Homemade Hair Care Serum Recipes

Homemade Hair serums are very easier and cheaper to prepare at home than you think. Using few simple natural ingredients you can prepare your own hair serum at very less price. An additional advantage besides cost is that you can skip adding any kind of silicons to your homemade hair serum. The hair serums which you get in stores are burdened with silicons that over time, after using hair serums for long time which you get in stores will make your hair weak, thin and breakage of hair.

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Many people have very less idea about serums; let us know first what a serum is? In the beauty world of skincare and hair care a serum means liquid formulation. A serum is a directed treatment for skin and hair that is used on the area to be cured. Below are the few homemade Hair care serum recipes which you can easily try at home without any kind of side effects:-

There are 2 ways where you can use hair serums:

1. First way is to take 3 to 4 drops on your palms, and apply slowly to the ends of hairs, applying upwards towards middle area of hairs and below the roots of hair. First start with little serum and apply more if needed.

2. Another way is to apply to towel dried moist hairs before blow drying your hairs.

Note: Always store hair serum in a Dark Glass Bottle

Homemade Hair Care Serum Recipes:

1. This Homemade Serum will give you Strong Hair. Take about 8 tbsps. of Grape seed oil, about 10 drops of Lavender oil and 2 capsule of Vitamin E or few drops of Vitamin E oil. Transfer grape seed oil in a medium-sized bottle and then add lavender oil to it. Now open the vitamin E capsules and transfer the powder into the oil mixture. Now, wobble the bottle really well and the serum is ready to use on the hairs. This super effective homemade hair serum will transfer the dry and weak hairs into strong and healthy hairs.

2. This Hair serum is great to get glossy and shining hairs . To prepare this hair serum all you need is about 4 tbsps. of Avocado oil, 2 tbsps. of Jojoba oil, 2 tbsps. of Almond oil, 2 tbsps. of Argan oil and 2 tbsps. of Grape seed oil. This serum is a flawless blend of natural oils, which helps to rejuvenate the hair from inside and gives its original shine back. Just transfer all the ingredients into a small bowl and mix well. Now homemade hair serum to get beautiful glossy and shining hair is completely ready. You can store it in a small bottle and use before washing your hair every time. If your hair is dull and lifeless then this homemade hair serum is the best solution.


3. This homemade serum will help to get Wavy Hairs . Take about 2 tbsps. of Jojoba oil and about 5 drops of Peppermint oil. You can also make a hair serum at home which will help you to preserve your curly hair superbly. Just mix the peppermint oil and jojoba oil and stir well using a spoon. Here your serum for curly hair is complete and ready to use. Apply this serum formula on marginally moist hair. Leave for 30 mins then wash your hair using cold water and you can easily see the difference.

4. This is one of the best homemade hairs Serum for Smooth Hair . Take 4 tbsps. of Castor oil and 2 tbsps. of Coconut oil. This hair serum is very easy and effective as well. If you have rough hair then this serum will help you to get silky smooth hairs in no time. All you have to do is just mix the castor oil and the coconut oil well and apply the serum all over your hair frequently. It will eradicate the dryness of your hair by inducing natural moisture to it. Accordingly, you will get smooth and healthy hairs.

5. This homemade hair serum is best to get Straight Hair.  To prepare this natural serum for hair all you need is 2 tbsps. of Soy oil, 2 tbsps. of Olive oil, 2 tbsps. of Coconut oil, and 2 tbsps. of Jojoba oil. If you have waving hair and wish to have straight hair then this serum is perfect for you. Empty all the natural oils into a large bowl and mix them all well. Then warm up the mixture of oils and then apply on the hair carefully. Make sure that you apply the serum from fingers through from the root to the tip of the hairs, so that each hair becomes straight. Leave the serum in hairs for 15-20 mins and then gently rinse off with a mild shampoo.

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