How to control hair fall and split ends?

How to control hair fall and split ends ?

Now a days the problem of hair fall &spilt ends has increased due to junk food, lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, going out in dust & sunlight ( Which we cannot help :) ) ….,these all things increases hair falling & make hair weaker. I will advise you some effective and easy  steps by which you can control hair fall & spilt ends.

  1. Oil Massaging is the best way to control Hair fall and split end (Click here to read complete article on how to oil and massage your hairs) 
  2. Soak 5 to 6 raw big amla’s over night and in the  morning take out the seeds and grind the alma and make a fine paste add 4 drops of olive oil and apply on your hairs and wash after 45 min.(This will   reduces hair falling and promotes hair growth).




3. Take alovera piece & cut it in the middle as shown in the below image and put fenugreek seeds inside that & again cover it. Take a cotton cloth & make it wet & wrap the alovera in the cloth tightly & keep it for 2 days, the cloth should be wet always & open it after 2 days. Take out the seeds as well as the gel and put it in the mixer and make a fine smooth paste & apply on your scalp as well as on hairs till the ends, leave it for 45 to 50 min, than wash it using little shampoo. (Click here to know how to prepare home made shampoo)


Tips:- Always use big teeth comb for combing your hairs.


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  • Mingyur

    I m 30 years old man…having problem with and start hair falling and split from couple of months ago…still i have thin hair want to get natural and sure solutions from hair fall and split end,,,my hair types is- dry and silky thin hair and using right now Shampoo-Garnier fructis(fall fight-anti hair fall).Some time i go to swim and swimming for 2/3 hour wearing swimming caps so, is it good for hair or not wearing long time swim caps ??? I m anxiously awaiting for you good solution tips….

    thank you!!!

    • Hello Mingyur………. u can wear cap no problem in that but cover ur hairs before going out n don’t apply oil on hairs n go out. Use coconut,almond,vitamin e,mustard n olive oil, mix all these oils warm it n then apply on scalp n hairs massage for 15-20 min then leave for 3-4 then wash it using mild shampoo, u can keep oil over night also. Massage ur hairs with oils weekly thrice, do not rub ur scalp massage gently on scalp n hairs. If possible apply heena every 15 days once. U can also use egg mask for hairs take egg yolk, add 2 tsp of honey n add 2 olive oil, apply this mask on scalp n hairs leave for 30 min then wash it using mild shampoo.

      Take care


    Hi Pragati,
    u had suggested me to aply castor oil on scalp. im doing it. however seriusly my hair fall is tremendous. please help out. i saw u suggested amla to be boiled in oil. can i go for this treatment? wch oil to be taken for boiling amla? can this oil be kept in fidge and applied on alternate days? plz suggest smthng else also to promote new hair growth.

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