Best Natural Face Packs Using Orange

We all know that fruits have much welfare for our skin, health and hairs. We have recognized this for periods. Yes, we forgot about natural and homemade remedies for some time in between as we were busy in trying out new thing like face packs, cream etc…but we are back on track now! That’s the reason, why we find that fruit packs/masks are chosen over chemicals again these days and orange face packs is one among those favorites!

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We all recognize that orange contains rich calcium and folic acids which helps to strengthen our bones and develop our brain and improves overall health. But besides proposing many health benefits, it is also a magical fruit for our skin and hairs. Juice, pulp, peel and all portion of this fruit is very useful. Orange helps to energies the skin giving it a healthy and refreshing glow. Today’s post will give all the ideas on how to make few best very effective and skin-friendly face pack/ masks using with orange. Before going to face packs let us check few benefits of orange.

Benefits of Orange Face Packs:

An orange or any other citrus fruit like lemon contains rich anti-oxidants. Which helps to clear, stiffen and tone the skin.


1. As orange is a citrus fruit, it also works great on pimples and acne. The citric acid in the fruit acts as a natural astringent for skin and helps in withering away the pimples.

2. Orange acts as a natural bleach to lighten the skin tone. So it’s better to avoid the harsh and harmful chemical expensive bleaches when you have such cheap natural bleach!

3. Orange is very effective for oily skin type, this orange face pack grips unwanted oil from skin. At the same time making the skin to look fresh and glowing.

4. Orange works great on summer tan as well, giving an overall even skin complexion.

Best Natural Face Packs Using Orange:

1. Take about 1/4th of an orange Juice and 1 tbsp. of Yogurt. Mix both the ingredients properly in a bowl and form a smooth paste. Apply generously the pack over face and neck; and relax for some time. It gives a cooling and peaceful effect on your skin. Rinse using normal water and pat dry. Enjoy a smooth and glowing appearance with no hint of oiliness on skin.

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2. This is the one of those magical orange peel face mask which has verified effective to various skin problems. All you need is dried orange peel, Milk/water/rose water and Sandal wood powder. You can make dry orange peel powder at home itself, just Peel oranges and keep these peels to dry in the sun. When they become fully dry like rock-hard, put them in a mixer and form a powder. Keep it in a sealed container. Take essential amount of orange peel powder, sandal wood powder and blend with any milk/water/rose water into a smooth paste. Now apply on your face and neck and relax for ½ an hour. When the face pack dries up, wash using normal water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

3. Take freshly clasped orange juice and add about 8 spoons flour. Mix orange juice and flour to make a creamy smooth face mask. Then apply neatly all over the face and leave for 20 mins. Wash using warm water, this mask instantly proposals you a smooth, glowing and clear skin.

4. Take 1 average sized orange, 1 tbsp. of green clay powder or multani mitti powder and 1 tsp. of Milk powder. Now take out the juice from orange and mix softly with the green clay or multani mitti and add milk powder. Then mix all the ingredients properly.  Let the pack soak for about 30 mins. And then slightly stir it. Apply on cleansed  face and neck, relax for 20 mins then wash using warm water.

5. This is best face mask for acne skin. Take about 2 tbsp. of freshly embraced orange juice, 2 tbsp. of Lime/ lemon juice and about 1 tsp. of Honey. Now mix all the ingredients properly and apply on cleansed face and neck.  This mask not only works on acne but also helps to get clear acne scars providing way to a smooth blemish-free skin.

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2 comments to Best Natural Face Packs Using Orange

  • aravind

    I’m. Having. Dark. Black spots and. Little. Insect bite. And. Marks. I can’t. Remove that. Recently I bought. Himalaya. Facial. Walnut and apple pack and Himalaya fairness cream for that.. whether. It’s. OK or I need to change. And also my friend having white hair. 18yrs old. whether. Any remedy available

    • Hello Aravind……. u cn use this remedy, Clay helps to deep cleanse the skin and leaves it completely nourished, thus making it perfect for all season. All you have to do is to take any clay and mix it with purified water, aloe Vera gel, honey, egg white and egg yolk to prepare a thick smooth paste. Now cleanse your skin and apply it on your skin and leave it for 10 min not more than that. And wash off using normal water. u cn use Himalaya Facial Walnut and apple pack and u cn use Emami fair and handsome cream.

      And for ur friend he cn try the mixture of mustard, olive and coconut oil weekly 2-3 times. just warm and use it leave it overnight and wash in the morning. but can’t stop white he can avoid to for sometime.

      Pragati kiran

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