Homemade Remedies to Remove Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

Are you feeling old, tried and exhausted because of your eyes? It is truly hard to feel fresh, active and attentive when your eyes are tired, heavy and droopy, because of those frustrating bags under eyes. They are one of the sign of stress, tried and fatigue.

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 Are you one of them who are facing from droopy eyes or puffy eyes problem? Awakening up with puffy eyes will be really annoying when you have a big day ahead. This is an indication which tells that your eyes are tired. Puffy eyes are one of the most common beauty problems now a days where the eyes starts to swell due to different causes. Puffiness of the eyes is begun by many reasons comprising lack of sleep and crying for a long period, physical stress, sinus, hangovers, bad diet, hormonal changes in the body, genetics, dermatitis, change in weather, recovering from a major surgery and some kind of allergic reaction which affects the skin and cause surplus solutions to get stuck in the skin around the eye producing an eye bag. The skin nearby our eyes is thin and very sensitive and comprises many blood vessels. Aging is also and one of the main causes of bags under the eyes. Fat installation under the eyes also effects in bags under the eye.

Nobody wishes to have puffy eyes as it can make us to look tired, stressed and ill. But stop worrying about it as you can easily take care of them with some really simple and easy natural homemade remedies. There are few effective home remedies to treat the bags under the eye and the Puffy eyes. These below homemade remedies are inexpensive and safer than the other ways of treating under eye bags.

Homemade Remedies to Remove Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes:

1.You can pick any of these teas (green or black). Both are great to regularize puffy eyes. The caffeine in the tea helps tighten blood vessels and eases swelling under eyes. Put 2 bags of your choice in hot water for a couple of min and take and keep it out for few mins. Let it get cool before applying on to the skin and then apply it you’re your eyes and relax for few min, it helps to reduces and shrinks swelling and redness also.


2. Vitamin e oil not only helps to reduce dark circles, it also helps to get rid of puffy eyes. Just take chilled water in a bowl and add a few drops of vitamin E oil to it, now mix both the liquids well. Now dip cotton pads or balls in this solution and place dipped ball on the eyes and relax for 20 mins, this treatment will help in sinking the swelling around the eyes.


3. Even egg whites also help to cure puffiness around eyes. Crop up 1 or 2 egg whites until firm, and apply using a soft brush, cotton or soft cloth beneath your eyes. Relax and leave it to dry you skin will feel tighter and look less like puff pastry. Wash off when it gets completely dry this treatment will help to get rid of puffy eyes and wrinkles too.

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4. If you have and facing enormously puffed up eyes this is the regular care that you will have to follow. Dip cotton balls or pads in ice-cold milk and place on your eyelids and relax for 20-30 mins. This will helps your eyes in water preservation by reducing puffiness and it will also cool them off.


5. Potatoes are also an effective natural ingredient in getting rid of puffy eyes or eye bags. The starch present in potatoes contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help in the treatment of puffy eyes. Take a medium sized potato, take off the skin, wash and then dry it. Now grate the potato and put the grated potato in a clean cotton cloth and tie it up. Now place this cloth on your eyes for few min. Repeat the procedure for few times until the puffiness around the eyes gets reduced. This remedy can be used in treating headaches.

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