Best 10 Homemade Facial Scrub for Men’s Skin

Exfoliating your facial skin is very important whether it’s men or women skin.  We all get tanning, dust, dirt or dullness on our skin very easily; there are many homemade face mask and natural remedies are available to treat these skin problems. But scrubbing our skin is also as important as using creams, packs and other products on our skin.

Today I will share few homemade scrubs for men skin care, which can be prepared at home in a very easy and simple way, as homemade face scrub are more good to clean your skin and remove all dead  skin using your kitchen stuffs. Homemade face scrubs are very cheaper than the face scrubs which you buy at stores, and safer also as the scrubs has no chemicals and can be used daily. So below are some nice, gentle easiest and effective homemade face scrubs that will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed.

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Best 10 Homemade Facial Scrub for Men’s Skin:-

1. Sea Salt, Olive Oil or Almond Oil Scrub:-

Take 1 tbsp. of sea salt add 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil or almond oil and mix well then apply on your face in upward circular motion to remove dead skin massage for 3 min and then leave on your face for 2 min then wash with water. This scrub is really good for dry skin.

2. Walnut, Curds(Yogurt)  and Lemon Scrub:-

First crush the walnut and make a powder. Take 3 tsp. of powdered walnut in a blow add 2 tsp. of curds in it and then add 1/2 tsp. of lemon juice, apply gently on your face and neck massage for 5 min and leave it on your face for 10 to 12 min then wash your face with water. By using this scrub you will get a very nice glowing skin.

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3. Rice Flour, Baking Soda and Curds Scrub:-

This is one of the easiest and very effective facial scrubs. Take 3 tsp. of rice flour, add a pinch of baking soda and mix 1 tsp. of curds in it mix all the ingredient well, then clean your face and neck using cleansing milk & wipe with cotton ball, then apply this scrub on face and neck in circular motions for 4 to 5 min & leave for 5 min on your face, then wash with water. This scrub removes dead skin and makes your skin to glow more. This scrub is best for oily skin.

4. Milk Powder, Lemon Juice and Honey Scrub:-

This scrub also helps to remove tanning. Take Milk powder, lemon juice, honey and almond oil or olive oil in equal quantity. Now mix all the ingredients to make a scrub. Leave for 15 min then wash it using cold water. To remove tan faster uses this scrub twice a day.

5. Aloe Vera and Turmeric Powder Scrub:-

This scrub works great on tanned skin, take out the Aloe Vera gel add a pinch of turmeric powder on it then gently apply and massage for 5-7 min then leave it on tanned skin until it gets dry then wash using cold water.

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6. Baking Soda and Oats Face Scrub:-

Most of people like using baking soda as a scrub and gentle facial exfoliator, but it works great when combined it with the oatmeal. Mix oatmeal with baking soda in equal quantities, and then add a little bit of warm water to form paste and leave the mixture for 5 mins in a bowl, until it becomes soft paste. Then cleanse your skin and gently massage it on your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave for few min then wash your face with warm and then, cold water. This scrub works great on whiteheads and blackheads.

7. Natural Ingredients Face Scrub:-

First make a cucumber paste using blender. Take 2 tbsp. of cucumber paste with 1 tsp. of rose hip oil, 1 tsp. of argan oil, 2 tbsp. of oatmeal and 1 tbsp. of milk. Now mix well all the ingredients properly and leave the mixed ingredients for about 5 mins. Now cleanse your skin neatly then gently scrub your face with this great and nourishing facial scrub, avoiding the eye area then leave for few min then rinse using warm water and followed up with splashes of cold water. This scrub will make your skin excellent soft and gentle. Antioxidants which are present in rose hip and argan oils will help to fight free radicals, stopping skin aging and arrival of wrinkles on skin. This homemade face scrub will help to smooth, exfoliate, clear, cleanse and hydrate your skin. This scrub also can be used as body scrub.

8. Tomato and Sugar Scrub:-

Tomato and sugar scrub, Take few slice of tomato then pour slowly sugar on it and start massaging gently on your skin. Massage for 3-4 min then leave it to dry then wash your skin very gently using normal water. You can use this scrub for as body scrub also. This scrub will help to get rid of dark marks and give glowing skin.

9. Salon  or spa sea salt scrub :-

Take about 2 cups sea salt, then take one, 1/3 cups aloe Vera baby oil or you can also add the same quantity of soybean oil, and then take 8 vitamin E capsules or about 2-3 tsp. of vitamin e oil and about 2 tbsps. of honey. Pour all the ingredients in an airtight container. Now add vitamin e oil or capsules by squeezing out the vitamin E into the mixture and mix well. And the best way to use this scrub before bath, take a bit on your hand and rub all over your skin, you can also use this scrub for whole body. And rinse off well. If you are using soybean oil, then no need to add a bit of essential oils for fragrance.

10. Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub:-

Prepare a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil then use this mixture as scrub. Apply this scrub on face and neck, then massage gently for 3-4 min then leave for 2 min then wash it gently using normal water. You can use this scrub as body scrub also.

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