Homemade Face Packs for Men with Dry Skin

Dry skin is little difficult to manage, generally men have oily skin but there are few men’s who faces dry skin problem as well. Dry skin is normally dull, patchy and loses its brightness. Dry skin is subject to premature aging, therefore, must provide for enriching substances able to retain the water. A nourishing mask is the ideal to turn dry skin soft and smooth, natural ingredients that are much more useful than any cosmetic product on the market and spend little, and reaches the purpose equally, if not better.

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Applying face mask is not only important for women it is equally important for men as well. It’s very important to apply the mask on your face perfectly clean, maybe with a natural cleanser, leave the skin for five minutes after it has been cleansed, remembering to avoid the eye area. To remove any remaining mask will simply wash your face with warm water. Now scroll down to check which is the best Homemade Face Mask for Dry Skin.

Homemade Face Packs for Men with Dry Skin:-

1. This is very most, effective face pack especially getting cool and soothing skin in all  seasons. Men also use and apply this face pack to make themselves to look attractive and smart. To prepare this face pack you need oatmeal. Make a powder using oatmeal by blending it in a blender and take out in a bowl. Now add few drops of boiling water to make a good smooth paste out of it. Cleanse your skin and apply it on your skin and leave it for 10-15 mins and wash it using normal water.

2. This is one of the very easy and very effective face pack. Mash a banana and add two spoons of honey and one tablespoon of flour, oats, you can add milk if required to make a paste. mix the ingredients until the mixture is smooth, keep this mask for two min like that only then apply on your face leave for 10 min then wash with warm water .

3. Milk comprises lactic acid which helps to exfoliate the skin of men effectively. Milk also has lots of vitamins and minerals content in it. You can apply and rub raw milk all over your face and other skin of body; it will cleanse the skin as it will act as a natural deep cleanser. It will provide a superb healthy and nourished value to your skin.

4. Egg is one of the great natural ingredient s to treat all types of skin problems best suited for dry skin. This face pack also helps to reduce the size of skin pores and soften skin. To prepare this remedy just beat 2 egg whites together with a tsp of lemon juice and apply this mask on cleansed skin. Leave it to dry completely and rinse well using warm water.


5. Baking soda one of the natural exfoliate for human skin. Nowadays, even the men can apply the same on their face and skin in order to eradicate all dirt, dusts, acne and pimple marks, blemishes etc.. from their skin coats. The ready-made exfoliate can be the cause damage to your skin if it doesn’t suits your skin type. You must not use the exfoliate that has uneven layer to at the top which will eradicate the dead skin but at the same time provides you smooth and soft skin. But, baking soda is a superb natural exfoliate which does not have harmful side effect.

6. The best fruit face packs for winter is banana face mask. Mix mashed banana, add 2 tsp of honey and milk cream or curds, make a smooth paste then apply on clean face and neck leave relax for 20 min then rinse it using lukewarm water. This pack can be used for dry hands as well. You can use even butter milk instead of curds or milk cream. This mask suits best for dry skin type.

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