Home Remedies to Treat Acne Scars for Men’s Skin

Nobody likes scars and that too on face skin. Treating acne scars is a little harder than removing acne actually. But for few men acne scars won’t stands for long time. But, if you’re one of those unlucky people whose skin scars won’t go easily. Acne scars can be highly worrying.

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Pimples and acne can be treated naturally with many ingredients having antibacterial properties which are in richness in nature. However, pimple and acne scars are a little stubborn as they can’t be treated easily. Though, as the saying goes, nothing is impossible but all you need is patience. It will take some time but your steady efforts using certain natural ingredients will help to lighten and reduce acne scars and progressively remove them permanently.

While acne and pimple scars don’t really go away but their size, color, and presence can be improved to reduce them unnoticeable, thus improving facial look. Below are a few effective home remedies you can regularly try to lighten and reduce acne and pimple scars.

Home Remedies to Treat Acne Scars for Men’s Skin

1. Tomato Face Mask

This is very simple but effective home remedy that can help to treat of acne scars. Take 1 tomato and slice it into two shares. Take 1 half slice and rub it gently on scars in a circular motion. Gently massage for 20 mins and wash off your face using cold water. This remedies works in 2 ways it will noticeably reduce the scars and will also help to improves skin elasticity.

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2. Honey Face Mask 

Honey works as natural bleach on skin. Take 2 tbsp. of honey and ¼ cup of oatmeal. Mix both the ingredients well then apply this mask gently on pimple and acne scars. Relax for about 15-20 mins then wash off with lukewarm water. You can also use this honey remedy is your skin is not sensitive. Add about ½ tsp. of cinnamon powder and 1 tbsp. of honey they gently apply on scars. Leave it for 1 hour, then wash off using normal water.

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Natural Ayurvedic Face Packs for Acne and Pimples 

 3Sandalwood Water Face Mask

This remedy is very effective on oily skin. Just soak a piece of sandalwood in water for a few hours or overnight. Then take out the stick of sandalwood, keep it to dry and keep it for reuse. Take a small ball of cotton; apply the sandalwood water gently on acne scars. Repeat this remedy every day for about 1 week and surely you will notice difference in your facial appearance. Otherwise, you can also rub a piece of sandalwood on a wooden base mixed with little rosewater to make a thin paste. Apply a small amount of this mask on scar and leave it overnight. Wash your face the next morning with cold water. But if you have dry skin then leave this mask only for 10 min.

4. Aloe Vera Face Mask

Just take 1 aloe Vera leaf and peel its outer skin. You’ll get gel under its green outer cover. Take out the gel in a bowl and gently apply it on scars. Leave this mask for about 30-35 mins or until it gets dry and then wash off with normal water. Use this remedy daily 2 times to see the results in just few days. This remedy not only helps to treat acne scars but also skin will start glowing and will become tighter.

5. Raw Potato Face Mask

This is one of the easy remedy, take a potato and cut it into slices. Take 1 slice and gently rub the slice on your face in circular motion. Keep rubbing until your skin starts feeling dry and firm. Take another slice and  repeat it for about 15-20 mins. Now stop rubbing and let your skin absorb the leftover potato juice. Then wash off your face. Do this raw potato remedy 3-4 times in a week for at least 1-2 months contingent upon the amount of scars. Apply some moisturizer on your skin.

6. Lemon Juice Face Mask

This another easy natural remedy to treat acne and pimple scars. Take a lemon & squeeze out the juice. You can take remedy lemon juice as well. Mix lemon juice with little of water to kill the acidic & citric nature. Apply this mixture on the acne scars. Leave it for about 2 hrs. Then wash your face using normal water.

7. Mint Remedy Face Mask

Mint is also very effective remedy. Just all you need to do is to crush the fresh mint leaves & strain out the juice in a bowl with the help of the cotton cloth. Apply this on acne and pimple scars. Repeat the process daily 2 times to reduce the presence of scars progressively.

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2 comments to Home Remedies to Treat Acne Scars for Men’s Skin

  • Prasanna

    Hi, Can I Know, what is the best fairness cream & face wash for men. You suggested me fair & handsome men fairness cream & face wash. but it did not respond much better.

    • Hello Prasanna……..fairness cream means it is cream applied after face wash. face wash means u cn use instead of soap.

      u hv to use at least for 3-4 months to c the results.

      Pragati kiran

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