Best Homemade Eye Creams Recipes

There are many persons who have ugly dark circles under the eyes that also called raccoon eyes. Whereas some people have simply hereditary to getting them, others many have allergy, lack of proper sleep, medical conditions, old age or possibly their late night lifestyles to responsibility. Due to which many people use anti-aging or wrinkle eye creams over the way of time but it seems the some of them take such a long time to give any needed results. When things do not seem to be happening as soon as they should, then last option is to use makeup to cover those dark circles which is very obvious.

Dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, saggy eyelids take out of our looks. They make our look so dark, old, ugly, tired and unattractive. Concealers and other make up products help us but only to some extent. Even there are many products which contain several chemicals which clog the pores, feel heavy and can possibly damage the skin.

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Most people get a shock to know that there are solutions to these problems right at their kitchens. A simple peep at your kitchen cabinet will surprise you to know that you really have all the ingredients ready to prepare homemade eye creams.  Ready to make your Own Homemade Eye Cream, read on to know the recipes.

Best Homemade Eye Creams Recipes

1. Coconut and Vitamin E Oil Eye Cream:

Coconut oil offers moisture to the skin, although firming essential tissues. Whereas, vitamin E oil is filled with antioxidants which helps to guard and repair skin. To make this cream you need 3 tbsp. of coconut oil and ¼ tsp. of Vitamin E oil. Take both the ingredients in a glass bowl and mix them well. Keep the mixture in the fridge to set. This easy homemade eye cream is ready to use! Use it daily night just dab a small amount of this best anti-aging homemade eye cream ever on dark circles or on wrinkle and leave it overnight and wash in the morning. And get younger look and brighter eyes in the morning.

2. Avocado and Almond Oil Eye Cream:

Avocado is not only just a great moisturizer, but it also helps shrink fine lines. Almond oil is filled with vitamins, gives clear skin, renovates skin cells, shrinks fine lines and is anti-inflammatory and excellent hydrating. This is also a very easy homemade eye cream.  Just blend three slices of avocado and 5 drops of almond oil and your eye cream is ready. Apply this homemade eye cream on dark circles or on fine lines leave it for 5 min then gently wash it off.

3. Jojoba oil and Rose Essential Oil Eye Cream:

Take about 28 drops of Jojoba oil, 5 drops of Chamomile essential oil and 5 drops of Rose essential oil and mix all together and stock it in a glass bottle with a tube top. Daily apply 1 drop of the oil using your finger and then gently apply the oil under your eye that s on dark circles and onto the area just beneath the eyebrow. Avoid applying oil directly to your eyelids. Gently massage for few min then leave it for 10-20 min or overnight.

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4. Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Primrose Oil Eye Cream:

You all already know about the benefits of coconut and vitamin e oil in above recipe. Primrose oil is long been known for its anti-aging abilities, it helps to even out the skin tone and helps in renovating skin at a cellular level. To prepare this recipe all you need is 2 tbsp. of coconut oil, 1 tsp. of vitamin e oil and 1 tbsp. of primrose oil take all the oils in a glass bowl. Now take little water in a small pan and put it over high heat and now place the glass bowl in water till the all oils get warm. Once it is done remove the bowl  from heat and add 3-5 drops of essential oil of your chose and mix well with other warm oils. Transfer it into small glass bottle or container to stock. Use this eye cream daily night or in a day for 10-20 min. Apply around the eye and be very careful to avoid getting the homemade eye cream into your eyes.

5. Petroleum Jelly and Cocoa Butter Eye Cream:

Mix 2 tbsp. of petroleum jelly, 2 tbsp. of cocoa butter and 2 tbs. of coconut oil in a small bowl. Mildly heat the mixture in microwave for 15 second interim’s, stirring between each. Now take the eye cream into a clean glass vessel and let it cool totally. Once it is cool completely then your homemade eye cream is ready to use. You can use it in a day or night.  Use as you need.

6. Vitamin E and Rose-hip Oil Eye Cream:

Take equal amount of Vitamin e and Rose-hip oil then mix together and place in container or bottle. Use as you desire. Rose-hip oil and vitamin E make for double effecting agents for anti-aging! Vitamin E helps to firm the skin and fights fine lines and wrinkles, whereas rose-hip oil is well-known for its anti-aging properties, stiffens the skin, renovates its skin elasticity, rejuvenates cells and helps to clear dark spots.

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  • YvonneJ


    Can you use the eye cream mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E oil morning AND night for wrinkles (and darkness around the eyes)? The directions are a little bit confusing to me. Please advise. Thank you, in advance!


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