tan product does not have creamy texture and thick and heavy like a cream. The small amount of cream is pretty sufficient for the face area; the best thing of this cream is that it contracts easily and gets absorbed into the skin. This cream comprises Vitamin C and Retinol which is a form of Vitamin A and is will recognized for breaking ageing symbols and skin tanning. Vitamin C too plays a vital role in skin rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles and removing fine lines. This anti-tan cream works on the method of smart whitening mechanism.

6.     Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Crème:

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Lotus Herbals cream is a 3 in 1 tan eradicating skin cream and this cream has rich skin whitening and brightening properties. It contains an improved natural grape extracts, mulberry extracts, and milk enzymes, which are well known natural fairness managers. This cream also protects the skin from future damage and darkening, tanning which is caused due to the harmful UVB & fatal UV rays.

7.     Fair & Flawless Suntan Removal Cream:

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Fair & Flawless Suntan Removal Cream is framed to converse the effects of sun damaged thickened, pigmented, and uneven skins tone. This is exclusive and great effective cream which is known to recover skin tone, lighten skin damage, while reducing unwanted hyper-pigmentation from the skin. It also helps to offer even glow to the skin along with renovating elasticity and radiance, shine.

A longer rising and skin whiten cream formula, designed for those who want an intense result with no downtime. Just clear healthy skin with unexpected clarity.

Homemade remedies for Tanned Hands

8.     Auravedic Pure Brightening Whitening Radiance Sunblock Lotion SPF 30:

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This Auravedic lotion arises as a flawless solution for your sun damaged and tanned skin. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated for healthy and glowing. This lotion helps in skin whitening without any kind of side-effects and it is suitable for all types of skin. Unlike other lotions, it is non-sticky lotion, which works like a mask for shielding the skin from unsafe UV and sun rays.

9.     Iraya Morning Glory Sun Damage Repair Cream:

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Extreme Exposure to the sun, could lead to uneven pigmentation & a blemished skin tone. Glycosidic resins present in nishoth (morning glory)? & the powerful renewing properties of arjuna helps to correct these skin tone abnormalities. Kojic acid is very beneficial in regulatory melanocytes to keep level of meanin in control. Regular use of this cream will reduces dark spot & improves skin texture to disclose enhanced radiance & a healthy skin tone.

10.   Organic Harvest Daily Day Cream:

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Begin each day with a gentle cream, made with plant-derived, Ecocert and Nature expert and globally approved actives. It protects the skin against UVB radiations, sun rays and diminishes the harmful long term effects of sunlight exposure. It has natural magnesium salt, which is a sea salt extract and acts as a skin purifier. It provides your skin NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) – for 24 hours moisturization. Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients.

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12 comments to Best 10 Sun Tan Removal Creams

  • Sisiyanti

    l am interested in getting these products in bulk. How can l get them or can you refer me to suppliers?

    Sisiyanti Kudzai Sigauke

  • Renuga

    Hello Pragati,

    I am having normal skin and in white color but prone to sun tan. Recently I had a work to roam around outside and then I have found my skin is in dark color with pimples in it. Also slowly I got affected with Acne problems. Kindly suggest which can be best suitable cream for me to get rid of these.


  • anas

    hii ,
    I have severe sun tan in my arms . please suggest product to reduce skin darkening in my arms.

    • Hello Anas…..u cn try this remedy,Add about 3 tbsp of chilled curds in a bowl and a pinch of turmeric powder then mix it properly. And then apply this mask on tanned hands. Leave for 20 minutes then wash it. Use this remedy daily to see the results.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

  • guna

    My wife is very dark how to improve her colour can u please suggest

    • Hello Guna…. she cn go for bleach and facial every month and she can use this remedy,To get fair skin, mix honey with lemon/lime juice and apply on the face and wash after it dries. Lemon and Lime work as natural bleach

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

  • Nadiyah

    Hi there,
    I recently due to the brillent weather, my face skin has started to tan. how can i get rid of the tan/darkness and come back to my normal skin.
    im getting married in august so matter of urgency :)

    • Hello Nadiyah…….u cn go for bleach and facial before 3 to 4 days of ur marriage. and now also do one time bleach and facial called anti tan removal facial. And use this remedy, Take 3 spoons of milk, and 1 spoon of turmeric and massage your face with this mixture to cure your sunburn .This home remedy will lighten your facial hair too.
      Or use this remedy, Apply curd before taking bath; curd is a powerful anti-tanning agent for your skin. Curd can be used with lemon juice also for curing suntan.

      Try out any of the face pack from this link :-

      Pragati Kiran

  • Azeem

    Mam my forehead is full of suntan so mam please give me advice for suntan I want to remove tan as early possible

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