Best Homemade Toners for Normal Skin

Toners were traditionally necessary to use, to remove the oily residue of facial cleansers and contained alcohol to facilitate the removal of oily residue, yet were drying due to the alcohol. With modern chemistry, cleansers are very seldom oily or greasy, yet toners do have the effect of toning and refining the skin and need not contain alcohol, since there are no huge amounts of oily residue to remove.

Is toning of skin is important as cleansing? YES it is, I know we all think that toning is not important but let me share that toning is as important as cleansing of our skin. We all know the importance of good cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine for our skin. I won’t go into the details of it instead, I will focus on the available home ingredients that can be combined together to make an effective all natural toner for normal skin.

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Skin care without toner is incomplete, after cleansing your face appropriately, it is very important to tone the skin so that all the unwanted bits of dirt, dust, cleanser and surplus oil are removed from the apparent of your skin.

In these days and age, there is an overflowing with lot of face toners in market. But all these are very expensive and can be heavy on our pocket. Why to expend money for somewhat which comprises loads of chemicals ? And why to expend money for something, when we can make our own homemade facial toner economically at home?

Best Homemade Toners for Normal Skin:- 

1. Cucumber and Green Tea Homemade Toner:-

Just take about 1 medium sized cucumber and remove its juice by crushing it in a blender or food processor and pressing it over the cloth or filter. Gather about 1/4 th cup of cucumber juice. Now prepare green tea by pouring 1/2 a cup of boiled water over 1 green tea bag or 1 tsp. of  whole green tea leaves or powder and sheer, cover it  for 5-7 mins. Now strain the tea leaves from the tea and takes out the green tea and let the tea gets cool totally. When both the main ingredient prepared, pour them in a glass bottle and now add about 1 tbsp. of vodka in it then wobble well and stock the bottle in your refrigerator. Now your homemade toner is ready to use. You can use it whenever required.

2. Brandy & Rosemary Homemade Skin Toner:-

Take about 1 & ½ tbsp. of rosemary leaves, 1 & ½ cup of mineral water, 1 tbsp. of brandy and 1 tbsp. of white wine. Put all the ingredients in a fry pan and let it mildly cook for about 20 mins. Leave it to cool down for about 1 hour. Now strain this prepared mixture and stock it in a clean spray bottle or glass bottle. Whenever you want to use toner just gently spread it on the face and neck using cotton wool wads.

3. Red Grape Juice or Antioxidant Homemade Skin Toner:-

Take some fresh red grapes and put them in a blender, blend the grapes properly until you get full juice from grapes.  Strain and take out the pure grape juice from juicer or blender and stock in an air tight fresh dry bottle and use as. Your homemade skin toner is ready and when toning is needed, a superb skin toning and tightening natural recipe is in your hand.


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4. Homemade Apple Toner:-

Take 1 apple and eliminate its central and peel out the skin. Place the apple and chop into big pieces and put them into a blender. Crush the mixture and press it over cheesecloth and take out the juice. Now add about 2 tbsp. of honey in it and stock in a clean spray bottle or glass bottle. Toner is ready to use.

5. Mint Tea & Carrot Homemade Skin Toner:-

Prepare a cup of strong mint tea, and then add 2 tbsp. of carrot juice, 4 tbsp. of cucumber juice, and pour 1 lemon juice into it. Blend all these ingredients well. The homemade recipe is ready to use and it works superbly as an icy toner. To make it icy toner just pours this solution in an ice tray and let it get freeze and the toner ice cubes are ready to use and use 1 whenever needed.

6. Rosemary, White Wine and Mint Natural Toner:-

Take about 1 tsp. of dry Rosemary; about 1 tsp. of dry Thyme, about 1 tsp. of finely cut fresh Mint leaves and 1 cup of White wine. Put all ingredients in a fry pan and let it mildly cook for about 10 mins. Leave it to sheer and cool down about 1 hour. Strain this prepares mixture and stock in a clean spray bottle or glass bottle. Rosemary is one of the natural astringent which encourages cell to renewal and fights blemishes, pimples and acne outbreaks.

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4 comments to Best Homemade Toners for Normal Skin

  • Priya

    Very helpful post…..following you now….. It would be greatif you will do that back….

  • Hi Pragati I Have a Confustion About Toners Like Rose Water,Raw Milk And Other Please Help Me To Clear my Confusion…

    Above The Post You Tell Always Clean Your Face Before Using Any Toner Ok…

    But I Use Rosewater Toner Then i Apply Facewash And Moistorizer Ok BUT You Tell Always Clean Face Aplly Toner.
    But When I Use Toner After (Facewash) I Saw Cotton Is White And Dust Dont come Out From My Face,But When I Use Toner Before The (FaceWash) Then Cotton Is Black & Dust Come Out From My Face.
    Please You Tell Me After Or Before Use Of Toner (Rosewaster,Rawmilk,Rice Water). Please Reply Me Pragati And Tell Me Benefits of Using Toner Before Or After Facewash.

    • Hello Neeta….face wash is a different thing, if u wash face wash then no need to use toner. u cn use one at 1 time use face wash or toner one time toner helps to close the open pores and it nourish the skin. and face wash helps to clean the skin. u cn use face wash 3 times and then when u r not using face wash like in noon or evening time use toner. apply toner and just wipe it and if u want u cn use plain water and wash ur skin.

      Pragati kiran

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