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We all like to have healthy, thick, shining and lustrous looking hairs.  Everybody loves to have long, thick, shiny and healthy hairs. An important part of best hair care is to oiling the hair frequently. Oiling hairs is one of the best methods to make the hair look soft, shining and healthy. Oil is also used to avoid roughness, hair fall, tangles and encourage hair growth. Hair oil massages regularly calm our mind and give a relaxing feel.

As today I’m reviewing about Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil. Bajaj is one of the well-known brand manufacturing herbal products in India. The product lines comprise hair and skin care products in India. As I have already reviewed on this brand product that is Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair Oil in one of my posts. Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil can be used by men and women both, so read on to know my experience with this product. This is the 3rd time I’m using this oil.

Let’s check what company has to say about Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil.

Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil.

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Price of Bajaj Brahmi AmlaHair Oil for 300 ml Rs. 110.

Shelf Life of the product is 36 months 3 Years.

Product Description:

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Bajaj Brahmi Amla hair oil is new improved with Amla and Brahmi. The combination of amla and Brahmi offers a nourished, soft, silky and healthy looking hair.

Natural Amla: Helps to Nourishes your hair and makes it strong and black.

Ayurvedic Brahmi: Conditions your hair making it soft, silky and manageable.

The dual goodness of Ayurvedic Brahmi along with Natural Alma works from the inside to give you healthy and nourished hair that shines.


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Key ingredients:

Mineral Oil including Brahmi and Amla, Extract- 61.5%, Vegetable oil -37.15%, perfume, TBHQ, C.I.-12740, 61565, 12150.

Direction for use:

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1, Divide the hairs into sections, take the essential quantity of Bajaj brahmi amla hair oil on the palm. Gently apply it on scalp and hair using finger tips and start massaging gently for some time.

2, Apply this oil at least 4 hours before shampooing your hairs, and hair will be shinier and smoother after washing. You can also leave the oil overnight or according to your wish.

3, you can also mix this oil along with other hair oils and warm it and use it.

4, Regular use will give you great and beautiful hairs.

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The Company Claims:

The Bajaj Brahmi Amla hair Oil Company titles to offer additional nutrition and helps to reduces hair fall.

My experience with Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil:

I always love to use natural and herbal product for my skin and hair, I always use Bajaj almond drops for my hairs but 6 months back I picked up Bajaj Brahmi Amla to give  a try and believe me I liked this oil as well.  Since from 6 months I’m using this oil along with other oils and sometimes I apply only this oil if I ‘m in rush,  I just apply it and leave for 15-20 min then wash off using mild shampoo. After using this oil it made my hair strong and encourages hair growth what I felt. Since then I have been continuously using the oil till now. I use the oil frequently 2-3 times a week and in between when necessary for 20 mins.


The Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The bottle has a green colored label back and front, which has the hair oil name in bold letters. The bottle is plastic not thick but quite strong. The bottle is smoky which helps in knowing the amount of the product on usage as it is transparent enough. The oil bottle has thick plastic green cap. The bottle hole inside the cap is small but easy to take the required amount of oil. The bottle is not at all travel friendly hair oil does leak from the packaging once the seal is opened.  You can’t carry it in a bag at all. The oil bottle contains all the information about the product at the back. In front of the bottle there is a picture of a lady  face with amla and brahmi pictures.  Written, Enriched with Ayurvedic Brahmi.

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The Bajaj Brahmi Amla hair oil has a lovely fragrance. It has a natural herbal smell and remains on my hair for a long time after wash also. The oil is smooth and greenish in colour. The consistency of the oil is liquid and running which makes the oil will feast easily and evenly on the scalp and hairs. The texture of oil is not very tacky or you can also say not at all sticky. After applying the oil it does not leave my hair oily or greasy. The oil is very light on usage. The oil easily gets immersed on the scalp and hairs. I sometime leave the hair oil overnight and washed it in the next morning. The oil has made my hair soft, healthy and nourished.

The Bajaj Brahmi Amla hair oil arises off easily with water but I use a mild shampoo after oiling my hairs to just keep the scalp and hairs clean. The bottle come for more than 10-12 uses even more if you use it with other oils for hairs.  This oil really moisturizes my hair very well. The only concernis that it reduces hair fall to some extent. Overall, I love this hair oil and it made my hair soft, shiny and healthy looking and it also encouraged hair growth to some extent.

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Advantages of Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil :-

1. This Oil comes with natural herbs such as Brahmi and Amla. Brahmi oil helps in giving the head with calm and reducing stress.

2. This is makes hair soft, shiny and Healthy.

3. It’s very light, non-sticky, gets absorbed very quickly into hairs.

2. Fragrance is great and promotes hair growth to some extent

3. A good alternative to regular coconut oil and can also be used along with other oils.

4. Affordable and comes in a lot of sizes.

5. It advertises for hair nourishment, but I find it works for hair.

6. Includes amla and brahmi which helps to Smooth’s dry hair.

7. Easily available in stores.

Disadvantages of Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil :-

1. This oil does not reduce hair to great extent.

2. This oil bottle is not travel friendly at all, the oil leaks once the seal is opened.

Will I buy it again:-

Yes I’m using from long time and will be; I love the oil and its effects on my hairs.

Ratings of and about Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil:-

1. Suited for Dry hairs                                    :-4.5/5

2. Suited for oily hairs                                    :-3/5

3. Availability of oil in stores                             :-5/5

4. Effectiveness of oil                                      :-3/5

5. Price of the oil                                            :-5/5

6. Color, Consistency and Fragrance                 :-4 /5

7. Overall Rating                                             :-3.75 /5

4 comments to Reviews of Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil

  • Hi I just want to ask u something I want to have fair and glowing complexion.i did a little research on it.but I don’t have proper guide so will u guide me.for face I research something about a mask which is the mixture of almond ,milk with saffron ,yogurt,honey and pinch of turmeric mask.for body rice flour,gram flour,turmeric and milk will both this mask will help me to get fair and glowing complexion or do I need add few more?

    • Hello Lisha……. No need u cn use these mask they works great on skin n will give you fair and glowing skin… but u hv to use these remedies at least for few months like 6-7 months.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Can u suggest me any mask for whithening Which works between 3 to 4 month

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