Top Compact Powders for Dry Skin

Maximum compacts powders assistance and are used in controlling the shine on your face and reducing the oiliness. But think what happens when the skin type is dry and need to choice a compact powder which is suitable for your skin type? All you have to do is to go and purchase a compact which is comprise of rich in oils or hydrating agents which will add the much required moisture to the dry skin.


Among all the cosmetic and make-up products which are available in the market to help smoothen the look of the face and get clear of unwelcome shine and even out the skin tone, face (compact) powder is a must-have beauty add-on. Face / compact powders are available in loose or surged forms. Loose face powder much better form of face powder, which comes in small containers and is smeared using makeup brush or powder puff. Compact powders are convenient, very easy to convey along and to use while travelling and a perfect select for fast touch-ups 

Compact / face powders are perfect for dry skin types, are thicker, heavier and have a advanced oil satisfied than loose powders and thus helps to cover blemishes, acne marks, cover noticeable pores and skin tone depressed the imperfections of the skin without dehydrating it, and helps to even out the skin complexion, therefore by making the skin to look radiant, glowing, clear, soft, young-looking and indeed naturally beautiful.

Top Compact Powders for Dry Skin:

1. Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder Compact:


The Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Compact is a non-drying compact that offers a dusty matte finish. This compact powder originates with moisturizers which hydrate the skin and also smooth out the skin tone. It comes in natural matte and ivory matte shades.

Price:  Rs. 415 for 12 g.


2. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC41:


Best ever powder foundation. Gives polished and shine free skin and matte all day. This foundation is highly pigmented so stays last long. Comes in a wide range of shades so can be easily find your best match as per your skin type. This MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC41 can be used in 2 ways as a foundation or as a setting powder.
Price: Rs.1800.


3. Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry compact:


The Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry compact comprises of hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrates the skin and renovates and restores the natural glow of the skin and Vitamin B3 which helps and acts as a skin whitening agent. The soft creamy texture of the compact doubles up and works as a foundation and powder compact. Composite it into the skin directly after applying the sunscreen lotion. It originates in ivory fair, beige honey and golden medium types of shades.

Price: Rs. 650 for 9g.


4. Maybelline White stay UV Pressed Powder:


Maybelline White stay UV Pressed Powder suitable for all skin types and packed in a white case quite nice packing, this light and non-cake compact comprising SPF in it ensures and confirms full pore less coverage, covers blemishes, acne scar, recollects the moisture balance of the skin and also guards it from harmful sun (UV) radiation to boost the skin tone, glow and luminosity.

Price: Rs. 175.00.


5. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder:


Sheer attention but this is one of the best compact for summers. Also suits sensitive skin type as the touch and texture is very light and very soft. This compact keeps skin shine and gloss free and gives a natural look, no makeup, yet polished and elegant look to the face when used without the foundation.
Price: Rs.1650.

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