Reviews of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo

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Today I will share reviews on Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo. Dabur is one of India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer’s Company. This company is specially formulated together with the gentle touch of nature and Ayurveda. Dabur is that brand which everyone can believe without any second thought.

Dabur products are natural and maximum time works, so this time I wanted to try some thing very natural shampoo so thought of giving a try to Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo. So, read on to check out more about Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo and my experience with this productDabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo 

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Price of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo is Rs. 58 for 90 ml and Rs.195 for 360 ml.

Shelf Life of the product is 18 months 1,1/2 Years

Let’s check out what Dabur Company has to say about Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:-

Products Description:-

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Discover the feeling of Satin Silk Hair and Hair fall Control with Vatika Premium Naturals Henna and Olive Shampoo’s natural conditioning and gentle cleansing. Enriched with Henna and Olive, it provides well nourished hair that’s full of life.

The Dabur Vatika henna and olive Shampoo gives  an infusion of Ayurveda and natural ingredients to care for hair looks like no other. Every drop of this Vatika Shampoo is concerted with henna and olive extracts that gently cleanse hair of impurities and nourish your hair from root to tip.

Olive Hair Care– Olive comprises fatty acids naturally, which help to keep hair healthy and protected. Olive along with other ingredients help strengthen hair fiber and thereby control hair fall.  Using unnatural products may damage your hairs or even using hair dryers can damage the outer layer of the hair  but Olive will coat the damaged outer layers of the  hair and try to giving them a sleeker, smoother,softer and healthier looking hairs.

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Henna Hair Care –  Henna is a non-damaging and natural treatment for the hair and fades less quickly than artificial hair dyes. It conditions the hair naturally by giving it shine and body, in addition to a rich red looking color. Henna gives more thickness to the hair, helps to get rid of dandruff problem and you’ll find it makes your hair healthier and shinier! Henna is a natural conditioner that works on the hair fiber along with other ingredients, making the hair smooth, shiny and beautiful.



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Aqua containing extracts of Shikakai, Henna and Green Almonds, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocomide MEA, Silicone Conditioner, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Glycol Stearate, Olive Oil, PEG 90M, Sodium PCA, Vitamin E Acetate, Panthenol, Cationic Gaur, Perfume, Sodium Chloride, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, CI 47000, 61565.

Directions for use:-



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Apply it on wet hair and gently message your scalp and hairs for about 2 mins and then rinse off using normal water.

My experience with Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo :-

Packaging of this product:

Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo comes in thick durable and strong green colored bottle packaging with same green color flip flop cap. Bottle of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo is very solid which is really easy to carry while travelling. Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo is best affordable shampoo. The company has provided all the information of the shampoo back of the bottle, in front it has a very simple henna and olive picture. I also got Vatika Naturals Conditioner free with shampoo but not yet tried it.

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Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo looks pale green shining in color and smells type is like henna and Neem, a kind of natural herbal fragrance. Fragrance of the shampoo stays  for long time in my hairs which i really love. The smell of the shampoo is not so strong for sensitive nose. Consistency of the Shampoo is just perfect like shampoo should be, means it not so runny nor thick. It has great satin soft shiny texture to apply. Required more quantity, which gives good silky leather and easy to rinse from hair.

Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo cleans hair very well and nicely. Just needed 2 times shampooing if heavily oiled hair is there. Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo is very mild shampoo which gives soft, smooth and tangle free hair after every wash. It claims that the shampoo will condition your hair and its really true, because without using any conditioner it also gives the same conditioning effects on hair so every time i found my hair so manageable, tangle free, soft and good. Its also help to reduce very little hair fall but not so good for reducing heavy hair fall problem.


Advantages of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:-

1. Easy availability in shops, Travel-friendly packaging and Affordable price.

2. Lathers really well and prevent any shampoo wastage as it has light and runny consistency.

3.Lovely herbal smell with a mild and pleasant henna fragrance with all the goodness of henna and olive.

4. Cleans hairs well and removes impurities from hairs, gives soft, shiny, tangle-free and manageable Hairs.

5. Henna and Olive Extracts helps to provides Conditioning result, reduce very little hair fall. And does not make hair dry nor causes any hair fall.

6. This shampoo can be used regularly as regular application will not cause any hair build-up.

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Disadvantages of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo :-

1. Takes time to show its results and also does not improve hair texture and does not reduce hair fall as it claims.

2. This shampoo may not suitable for oily hairs.

3. Shine is temporary and does not last more than 1 day and also contains lot of chemicals.

Ratings of about Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:-

1. Suited for Dry Hairs                                                       :-3/5

2. Suited for Oily hairs                                                         :-2/5

3. Availability of shampoo in stores                              :-5/5

4. Effectiveness of shampoo                                              :-3/5

5. Price of the shampoo                                                       :-5/5

6. Color, Consistency and Fragrance                             :-5/5

7. Overall Rating                                                                     :-3.50/5

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