Best Fairness Creams For Men With Oily Skin

We all think Women are well-known for spending hours and hours in front of the mirror, using expensive skin care products and scrubbing their faces with different creams and the blame game is done generally by men. Men of the new age group have exceeded women in this part, now the TV runs commercials of men’s fairness creams, men skin care products and face washes more than women. Now a day it is very easy that you will find men standing in the shops looking at all the skincare products now offered at the market for their skins. There are many products for men like fairness creams, day and night creams, face washes for acne and black heads, face packs and many more. The facial care of men has improved immensely over the years. Along with modelling their body and eyebrows their facial structures are formed as well.

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Fair skin for several of us including men can be like a dream but do fairness creams and lotions will really make the skin fair. I think fairness creams and lotions cannot extremely change the skin color still it is also true that they can lighten the skin 2-3 shade by brightening or give a fair skin to some extent. These below fairness creams for men with oily skin will help to take away the sun tanning which is the main cause of skin dullness, oiliness and darkness for men’s skin and also fairness creams will brighten up the skin color to some extent, if not encourage with the milky white fairness. Here are the best fairness creams for men with oily skin.

Best Fairness Creams For Men With Oily Skin:

1. Garnier Men PowerLight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser:

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Price Rs.  160.

With the hot weather outside and the amount of pollution in the air, most men lose their natural skin tone and become tan. They also tend to develop spots and other skin problems. The Garnier Men Power Moisturizer helps you get rid of all that dirt and maintain an even skin tone. This cream helps lighten your skin tone up to twice and makes you look fairer. This cream will lend you that radiant and fresh look. The SPF 15 of this cream will protect your skin from damage and tanning, especially when you step out in the harsh sunlight.

2. Fair and Lovely Max fairness for men:

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Price Rs. 130.

Foam based face wash with triple sunscreen UV protection. Details Fair and Lovely Max Fairness has 4 fairness actives -Vitamin B3 + Pro-vitamins, B6, C and E that work intensively on your skin to help give you visible fairness and spot reduction. Its triple sunscreen UV protection system helps fight darkening of your skin due to your active lifestyle. Lastly it gives an oil free soft and smooth look. Use twice daily on cleansed face and neck for best results.

3. Ponds Men Oil Control Fairness Moisturizer for men:

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Price Rs. 130.

Ponds Men Oil Control Fairness Moisturizer for men is more suitable for oilier skin tones as they are lighter and low on hydration. Pond’s Men Oil Control Fairness Moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizer which Instantly Brightens Skin, Gives Healthy, Natural Glow to Skin, All Day Long Oil-free Look, Reduces Dark Spots. This Moisturizer for men quickly absorbs the excess oils from the face and witch hazel tones the skin and also reduces the pore size temporarily.

4. Emami Fair and Handsome Fairness cream for men:

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Price Rs. 70.

Specially for MEN -Developed by Emami to enhance fairness, skin whitening, makes skin firmer, younger. Helps to protect skin against pollution and dark shadows caused by shave, cuts. Mint and Vetiver for freshness and cool skin. Features : Collagen structure of Male skin is different from that of female skin. This unique fairness creme for men contains a patented Peptide complex which effectively helps to whiten skin and improve skin smoothness, giving the skin a brighter and more luminous appearance over time.

The Unique 5 Fairness power are:- The wonder molecule penetrates tougher male epidermis to regulate melanin production. Revolutionary double power sun guards counter over exposure of male skin to sun and protect it from harmful UV Rays. Breakthrough anti-bacterial agents actively protect skin against pollution and dark shadows caused by daily shave, nicks and cuts. Sensational nutra complex relieves stress and fatigue signs. Remove dead cells and rejuvenate skin. A unique combination of refreshingly cool herbs like Veti.

5. Nivea For Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control:

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Price Rs.  190.

Health and beauty come hand in hand and having brighter skin always means that your skin is free of toxins and impurities. Enrich your skin with Nivea Advanced Whitening Oil Control Moisturizer and you will enjoy perfectly healthy skin all the time. Composed for perfect moisturization, this cream will seep through the cells of your skin and make sure that dryness does not persist at all. When skin is dry and lifeless, your face looks rough and the skin feels stretched; avoid this by making sure your skin stays moisturized. Ideal for the tough makeup of men’s skin, this cream is enriched with UV protection so that you do not suffer from sun damage on your skin. The sun’s rays will always harm your skin when your face is exposed to UV rays for a long time, so equip your face now to stay protected. The fast absorbing formula of this cream keeps your face looking fresh and the special fairness formula gives you ten folds more fairness so your face looks brighter always.

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