Top 10 Homemade Cleansers For Men’s Skin

Cleansing facial skin is very important whether it’s men or women skin.  I would like to suggest, its better you cleanse you skin daily one time before going to bed as it will keep your skin clean and healthy. It’s best to make cleansing as a daily skin a routine. We all get tanning, dust, dirt or dullness on our skin very easily; there are many homemade face mask and natural remedies are available to treat these skin problems. But cleansing our skin is also as important as using creams, packs and other products on our skin.


The natural cleanser is more effective than the one you get in stores, the ready cleanser will give instant effect but last for short time compare to homemade cleanser they take time but give long term results that to without spending money. The natural facial cleansers are more effective for all types of skin and have no side effects like the cleanser which you purchase from the market. Those creams and cleansers may be the reason of some skin diseases later on. Most of the people in older times till now trust on natural homemade remedies for skin and hair care which can be easily available at your home. It helps to improve the skin disorders and remove dead cells of the skin.

Normally Dust, pollution, sweat, oil, dirt, and germs daily gather on our skin and leads our skin prone to many skin problems and sometimes diseases as well; this is why our skin needs a complete cleansing skin care routine. But, frequently many people incline to avoid regular and even cleansing of skin. It is better you go for homemade and natural cleansers which are very mild on skin without any kind of side effects.

Homemade Cleansers for Men’s Skin:

1. Mix ½ cup of oatmeal with 2 tbs of plain yogurt in a bowl. Mix the ingredients until you get a fine paste. Apply it to your face and massage it into your face for at least 2-3 minutes. Finally, after you feel that your pores have absorbed the nutritive facial pack, wash it off with warm water. Repeat this ritual a few times per week to have the results you were dreaming of. This is best cleanser for acne and blackheads problems.

2. Add a pinch of sea salt on a lemon slice and the gently scrub this lemon all the face. Scrub for 3 to 4 min and then leave for 4 to 5 min. Risen your face using lukewarm water then apply moisturizer to avoid dry and lose skin.


3. Another best face cleanser for skin which helps to moisturize and to soften your skin in all seasons, coco powder and honey face cleanser. Mix coco powder and honey in a blow, you can add little milk also to make smooth thick paste. Then apply this cleanser on face and neck gently massage for few min then leave for 2-8 min then wash off using normal water. You can use this cleanser as face mask as well. Best suited for dry skin.

4. Mix 2 tsp. of sea salt in milk and then apply it with cotton on your face. It will improve your complexion and remove dark spots. Repeat this weekly twice.

5. Apply a paste of whole wheat flour with vinegar to remove freckles and dark spots. Gently massage for 10 min then wash it using cold water. Apply this cleanser weekly thrice.

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6. This is very easy and effective homemade cleanser. Mix Aloe Vera gel with 1 egg white and mix 1-2 tbsp. of  buttermilk in it. Apply this paste for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Good for oily skin.

7. Create your own cleansing grains by grinding almonds or oats into a fine powder and mixing with liquid to form a paste. Add milk, cream or yogurt for dry skin and for oil skin add lemon juice or water and for normal skin add water, honey, peppermint tea or glycerin. Mix all the ingredients then gently massage this paste into skin, avoiding eye area. Then wash it using warm water.

8. Take 1 egg yolk in a bowl and add 1 tsp. of honey. Mix both the ingredients properly. Now add the smooth paste of 5 to 7 almonds (you can soak almond overnight in water and grind them into smooth paste next morning). Mix all ingredients well to make cleanser. Apply it on face and neck and relax for 2-5 min or until it gets dry and remove it using wet finger Massage for few min then wash off using lukewarm water. This natural cleanser is good for especially very dry skin.

9. Make a paste of 20-25 mint leaves, 5-6 Almonds and mix Aloe Vera 1 tbsp in it. Use this cleanser every night on your face and hands. It is a unique cleanser for all types of skin. You can store in refrigerate unused portion for a week.

10. Use Plain Yogurt (curds) or mix with lemon juice to create a cleanser with a more pleasing scent. To make a lemon yogurt cleanser, mix 1 tsp. of lemon juice with approximately 1 tbsp of yogurt. A drop or two of essential oil can also be added to plain yogurt for a sweet smelling cleanser. Use fingertips to apply yogurt to skin, massaging it to loosen any dirt. Leave yogurt on the skin for a minute or two (if you have time), then wash off with warm water.

Note: – If your skin is allergic to any of the above ingredients don’t use that ingredient

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