Best Tricks and Tips to Make Small Eyes to Look Bigger

The nature, shape, looks and size of our eyes is firm hereditary, and there’s barely anything that we can do about them. But by using clever make-up methods, we can always create an impression. There are few ways and makeup tips and tricks to make small eyes to look bigger.

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Not a problem whether you have small eyes or just want to make an exploding result to them, here are a lots variety of wonderful tips and tricks for making your small eyes to look bigger. All you need to do is practice these below makeup tips and tricks in order to create it perfect when you really want your eyes to look bigger.


Valiant eyebrows are in trendy now, and they are quite cool. You can still stun thick, expressive eyebrows – all you need to do is that you just have to do a little care and maintenance. Make sure you keep your brows trimmed and gracefully shaped all the time. They need to balance your facial shape of course, so always keep that in mind when you are threading and shaping. You just want to exploit the space you have as it suits your facial shape. There is nothing more unattractive than messy eyebrows on a woman’s forehead. Visit to the salon at regular breaks, and keep the brows in good shape. Best way to follow the natural shape of your eyes to guide you.


The eyeliner you pick and the way you select to apply it, both are up to you. There are loads of methods to make your eyes to look bigger using eyeliner, so it’s easy to find somewhat that works for your favored kind. Again try-out; try only liner half of your lower lash line, experiment and try with different colors, and consider things like kohl, mascara and gel based liners.


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This is all about playing with the assignment and placement of your eye shadows. If you equally distribute it using the right colors and things like that, you may be capable to make your eyes to look bigger, but there’s a improved trick. Makeup artists suggest that a trick is to focus on your eye shadow at the middle of your lash line. This is the widest part of your eye, so highlighting this will helps them to look bigger and wider.


Try to use two different colors when you’re smearing your eye makeup, you can actually make your eyes superficial by using this trick. At the same time, try to switch and use mostly to lighter colors. Make sure that your shadow shades balance your coloring, all over from your eyes to your skin to your hair, but choose shades from the lighter end of the range to make the most of what you’ve got.


I love and like to use a good highlighter. Personally, I love to do eye make with bright colors and with a good highlighters. But try to use a light highlighter near the inner corners, of your eyes and the outline of your brow bones to help lighten up your eyes. If your eyes look lighter then, they will open up and looks bigger.


This is the best and easy tip from make-up artists. Using white/ other than any light colored eye shadow or white eye pencil near, on the inner corner of the eyes, will directly give an impression of opened-up eyes.


This trick always works best to make the eyes to look bigger. Use 2-3 coats of mascara, or apply false eye lashes, focused on the outer side 2/3 rd of the lash line, to make the eyes look bigger.

Try out these above tips and tricks to make your eyes to look bigger. Don’t worry about small eyes; it’s a god’s gift to angles

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