Best 10 Natural Face Packs For Men’s Skin

Not only would we women need a healthy and rejuvenated skin throughout all seasons. Fairly, even men are also certainly remarkable almost their grooming method. Even few men also have sensitive skin. The hurtful cosmetics or products are not suggested for them. There are many natural and homemade ways are available in kitchen through which every man also can get a superb skin with using natural kitchen ingredients in a perfect way. There are varieties of skin care methods online now a day. But, it is pretty important to see whether those all methods are appropriate for men skin.

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In past, the general observation of men and women has been that arrogance is a women’s choice and that men have neither the wish nor need to be worried about their personal appearance, looks  and good skin care. Usually men’s skin becomes oilier fast then women’s skin, due to which dirt and dust sticks very easily on the skin and forms many skin problems like dark skin, acne and pimples etc… But now there are many homemade remedies or natural face packs to maintain the skin. These below natural face packs will help to maintain the skin and also helps to treat acne, pimples, Patchy, dull and dark skin.

Best 10 Natural Face Packs For Men’s Skin:-

1. Oatmeal Face Pack:

This is very most, effective face pack especially getting cool and soothing skin in summer  season. Men also use and apply this face pack to make themselves to look attractive and smart. To prepare this face pack you need oatmeal. Make a powder using oatmeal by mixing it in a mixer and take out in a bowl. Now add few drops of boiling water to make a good smooth paste out of it. Cleanse your skin and apply it on your skin and leave it for 10-15 mins and wash it using normal water.

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2.  Clay Face Pack:

Clay mask is good and best suited for oily skin as men’s skin is comparatively oilier than women skin. Clay helps to deep cleanse the skin and leaves it completely nourished, thus making it perfect for all season. All you have to do is to take any clay and mix it with purified water, aloe Vera gel, honey, egg white and egg yolk to prepare a thick smooth paste. Now cleanse your skin and apply it on your skin and leave it for 10 min not more than that. And wash off  using normal water.

3. Yogurt (curds) Face Pack for Sun Tan :

Consumption of Yogurt during the summer season by many individuals is common, as this helps to keep the body cool and free from heat. Yogurt is a very healthy ingredient. Yogurt also helps to reduce sun tan in all individual with a result of tightening of pores in skin. There is a superior way of using it on skin. Take a cup of yogurt add little tomato juice and cucumber juice. Now add about ½ a cup of gram flour and mix all the ingredients properly. Then cleanse your skin and apply the mask on the face and neck. You have to leave it for 30- 45 mins and then wash it neatly using Luke warm water.

4. Lime or Lemon juice Face Pack:

Top Natural Remedies for Men’s Skin to Treat Sun Tan

Lemon juice is the supreme tried and verified ingredient t removal of tanning from the skin, this face mask also helps to reduce tanning and dark spots as well. Take a slice a lime or lemon and gently rub it on the area that has got tanned and dark marks areas. Rub it for 2-3 mins and leave it on for 10 mins or until it gets dry. Then wash it using cold water. The citric acid in the lime or lemon juice helps to breaks down the dead skin cells and making your skin tone light, hence removing the tan and making skin clean and clear. However this will help you feel fresh but you should be very careful while applying it. If your skin starts itching or burning a lot, then wash it off immediately. There is a chance that your skin may be delicate and therefore incapable to tolerate the effects of the acid in it.

 5. Aloe Vera gel Face Pack:

This is another very best natural remedy for men’s skin. Just take Aloe Vera gel, Gel can be obtained from the aloe Vera leaf which acts as an effective natural skin moisturizer. You can obtain the gel by cutting and opening the leaf and taking the gel out. Now cleansed your skin and gently apply and massage the gel on your skin for few min and let it get dry then wash it using cold water. Repeat this treatment weekly 2-3 time to get rid of dry skin and to get smooth and clear skin.

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6. Egg Face Pack:

Egg is one of the great natural ingredient s to treat all types of skin problems best suited for dry skin. This face pack also helps to reduce the size of skin pores and soften skin. To prepare this remedy just beat 2 egg whites together with a tsp of lemon juice and apply this mask on cleansed skin. Leave it to dry completely and rinse well using warm water.

7. Clove Oil and Coconut Oil Face Mask:-

Mix 1-2 drops clove oil and 10-15 drops of virgin coconut oil or pure coconut oil and apply using cotton ball on pimples, acne or on skin leave for a while and wash your skin using normal water. This easy way of using clove oil on skin helps you to get rid of pimples and acne and adds great complexion to your skin.

 8. Potato Face Mask:-

Potato is not only a treat for taste buds but it can also work miracles on the skin. Just take few slices of potato. Apply the potato slice or juice on the tanned skin areas to make it lighter and softer. Leave it to dry and then wash it off using cold water. You can even add a tbsp of lemon juice to the potato juice for a healthier effect. Apply this mixture using cotton ball and leave it on for 15 mins and wash it using cold water. Repeat it daily for a few days to get back your natural color by removing the tanned layer.

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9. Tomato Face Mask:-

Take a ripe tomatoes and mash them properly then gently massage it on the face and neck leave it to dry then wash it using cold water. You can also add little milk with this pack.

  10. Baking soda Face Pack:

Baking soda one of the natural exfoliate for human skin. Nowadays, even the men can apply the same on their face and skin in order to eradicate all dirt, dusts, acne and pimple marks, blemishes etc.. from their skin coats. The ready-made exfoliate can be the cause damage to your skin if it doesn’t suits your skin type. You must not use the exfoliate that has uneven layer to at the top which will eradicate the dead skin but at the same time provides you smooth and soft skin. But, baking soda is a superb natural exfoliate which does not have harmful side effect.

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20 comments to Best 10 Natural Face Packs For Men’s Skin

  • hassan

    am african-malawian boy aged 25 and am back again coz am still struggling with my face to get white and fair looking handsome as i alredy said that i have been trying several creams but they only work for short period and then my skin tends RED which sometimes makes me to be ashamed of my self to go outside and am really in trouble now because at our school so many people have beautiful and handsome fair and light faces and am jeoulsy about that and unfortunately some of those creams are not available in our country.its been 5 years now and i have spent a lot of money but nothing changes so please assist me for fast action home remedies please am waiting for your quick response.

  • hassan

    i have a dry sensitive skin.

  • shahbaz

    I have so much dry skin that looks like worst than rough But in in summer season this skin becomes oily.
    M using skin white soap and no cream or homemade remedies.
    Please suggest me something that should not be homemade….thanku

  • mani

    My face is very dark please help me. How to fair my skin

    • Hello Mani… yes u cn use Fair and Handsome cream. use this remedy,The best face pack for fair skin tone is using potatoes peels with fresh cream, as fresh cream makes you skin fairer and smooth if it is used for long period of time. This mask also helps to reduce acne spots also. As any dairy products are good to get healthy skin. You can also add peels oil in fresh cream and use it or apply fresh cream using potato peels to get rid of acne spots and leave for 20 min then rinse it using warm water.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • mani

    I am now using fair and handsome cream

  • Raja

    hai mam
    This is rajan i have a problem on my face due to oilynessand darkness ,i need solution to overcome from this issue,

  • deepak

    Hello…myself deepak please help me out …I got pimples marks n sun tan on my face n also have puffiness under my eye…please give me some solution for this problems.

    • Hello Deepak…. use this remedy, Take 1 tsp. of neem powder and mix with some rose water or water to make paste. Apply this face pack and leave for 15- 20 mins. This is superb home remedy for teenage boys as this remedy is great to treat acne and pimples.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • joel

    i have heard that facepacks remove facial hair ,i am afraid that the facepack will remove my beard, is it possible ?


    My skin is dry which cream i can use daily.Please suggest a particular brand.

  • Ranvir

    my skin is very oily n I hv got many pimples scars blackheads n my face skin got very dark complexion as compare to my body skin ….at present m using ozone neem face pack which little bit controls the oil secretions…..can I use this face pack daily?
    is there any side effects using this face pack daily…
    I will b waiting for ur reply..
    thank u.

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